Xiaomi Projector Buying Guide | 10 Things You Need to Know

Are you thinking of buying a perfect Xiaomi projector for your home and business use? Well, it’s not easy as it seems as there are many things to put into considerations. First thing you should ask yourself whether you know what to consider before you get a new projector. It may be hard to get the right Xiaomi projector, but with the things you have to consider for your best projector helps you to make a decision. We have come up with some of the best things to consider before you buy Xiaomi projector for you.

10 Things You Should Know Before Buying A Perfect Xiaomi Projector

Entertainment or Business

Before selecting the projector in the market, you have to consider whether the projector is for business or home entertainment. The two choices have different needs and specifications. So are the Xiaomi projectors in the market, some are for entertainment while others for business. Not all projectors you get on the shelf are right for you; you must have a specific need to decide.

The entertainment projector comes with lots of requirements to be met. Some of the requirements are image quality, sound, brightness, contrast ratio, resolution, and color display. All of these factors affect the result on the screen. Most of the entertainment projectors are expensive but with good entertainment right in your home. The business projector needs image quality as well, but they are not as demanding as the entertainment projector. So long as your business projector can clear projector content on the screen, it’s good to go.

Outdoor vs Indoor

Are you going to use your projector indoors or outdoors? This is an important factor before buying any projector in the market. The indoor and out projectors both come with different uses and features that support the environment. Outdoor projectors tend to have the highest brightness to support too much ambient light outside.

When the content on the screen is faced with too much light, they tend to fade or distorted. With high brightness, the projector can withstand the light and project content that is clear, bright with images that are as required. It is also because when you are using your projector outdoors, you have less control over the ambient light. The Indoors projector is also good and needs excellent brightness but not as much as the outdoor projectors.

The indoors projector needs excellent brightness and contrast ratio the same as for outdoors. The only difference between the two projectors is that you can control ambient light in a room. This way your image is kept safe from distortion and also with the right ambient light.


Are you looking for a reliable close partner for your business and home entertainment? Then get the right Xiaomi projector to have for the best result. It is right to say that when getting a projector is like investing in a reliable partner. To find out whether the projector is reliable or not, it depends on the people who have used it before or believe in the manufacturer’s reviews.

The people that have used the projector leave behind their reviews on how they found the projector. Some reviews are usually good, while others not at all. Though the good side of a projector may be good for some people, it is not so to others. This is to means that your projector need and reliability will depend on you the seeker. Check the reviews of other users on the internet before getting just any projector.


The flexibility of the projector is an important factor, no matter where you are planning to use the projector. It’s not a matter of you carrying it around but also easy to install as well. The ability of your projector to make it easier for you is what makes it a reliable projector. When you are tired of using the projector indoors, you may decide to carry it outdoors and continue from where you stopped.

Get your projector in your bag and carry it wherever you are going, that’s what portability is. Is to enable you to move easily from one point to another without feeling tired or fed up. What makes portability an essential factor is that you can literary use the projector anywhere and at any time.

Xiaomi Projector Price

There are many Xiaomi projectors in the market, and each of them comes with different prices. It’s not possible to just go over your budget just because you have got something else at the last minute. For you to enjoy what you can afford, you have to consider the amount of money you have and what you want to spend. For as little as $300, you can get a good Xiaomi projector that will give you the best experience.

This amount of money is suitable for a business projector and gives you the best result at the end of the day. But, if you want the best home entertainment Xiaomi projector, you may have to spend a little more than that. You could spend more than $500 for an even better entertainment experience. Still, others have even more budget of over$1000 and have excellent features and cinematic experience. Getting the projector does not end here after buying; you may have to set aside some amount of money to buy other things.

Xiaomi Projector Specs

Zoom Range and Lens Shift

What you should also consider is the zoom range and lens shift of the Xiaomi projector before you buy. The capabilities of these two features are important as you may have to change environments from time to time. The features will allow you to change the size and throw distance from the position you are projecting from. There are two types of projectors long thro and short throw projectors.

Each of these projectors is good and works depending on their position and distance. When you are using your projector in a large room with a larger audience, you will need a long throw lens to enable you to meet the required distance and size on the screen.

Aspect Ratio

You must have seen different shapes and sizes of video images on the different projected screen. When you see the different shapes means that they are using different aspect ratio to project. The aspect ratio is the shape of the video images that are projected on the wall from the video source.

