Samsung Safety Truck Concept Is Now Testing In Argentina

Samsung revealed the Safety Truck as a concept last year, but now they announced that it’s testing it in Argentina. Samsung’s goal is to improve lives of people by developing new technologies. The Samsung Safety Truck is a clear example of this constant innovation that has characterized the South Korean company. Since its inception, the project was carried out entirely in Argentina and drew attention around the world.

It’s as simple as that: a wireless camera attached to the front of truck, films the oncoming traffic, and sends the image to a video wall made out of four exterior monitors located on the back of truck. This way, the driver stuck behind the vehicle can have a better understanding of whether is safe to overtake or not.

Samsung Safety Truck

The idea is that by allowing trailing drivers a clear view of the road ahead it can reduce the amount of traffic accidents which occur when attempting overtake. Most of these accidents occur on two-lane roads and particularly in the situations of overtaking; so this kind of technology could indeed prove something of a boon for drivers.

After revealing a test vehicle last year, Samsung has now deployed the commercial version of the truck in La Plata, Argentina for the extensive testing. The location was chosen as a site due to the high number of traffic accidents which occur while motorists are overtaking one another on Argentinian roads.

The electronics giant will carry out 4 months of reliability testing, according to ZDNet, and will then begin expanding availability of the Safety Truck around the world.

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