Roccat Sova Mechanical Keyboard For Just $199.99

Recently, Razer released its Lapdog, and now ROCCAT introduced brand new Roccat Sova, a lapboard designed for couch gaming sessions which replicates the sturdiness of a desk surface. It places a keyboard to your left and a mousepad to your right.

The Sova is 646mm long, 280mm wide and 37mm thick. What is important to note here is the width, as the Sova is 7 percent wider than the Lapdog. There is an excellent reason for it, though – it includes the much needed wrist rest. The keyboard part of the new Sova measures 300mm long by 120mm tall, and features advanced anti-ghosting with N-key rollover as well as the blue LED backlighting. An awesome feature of the Sova is the ability to buy it with either membrane keys or the mechanical key switches (Sova MK).

Roccat Sova Lapboard

There is also a two port USB hub under the Sova, which can be used to connect a gaming mouse and headset. There is also a 5-pin female connector here which is used to connect the Sova to your HTPC, the cable is 4m long and it features a pair of USB type-A connectors at the end. There is also a small mouse bungee that’s included in the package which is a nice touch.

Roccat says that gamers will be able to choose from different wrist-rest/mousepad materials as well as customize colors. Roccat offers 3D printing options, meaning that gamers can create a Sova experience that’s uniquely their own.

The Sova comes in two varieties: one with a mechanical keyboard for $199.99, and the other one with a regular membrane keyboard for $149.99.

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