There re several types of aspect ratio out there, and it will depend on you to know which ones interest you. We have a widescreen that has an aspect ratio of 16:9, while the standard aspect ratio is the 4:3. When using the different aspect ratio, you will automatically know the difference between them. Why this feature is important is because it has a determination on the way images and videos will be displayed on the wall or screen.

Xiaomi Projector Resolution

The number of pixels that is used to display an image is referred to as the resolution. The more pixels you have on your projector, the more beautiful the images will become. When looking for a Xiaomi with excellent resolution, but the highest resolution in mind. Of course, some projectors are 4k with an exceptional resolution to give the best of all images. 4K resolution projectors tend to be expensive than the rest.

With great resolution, the images are more clear, bight, and real. It projects more detailed content, no matter the kind of content displayed. If you are looking for an entertainment projector, this factor is very important for the images that will be displayed. When watching movies and playing games, this factor becomes the best of all.


When you see a projector produce bright images that are clear and incredibly beautiful, the light output of the projector is good. Without sufficient brightness on the projector, the images that will be displayed will not be good at all. When buying the Xiaomi projector, you have to check the ANSI lumens first and see if what your dream projector should have is. With lumens indicated on the projector, it will help you to know how much light a projector can produce even in the brightly lit room. A projector with a few lumens will be determined with the environment if it will better or not. Some of the effects of the projector brightness are the screen size, ambient light in the room, size of the room, and also screen distance.

When your projector has high brightness, you can use it in a room full of ambient light and still get exceptional images. It is only acceptable to high brightness projectors, and you get the exact opposite with low brightness. When you use a bright projector in a dark room, the images tend to be poor. When you want to get the best of image quality, get a projector with good brightness and contrast ratio.

Contrast Ratio

Just like the brightness is important on the projector, the contrast ratio is as well important. It can be said that the contrast ratio compliments brightness in every other way. It s the ratio between the white and black scenes in an image displayed on the screen. When your projector has a higher contrast ratio means that you are going to see whiter whites and blacker blacks. It is the same as the black scenes will be more profound and the same as the white scenes. The end result is what many people are looking forward to with bright, clear images.

When the contrast ratio is low with high brightness, the images that will be displayed on the screen tend to seem washed and not that clear. When you are using your projector in a dark room, a contrast ratio that is 1000:1 is good, but not so great is a slightly bright room. The higher the contrast ratio in your projector, the better for you. Make sure that your projector has an excellent contrast ratio that is high with excellent brightness for a better result. Dot just pick any Xiaomi projector on the shelf but let it meet your requirements.

The Right Technology

Technologies used on the projectors differ from one projector to the other; therefore, you have to know which of the projector is right for you. The majority of the projector is designed using DLP technology, other LCD, and LCos. All these projectors are correct in their way and also depends on what you seem fit for you. DLP technology projector is excellent and comes with great color technology that makes the images great.

Though this is true, they have a color wheel that causes the projector to experience rainbow effects at some point. LCD projectors, on the other hand, are beautiful and do not experience rainbow effect at all. Most people find it more reliable than DLP. If you have enough money to spend you can as well get a good lcos projector to experience even better image display.


For you to enjoy the best on the big screen, you have to connect the other devices on your projector. Each projector has connectivity ports that make it possible to connect. With the Xiaomi projector, you should expect it to be the same. It should have excellent connectivity that will make it easier for you to connect any device. The connection of your projector will depend on what you want to watch and with what connectors.

When you plan to use the projector for entertainment, you will have to connect different devices to the projector. A good example is gaming consoles, phones, laptops, streaming apps, Blu-Ray, media players, and others. It means that the projector should have HDMI ports to enable all this. It also means that when you have your movies on the USB, you will be able to connect on the USB port and watch.

The Sound

If you intend to use your projector for sound projection like music and movies, you have to get a projector with the right sound. It’s not easy to find a projector with good inbuilt speakers, but that does not mean there are not there. There are some projectors with good ones; all you have to do is test out.

Though the sound is an essential factor for entertainment, it is not so for business presentations. If the sound system of your projector is not good, then you are likely to buy external speakers that will enable you to get the best. Movies require good sound if you want to enjoy the cinematic view. The same can be said to gaming on your projector. The image quality and sound system determine the excellent gaming experience.

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