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LG X Power $150 Midrange Smartphone With Enormous Battery

LG today announced a new Smartphone LG X Power having impressive 4,100mAh powerful battery. LG X Power price is very cost effective and it is available in just $150. It is a first Smartphone from LG to use a MediaTek processor. It is energized with an Octa-Core processor which has power saving enhancements to extend battery life.

The X Power has equipped with a 5.3 inch display and has an HD resolution. It also embedded with a sophisticated 8 Mega Pixel and 5 Mega Pixel rear and front cameras, which shoots bright photos and take sharp selfies.

LG X Power

The Smartphone runs on the outdated operating system of Android 6.0 Marshmallow (not Nougat, unfortunately), packed with a huge 16 GB of storage, a faster 2GB of RAM and a dedicated MicroSD card slot.

The most inspiring feature LG X Power have is a giant 4100mAh battery which offers 33 hours of talktime or you can say it will bring you 2 days of usage between 2 consecutive charging. It will be available on both Sprint and Boost Mobiles.

This is also the first time that a phone is powered by the Qualcomm rival MediaTek which has been released by a CDMA.  If your main concern with a Smartphone is battery life and basically nothing else, then LG X Power is best for you, and who really don’t want to pocket a long lasting battery life Smartphone? Of course! Everyone wants to have one and if you so, then consider it LG X Power.

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