Experts Advise: The Best Travel Accessories and Gadgets

Every trip is a new adventure. It is necessary to pack things that are never easy. On that occasion, don’t forget to bring travel accessories and gadgets and that will be of great help on your road trip or excursion. They can make your journey easier and more beautiful, and they can be of great help during your stay at the destination you are traveling to. There are various types of tech gadgets as well as a lot of accessories that you simply have to take with you on the road. It will make every travel more interesting for you, your family or friends. So choose the gadgets you will need and start your traveling adventure.

Travel experts have given you tips on choosing gadgets to take with you on a journey based on personal experience. So read their tips that will surely be useful to you.

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Best Travel Tech Gadgets

Pocket WiFi – Best Travel Accessories if You Need Internet on the Go

Pocket WiFiPocket wifi is the best investment for anyone who is tired of stressing about finding a wifi connection while traveling. I have used my pocket wifi to work on the road, get reception in locations without wifi. However, to use my phone without worrying about data overage charges. Most recently, I used my pocket wifi in Montenegro. The destination is outside of the EU, which meant I was unable to use my Swedish data plan there.

My pocket wifi allowed me to stay connected at our Airbnb (which lacked a strong wifi connection). Navigate poorly marked trails on hikes, and look up directions while trying to get from one spot to another. It was a lifesaver in what otherwise would have been some very confusing situations.

You can buy your own pocket wifi for 149 USD (135 EUR). Or, you can choose to rent your device. Prices vary depending on location and frequency of use.

Suggested by Madeline Robson | Madeline Rae Away

Kindle – Best Accessory to Read Books While Travelling

Kindle - Best Accessory to Read Books While TravellingI love my Kindle because it’s so lightweight. When we travel in our motorhome, weight is a key consideration as it’s easy to overload and make the vehicle unsafe.  I can easily devour several books a week and we often travel for months at a time, so most of our weight allowance would be taken up by books.

No good when we also won’t stand up paddleboards, a kayak, and our bikes on board too!  Last summer we traveled through France in our motorhome and my Kindle was always by my side. The paperwhite version is a fairly basic model but does exactly what I need it to do. I can store around 8,000 books on it, connect to the internet to purchase and download and read on a screen that resembles a page.  It’s waterproof and weighs just 182kg and currently costs around £150.  What’s not to love?

Suggested by Izzy

Head torch

Head torchMy favorite gadget to use on road trips is a head torch. But not any old head torch, specifically one with a red light function.

Head Torches come in handy all the time. For one, you don’t have to hold which allows you to use both hands when working on something in the dark. Secondly, if a passenger wants to read without causing light problems for the driver, head torches – with a red light function – are perfect for keeping everyone happy. Lastly, head torches come in handy if you ever break down in the night.

I use the low-level red light function more than standard setting since it enables you to keep your night vision and it’s less likely to disturb those around you. A head torch with a red light function costs around anywhere from $10 all the way up to $60+. Don’t skimp, one day you’ll rely on it!

Suggested by Nick | Impact Winder

Saunorch Universal Travel Adaptor

Saunorch Universal Travel AdaptorI used to travel with different adaptors. One for each of the gadgets I would travel with and would sometimes need different ones depending on the trip. Worse when I got the new iPad with Type-C! Now I only travel with Saunorch Universal Travel Adaptor where I have 3 USB ports, one Type-C, and can connect any other device with the universal ac socket at the same time! 

Suggested by Lorenza Haddad | Wheniroam

LED Book Lamp with Clip

LED Book Lamp with ClipAs a very avid reader, I always have a good book to read. This happens also during road trips, as I am never sick while reading. 

While this is an easy activity with daylight, you might have problems at night or early evening. You cannot switch on the internal light or you will bother everyone.

My simple solution is to buy a book light that you can clip to the cover of your book. It is very lightweight so that it will not be a burden while moving your bag. And the flexible neck makes it easy to store it in every little space you might have. You can recharge it directly for some little time (a couple of hours) in the car with a USB cable and an adaptor. The charge will last approximately eight hours.

The more advanced ones have different tones and intensities so that you will not keeping awake your snoring neighbor, even though he might deserve it!

Suggested by Odo | Migliori Romanzi Storici


Best Travel Accessories for Kids

Thermosteell Water Bottle

Thermosteell Water BottleAs a travel blogger, we travel frequently in a year. Specially I have a 5 years daughter, who needs her milk and nuddles always in time. The Thermosteell water bottle is like a like saver to me on every road trip, the last time when I travel to Deoghar. Also, I use this bottle daily in summer when I step away from home.

