Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Olympic Games Edition Features Five Olympic Ring Colors

Samsung has now officially announced the Olympic Games Edition of its flagship Samsung Galaxy S7 edge smartphone. It features the five Olympic Ring colors, and the Olympic symbol will be prominently featured in key apps like contacts, dial, messages, and on the home and lock screens.

This time it’s the Galaxy S7 Edge in black, with gold, blue, red, green, and white trim to match the colors of the Olympic rings. The colors are a bit garish in a Fisher Price sort of way: the phone is glossy black with the yellow trim on the front-facing speaker and home button, red on the power button, green on the volume buttons, and blue around the camera and on the Olympic “Worldwide Partner” logo on the rear. The multi-color design will extend to customized UI and a exclusive wallpapers. It’s certainly striking, but not quite so appealing as the two-tone Batman theme version of the same phone. Samsung will give 12,500 Limited Edition phones to athletes at the Rio Olympics, with a free pair of Gear Icon X earbuds.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge RioOlympic

Samsung is pricing the Galaxy S7 edge Olympic Games Edition at $970 or so, along with Samsung to sell the new Olympic Games themed Galaxy S7 edge in Brazil, China, Germany, Korea and the US. It will feature a customized UI, and a theme that will match the dark chassis, which looks pretty damn good I must say.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Olympic Games Edition comes in two variants; first one with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 and the second one with Samsung’s own Exynos 8890 processor. Both smartphones feature a microSD card slot, with up to 200 gigabyte of storage mixing the on-board and microSD card storage together.

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