Google’s Motion Still App Now Supports Motion Text

Google’s Motion Still App for IOS devices was launched with one purpose that is to flaunt its machine learning capabilities by pairing up with Live Photos in iPhones and iPads. Now Google has released an update version of its app and adds some more interesting features in Google’s Motion Still App.

While the app is already an excellent option for those who looking to turn Apple’s Live photo into GIFs, it now adds another amazing update what it calls “motion text.” With the latest version of this app, the users will now able to add moving texts inside the Live Photo captured through IOS devices. Users can also use stickers and emojis, which can look slick if paired rightly with face images.

Google’s Motion Still App now lets you make Cinemagraph

Now it’s possible to create cinemagraphs that freeze the areas of an image that aren’t moving while allowing for the movement of the key action. It’s similar to what Microsoft offers in its Piz camera app for IOS. But it’s more than just stabilization and it’s certainly more than what you get out of the box with the Camera app on your IOS device.


“After freezing the background into a still photo, we analyze our result to optimize for the perfect loop transition. By considering a range of start and end frames, we build a matrix of transition scores between frame pairs,” Google research scientist Matthias Grundmann and staff software engineer Ken Conley wrote in a blog post. “A significant minimum in this matrix reflects the perfect transition, resulting in an endless loop of motion stillness.”

The newly update Google’s Motion Still App is available now. But iPhone 6s or iPhone 7 can support Apple Live Photo Feature. Unfortunately, the Motion still app isn’t available for Android. And there is no information on whether it will arrive in Android devices.

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