I use a .75ltr MIltol water bottle which is slightly bigger than normal water bottle size, approx it is compared to a 1ltr water bottle. This insulated bottle is able to warm or cold water for more than 24 hours.

This flask is available from .50ltr to 1.5 ltr. With multiple color options. This is available online, so you can purchase this from any branded online portals

Suggested by Ruma Dey Baidya | HolidayStory

Baby Strollers – Best Travel Gear for Babies and Toddlers

Baby Strollers - Best Travel Gear for Babies and ToddlersThis accessory is ideal when traveling with your children. The advantage of Baby Strollers is that they are easy to transport because they can be stored so that they take up very little space. There are several types of Baby Strollers and you need to choose the same in relation to the age of your child and his weight. 

In-Car Entertainment for Kids

In-Car Entertainment for KidsHow many times on a car trip with your kids have you heard the sentence “Are we there yet?”. If you do not have multimedia in your car, then one of the ideal solutions is an iPad or tablet. Animate your kids by playing their favorite cartoons or playing their favorite video games.

One of the must-have travel accessories for your car when traveling with children is Car Organizer for Kids. They are easily placed on the back of your seats. Car Organizer for Kids has plenty of storage for everything including drink pockets that keep drinks cold on a hot day, pocket for the toys, and iPad or tablet holder. Your children will enjoy traveling in their special car space.


Best Travel Accessories for Long Flights

Eye mask – Best Airplane Travel Accessories

Eye mask - Best Airplane Travel AccessoriesLong flights by plane can be tiring. So we advise you to spend time sleeping. Daylight or artificial light in an airplane can bother you while you sleep, so we advise you to use it Eye mask. These travel accessories will completely cover your eyes and allow you to fall asleep more easily and wait for the end of your trip, ready for further adventure.

Ergonomic Travel Pillow

Ergonomic Travel PillowIf travel is your passion then ergonomic pillow should be in your packing list especially on a road trip. This ergonomic pillow is an extremely comfortable compressible foam pillow designed in a manner to evenly distribute the neck and head to stress-free the pain, pressure on cervical vertebrae, and body. When you lay your head down, this pillow supports your head and neck in such a manner that you can relax and have a sound sleep.  I love using this pillow as it has a distinctive shape with a dip in between and two raised sides so its best for a side sleeper like me.

The approx. size is 24*4.3 inches. It helps in aligning the cervical spinal cord and supports the head and neck in tight and lets you relax in a deep sleep. Also, it increases blood circulation to the muscles.

The price of this pillow is approx. 50 USD

Suggested by Tanayesh Talukdar | Shoestring Travel

Sony Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Sony Noise-Cancelling HeadphonesThese headphones are literal music to my ears. Priced at $348 USD, they’re well worth the investment because of the brand name and their durability. They’re ideal for freeing up distractions working remotely and getting some peace on a flight. The battery life is the biggest selling point for these headphones, at a maximum use rate of 28-34 hours. I used them in Japan for 8 hours continuously and the battery somehow stayed at 100% the entire time! It took less than 6 hours to charge them back up fully.

These Bluetooth wireless headphones are lightweight and ergonomic, easily folded up when not in use. Digital noise cancellation and Ambient Noise Mode lets you control what you hear, and the touch sensor control panel on the sides is incredibly easy to use. The high-resolution sound quality (Sony DSEE HX™ technology) sets them apart from all other brands.

Suggested by Debbi Shibuya | My Debstinations


Best Travel Gears for Coffee Lovers

Aeropress Go – Travel coffee press

Aeropress Go Best Travel coffee pressTired of having terrible coffee whilst on the road? We have the perfect solution for you. No more will you need to drink awful instant coffee or 3×1 mixes! This tiny coffee machine will make you espresso machine quality coffee wherever you are in the world.

All you need are a few scoops of ground coffee (finely ground is recommended) and some hot water. We prefer using the inverted method of brewing as it prevents any drip-through and gives the most flavor and depth. Put your coffee into the chamber, fill it halfway with just below boiling temperature water, stir, top-up with water, and wait a few minutes. All you need to do then is put it on top of the cup, push and enjoy a delicious brew.

