Microsoft Unveiled Its Revamped & Modernized Paint 3D App For Windows 10

At Windows 10 event in New York, Microsoft introduced a brand new Paint 3D app coming to Windows 10. This isn’t the MS Paint of the childhood. Sure, the fundamentals are there; it’s still dead simple to use, and the things you create with it still look goofy as hell. But this is surprisingly ambitious piece of software. With Paint 3D, Microsoft wants to democratize 3-D creation. However, Windows Insider head Dona Sarkar has confirmed that a Windows 10 Mobile version of the app is in development, and currently in the alpha stage.

Microsoft Paint 3D app:

The new 3D Paint still comes with the simplicity and utilitarian aspect of the original Paint app but brings along with it the ability to model 3D. The best feature of this, is the ability to take photos and turn them into 3D objects. Thankfully all the 2D pencils and pens will work on the 3D models and in all likelihood, can be viewed on HoloLens. Also, stickers can be applied on 2D images to turn it into 3D. There is also a neat feature called ‘Time Machine’ and a Magic Select feature.

Microsoft Paint 3D

The company’s new Paint app is based on Universal Windows Platform, and it heavily focuses on 3D features. The new Paint 3D app for Windows 10 includes a modern user interface, optimized for touch displays which should make it work smoothly on devices like the Surface Pro 4.

The good news is that you can export your final creations. Render in 3D and post to Facebook and even make custom emojis using new functionality. You can also jump into Pinterest-alike boards from the community and grab bits and bobs to throw into your masterpiece. Similarly goes for exporting and printing Minecraft creations you’ve made. It looks a little gimmicky, sure, but it isn’t like you could have replicated a Jackson Pollock using Microsoft’s earlier painting tools.

Microsoft has published Paint 3D in the Windows Store to download and install. But it will require the Windows 10 Creators Update, that’s available to insiders.

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