8 Tips to Consider When You’re Updating your App

There are several factors that make an app successful but despite all the efforts you put into an app, it can go unnoticed. So, you have to experiment with your app through different tactics to tailor it to the audience’s preferences. So, if your app is receiving no downloads and people aren’t talking about your app then you need to reconsider to make it purposeful. Here’s how!

Know your Competitors

If you have made an app and it’s not drawing results then take a look at your competitors and see what they are doing. By learning their approaches, you can instill the attributes in your app. You shouldn’t copy them but when you know their strategy you can stay one step ahead of their strategies. You can tweak your app and release new updates after adding new features to your app.

Leverage Customer Reviews for your Good

If your app isn’t getting successful then your customers are the reason for it. They might be disappointed or they want you to tweak your app a little bit so that it can come up to their expectations. In the reviews, customers speak about your app honestly even if they are a negative review, you can leverage it for your app. It also shows that you take your customer reviews seriously. Focus on the reviews and take the critics positively, it will help to build an app for the better.

Look at the Navigation

An app that’s too complicated to navigate isn’t helpful for users. When they can’t achieve the real purpose from the app then it means the features of your app are frustrating them, especially if you have an e-commerce app. Because in an e-commerce app, customers are concerned to buy the product with an easy and secure payment method. If you involve your customers in the fancy features, they will uninstall your website and go for other apps. So, simple navigation is the key feature of your app. Analyze your app again and see if the navigation is distracting then work to make it simple.

Work on your App Marketing Strategy

At times, your app is perfect from every aspect of its development but still, it doesn’t draw results. Why?

Because you lack its marketing and you don’t make it known to the right audience. App marketing strategy should be made before you start creating your app. You need to find out the mediums to promote your app and how to do it. With the right strategy and the right platform, you can gain the right results for your app. The prior marketing strategies will help you to maximize results for your app.

Resolve the Security Risk

One thing small businesses neglect is the security feature of the mobile app. They miss the app components, architecture, and data flow and end up revealing the security measures of the app. When you’re updating your app, make sure you’re working on the security risk, so users won’t find risky your app. Security is important!

Stay Updated on the Latest Tech

Sometimes the app becomes outdated and the users delete it from their phones. But when you release new updates and make your app relevant to the latest trends, the app gets in action again. New updates entice your customers to try your app again and check if the new updates click them.

Fix the Bugs

No matter how much you make your app close to perfection, some bugs will still remain in the app. Your app can exist with bugs but it can’t sustain longer so you should work to resolve them.

Add New Features

To make your app more interesting and tailored to the audience’s preference, it’s good to add features that grab their interest in your app. If users have stopped using your app, the new features can evoke the interest back. Point to think!


If you’ve created an app and it’s not driving results then you should rework your app considering the above tips. It’s not necessary that you apply all points to your app, but some of them can actually work for you.

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