The Aeropress Go costs around 32$ US and weighs 326 grams (11.5 oz) all in. Once you get an Aeropress you won’t go anywhere without it.
Suggested by Alex and Malin | Timezone Junkies

Hydroflasks – Vacuum Insulated Coffee Flasks

Hydroflasks - Vacuum Insulated Coffee FlasksOur Hydroflask water bottles are one item we never leave home without. No matter where we are heading, our Hydroflasks have proved incredibly versatile. They have been able to keep ice water cold for hours in the blazing Nevada sun and can keep our coffee toasty warm for hours old cool mornings camping in the Pacific Northwest. Some of our favorite designs are the coffee flask, the tumbler with straw lid, and the standard mouth bottles.

With prices starting around $30, they are one of the best investments we have made for hydration. Plus, with a wide variety of colors, everyone in our family has been able to find one to suit their taste. 

Suggested by Tiffany | The Stoke Fam


Cool Travel Gadgets for Backpackers

Binoculars – Best Accessory for Wildlife Viewing
Binoculars - Best Accessory for Wildlife Viewing

For a recent two week South Africa road trip, we invested in a high-quality pair of binoculars. Ever since we never travel without them. We were able to spot games we otherwise would have missed and seen incredible detail on nearby animals. When going on hikes we use them for bird watching or to see greater detail on distant landscapes. 

Prices range from as low as $50 for a pocket-sized pair by Celestron to hundreds of dollars. Pricier models will get you better vision in low light, waterproofing, and other benefits, but cheaper models offer all you need without any frills. Look for a pair with a roof prism (they’re more compact) and a magnification of 10 or lower (to reduce handshake). If you’ll be hiking, prioritize size and weight, and most of all, enjoy the view! 

Suggested by Erin Mushaway | Sol Salute

Scrubba Bag – Your “Washing Machine” for Travel

Scrubba Bag - Your "Washing Machine" for TravelThe Scrubba wash bag is great for a road trip because it allows you to wash your clothes wherever you are.  What is the scrubba bag? It’s a personal washing machine. It’s a bag that has a ribbed panel on the inside. You put a couple of pieces of clothes and laundry detergent so you can hand wash your clothes. It’s easy to use, and it’s very compact. It costs $55, but it also provides savings since you don’t have to go to the Laundromat. I’ve used this bag throughout my travels, including when I went to visit a Maasai village in Tanzania.

An added benefit is that it doubles as a dry bag, so if you want to go in the water and keep your items dry, then put them in the scrubba bag. 

Suggested by Kesi Irvin | Kesi To and Fro


Must-Have Travel Photography Gadgets

GoPro – The Best Gear for Shooting Travel Adventures

GoPro - The Best Gear for Shooting Travel AdventuresThe GoPro is a tiny, lightweight, and waterproof action camera that is very simple to use to get amazing shots. I usually use my GoPro for freediving since it is waterproof up to 33 feet or 10 meters.

When freediving, I attach the GoPro on a floating stick but you can also mount it on a head strap or attach it to a body strap to capture all moments when traveling.

Using the GoPro, you can capture 12-megapixel photos and 4K60 videos which make the captured photos and videos detailed, crisp, and looks good even when viewed on a larger screen. It also has video stabilization to produce smooth and steady footage which makes it perfect for traveling! You can easily transfer the photos or videos to your phone through wifi then upload it to Instagram.

Suggested by Katie | The Hollapinos

DJI Mavic Pro – The Most Travel-Friendly Drone

DJI Mavic Pro - The Most Travel-Friendly DroneWe do a lot of road trips, and one of our absolute favorite pieces of kit is our DJI Mavic Pro drone.

We love traveling with a drone because it’s a fantastic way to explore an area and see it from a new perspective. For example, when we are planning a UK road trip, we’ll organize our trip so we can capture some incredible places from the sky- like Stonehenge at sunrise or Tintagel Castle in Cornwall.

Top tip: One thing you HAVE to be careful of with a drone is obeying the local laws- make sure you do your homework and pay attention to where you’re flying.

The Mavic pro takes a little practice to fly correctly, but once mastered it’s an incredible tool to take with you. 

Suggested by Kathryn Bird | Wandering Bird

Gorillapod – Best Travel Tripod

Gorillapod - Best Travel TripodOne travel accessory without which we just can’t start a trip is Gorillapod. Being travel bloggers and influencers, our travel experience is incomplete if we don’t come back with great footage of the trip. Our Gorillapods come really handy and literally so. It is always in our hands, never inside the bag, especially if we are on a road trip. We frequently take short breaks and click videos and pictures. Often times we can’t find an even surface on the road to balance a tripod. Gorillapod saves the day. These manage to stand on any regular or irregular surface and we can bend its legs whichever way we require – a big advantage over ordinary tripods. Thanks to Gorillapod, at times, we have tons of footage even before we reach our destination. So in tune with Delhi-Fun-Dos philosophy of life, it’s always about the journey and not the destination.

