Garmin D2 Bravo Pilot Watch: Smartwatch Designed Specifically For Pilots

Earlier this year, Garmin introduced a new Activity tracking device called the Vívosmart HR+. And Now Garmin revealed new D2 Titanium, an aviator watch designed for functionality inside and outside of the cockpit.

It has an elegant design along with a scratch-resistant optical sapphire lens and crisp color display. It provides you with METARs reports, so you can keep up with the latest weather information. Its Direct-to and Nearest buttons gives you access to a worldwide airport database.

The D2 Titanium, which retails for a suggested priced of $899, features a diamond-like carbon coated hybrid titanium band and scratch-resistant sapphire lens. Its numerous in-flight features include access to METARs and TAFs, route, total flight time and the ability to sync with and the Garmin Pilot app. In addition to its numerous aviation-related features, D2 Titanium boasts multisport functions for golfing, running, rowing, swimming, hiking, skiing, cycling and more. Connecting with the Garmin Mobile app, users can download more than 40,000 golf courses.

The watch has customizable timers and displays. It can show GPS groundspeed, GPS track, distance from waypoints/airports, glide radio, estimated time enroute, and other useful flight parameters. You can even control your VIRB Action Camera with it.

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The D2 Bravo Platinum can create flight plans and includes an altimeter with an adjustable barometric setting and a compass along with an HSI and moving map.

Existing D2 Bravo owners have access to a D2 Bravo software update which also enables these features, and support for flight plan transfer from the Garmin Pilot app is expected in June.

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