Six Tips on Maintaining Your Air Conditioner

As the changes in weather temperature are quite often and extreme, this makes working in the office or staying at home quite tricky without an air conditioner. This is the reason you find it in almost all the installation and building. These buildings could be homes, schools, offices, shopping malls, etc. So, this is also a considerable investment every installation requires. Similar to all the other electrical appliances, the owners need to do regular and proper aircon maintenance to make it optimal and long-lasting. 

Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips:

Here are general aircon maintenance tips you should consider to make it run efficiently.

Have More Filters

The most basic maintenance tip that needs to be used is having more filters and keeping them safe. This makes easy filter replacement as you do not need to go to the store and can replace it from the one you already have. The filters are necessary to get replaced once in the year. But this also depends on the usage and budget the owner has. It is quite essential to have an alternate filter ready because the bad one will demand the aircon to work more to make things cool. 

Keep a Check on Air Conditioner Compressor

This is the most significant and most fragile part of your aircon. Always get a professional to remove, clean, and monitor the compressor and other electrical components of the conditioner. Check all the electrical parts and wires connected are insulated well before placing them in their position. 

Check Leakage

Leakage happens because of a dirty duct system. A significant amount of air gets lost when the duct has holes. Due to this, keep a check on the cooling levels of the aircon. This will let you assess the leakage in the device. Leakage and damages to the cooling compartment of the aircon are the reasons for most of the accidents to AC. Leaks also do not allow the conditioner to get to the optimal performance and quality streams. 

Programmable Thermostat

Assure to have a programmable thermostat. This will let you set optimal tool temperature while the aircon reactivates. So the aircon turns on only when the temperature reaches the specified point. This means that when you set your aircon to auto cooling, it only runs when the temperature reaches that set point. This assures the longevity of aircon and also saves energy. 

Sealing of Air Conditioner

It is another vital thing to check the seal in between the conditioner unit and the window frame. Make sure that both are in touch with each other. Its rubber seal is prone to get damaged by moisture. If you see that sealing is now brittle, consider replacing it. It will prevent loss of compressed air resulting in saving energy. 

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Check on the Fins

Typically, the aluminum fins get bent resulting in blocking the airflow whole across the coils. So it would be best if you regularly straightened the fins as it improves the airflow. A fin comb is the recommended tool to straighten your fins daily. Moreover, whenever you straighten the fins, you also have to clean it. You also need to clean out if there is any debris, grass cuttings, or shrubbery on the outer part of the unit. 

Having an air conditioner is a vital thing, but maintaining is another essential point you make it work properly. You should note these tips to have proper air conditioner maintenance.

Bonus Video – DIY Air Conditioner Maintenance

Watch this video and find out how you can fix, repair and maintain your cooling unit by yourselves.

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