Suggested by Sundeep and Bedabrata


Best Smartphone Accessories for Travel

Charging Bank – Portable Battery for Travel

They’re small and inexpensive, but packing a spare charging bank (or two or three) can be the difference between a care-free day on the road and getting stranded. This is especially true if you’ll be using your cell phone as a GPS or if there’s more than one driver coming in the car. 

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While yes, you can theoretically charge your phone in the car, I’ve been in situations where I picked up a rental car that had no way to connect a phone charger. Luckily, my charging bank saved the day! 

Charging banks are priced by how much power you want it to have. I typically spend anywhere from ten to twenty dollars on mine. I opt to carry a couple with me on any major sightseeing and on road trips.

Suggested by Stephanie Craig

Car Charger – Best Car Accessories for Travel

Car Charger - Best Car Accessories for TravelAs someone who relies heavily on Google Maps for navigation whenever I’m on a road trip, a dead battery is my idea of a nightmare. A cell phone car charger is therefore absolutely essential for staying charged and online while on the road.

I love the PowerDrive series of chargers by Anker brand, which slot into any 12V socket (AKA cigarette lighter port). It features a dual USB port, so you can charge two devices at once (the PowerDrive Speed Duo even accommodates laptops). Ultra-compact and weighing less than 2 ounces, it’s perfect for travel, too. In fact, the design is so slick, the trick is remembering not to leave it behind in the rental!

Anker charger retails for around $20, but you can find cheaper alternatives online. Looking for more useful car accessories?

Suggested by Emily | Wander-Lush

Waterproof Phone Case – Must-Have Travel Accessories for Water Sport Lovers

Waterproof Phone Case - Must-Have Travel Accessories for Water Sport LoversAn item I always take on my adventure road trips is my waterproof phone case. This accessory came in handy especially during my 10-day road trip in Oman, where there were a lot of wadis and sinkholes to swim in. You obviously don’t want to leave your phone unattended while you’re swimming miles deep into a cave. Plus, it’d be cool to take pictures while you’re in the water!

My waterproof phone case let me do just that — it can protect your phone in 30-meter depth for half an hour (although my advice is to not put that to the test); it has a nap-and-lock clip that allows it to seal securely, and you can wear it around your neck so that you don’t have to worry about losing your phone in the water. The best part? This item is affordable too: a high-quality waterproof phone case should only cost you around $7.50 USD! I highly recommend it for road trips that involve any kind of water activity.

Suggested by Jiayi Wang

LuminAID 2-in-1 Phone Charger

LuminAID 2-in-1 Phone ChargerThe LuminAID lantern was featured on Shark Tank and is one of my favorite things to bring with on all road trips and camping trips.  They are solar-powered lanterns that pack flat and can be inflated.  They have lantern-only versions ($25) and 2-in-1 lantern/phone charger versions ($50), which is what I have and love.  The lanterns are lightweight and can be easily charged on your backpack while you’ree hiking or at your campsite during the day.  

They fully charge in the sunlight in 16-20 hours or 1-2 by USB, are waterproof, and have a 50-hour run-time as a lantern.  They’re perfect for reading in the car or tent, the light at a picnic table, or on a late-night bathroom run.  Plus, to make it even better, they donate lights to families around the world that need them. 

Suggested by Megan Johnson | Red Around The World

Peli iPad Case – Travel Gear for iPad

One of the items that I always carry on my travels is my iPad and to keep it safe from knocks, drops, and the elements, I totally trust the Peli iPad Case.

Peli is makers of protective cases for all types of gadgets and their iPad case is a great product that is watertight, crushproof, and dust-proof offering excellent protection to the iPad. The hard case has a great build quality and is ideal whether you are on a road trip, camping, a boating holiday, or even when you have to place your device in hold luggage. The case has a watertight gasket that creates a tight seal when shut and also a shock-absorbing liner that protects from impact. It has protected my iPad for many years now and I absolutely love it.

The price for the Peli iPad Case ranges from £55 to £65 depending on the model you choose.

