GoPro Remo Remote Meant To Be Used With Its New Voice-Controlled Cameras

GoPro has unveiled a new accessory for its range of HERO5 cameras, the new GoPro Remo which is a voice control remote that can be used to control compatible GoPro cameras. At a price of $80. The device is already available for sale via GoPro’s official website and the company’s retailer network.

How It Work?

The GoPro Remo works with the GoPro’s latest cameras, this included the Hero5 Black and the Hero Session, both can be controlled with the voice commands.

With the launch of this remote GoPro increases the range of its activity which turns out to be crucial at times. The Remo is going to work from a distance of 33-foot range which is quite mindblowing. And it works under the command in as many as ten different languages, including English (U.S., UK, AU), French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Chinese (Mandarin) and Italian which make it easier for the users of this device.


GoPro Remote

Users can use Remo voice activated remote for giving the voice commands such as start or stop, Voice commands can also be used for taking pictures and switching between various modes.

This should come in handy for users who like to strap their GoPro cameras on their pets or their babies to get a different perspective on things. As long as they do not go too far, you can control what the camera does.

While it supports 13 voice commands, GoPro Remo can also serve as a one-button remote control if you don’t feel like speaking out voice commands. The GoPro Remo comes out with a clothes clip and a wrist strap so you can take it with you wherever.

Remo voice activated remote Price:

The remote is available now for $80, with both clip and wrist housings included in the box. That is a reasonable price for a stocking stuffer.

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