Suggested by Deeptha | The Globe Trotter

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Essential Travel Gadgets & Devices

Travel Iron

Travel IronWhen I am on a road trip, it’s easy for the clothes to become wrinkled and full of creases. When I take a shower and get ready for the day, I want to look sharp. I know I can probably get away with wrinkled clothes, but it’s always gonna be in the back of my head. That’s the reason I always carry my Ovo 150GT travel iron. It weighs 24 ounces only and can fit into your palm. It’s a real steam iron and heats up fully in a minute or so, and you get all the steam you need for 10 minutes. Most of the cotton shirts or T-shirts lose their wrinkles in 2-3 minutes max. It can Iron cotton t-shirts, dress shirts, and Jeans without any issues. It costs 40$ on Amazon.

Suggested by Deb Pati | The Visa Project

Travel probiotics – Stay Healthy While Travelling

Road trips are a ton of fun and always create incredible memories that we hold in our hearts for many years to come, but they can also be stressful and taxing on the body and the digestive system.

My personal favorite item that really acts as a lifesaver for me is probiotics, my personal favorite and also the best travel probiotic in my opinion is the Physician’s Choice Probiotic, which has 60 billion healthy bacteria per capsule coming from 10 different probiotic strains.

It’s a true lifesaver as it helps me keep my digestion in check, no matter how crazy the adventure gets.

I also like that it’s super affordable at just $21.73 per bottle, which will last your entire month, and I don’t go anywhere without taking these with me!

Suggested by Briana Perkins | Probiotics Beauty

Pacsafe Portable Safe – Best Travel Safety Gear

Do you know that the hotel safe you’re using to lock away your most precious valuables? It’s really not that safe.

With most hotel safes having override access codes (or their own master keys), it’s not worth putting items like your passport or even your laptop in a hotel safe. More than that, any backpacker will tell you that it’s hard to secure their gear at even the most high profile hostel.

Enter, the humble Pacsafe.Pacsafe Portable Safe - Best Travel Safety Gear

This handy invention is an almost impenetrable bag made out of reinforced fabric, which uses a flexible locking system. You can attach it to any fixed fitting in your room – under the sink, a cupboard rail, or really anything that isn’t movable. All you do is slide your valuables inside, choose your combination lock code and attach it, leaving your room without a care in the world.

What’s great about this gadget (other than the peace of mind), is that it is large enough to handle a full-sized laptop (two in fact) with a camera, even a mid-sized travel drone, and other bits, yet it folds entirely flat, making it easy to lay out in the bottom of your suitcase or backpack without taking up much-needed packing space.

Suggested by James | The Travel Scribes

Travel Towel – Best Travel Accessories for Women

Travel Towel - Best Travel Accessories for WomenMy absolute favorite thing to take on every road trip is a travel towel. I have tried many microfiber travel towels over the years and found that the suede-style ones are the worse as they literally feel like sticky animal skin. For every trip, I tested another travel towel and finally found the one I love. This towel is absolutely amazing and one of mine the best travel accessories. It’s made of waffle-woven microfiber and has a beautiful feel on the skin.

The towel dries quickly and it’s super lightweight too, which makes it perfect for swimming, showering, hiking, and camping. Another plus is, that it’s actually sand-free, so if you’re road tripping in a beach destination, you can easily shake it out as it repels the sand and so it will just fall off!

Suggest by Carolin Pilligrath | Breathing Travel

Multipurpose Swiss Knife – Best Travel Accessories for Men

Multipurpose Swiss Knife - Best Travel Accessories for MenWhen you pack for a trek or budget road-trip, what would you like to carry? A scissor, a blade, a can-opener, a nail-cutter, a knife, a tweezer, a key ring, a screwdriver, a few tooth-picks – all separately or a single pocket-size multipurpose Swiss knife?

The Victorinox Swiss army knife that we possess is one of our most worthy possessions. This pocket-size toolbox is sturdy and made up of stainless steel. It is easy to operate, handle, and clean. It is our go-to product in all emergency conditions and it is a must-have travel accessory for all trekkers and hikers. The best thing about swiss knives is that it lasts a lifetime.

While the multipurpose Swiss knives come in varied price ranges, beware that the poor ones are too rigid to open and may hurt you while using. Hence, we advise you to buy a good quality one that opens up smoothly and whose sharpness does not wear off with time.

Suggested by Pooja Shah | Fairytale Studios

Coolbox – Travel Refrigerator

For every road trip, we take an electric cool box that plugs into the car battery via the 12v connector (cigarette lighter). This is especially handy for those day-long drives as with a little planning, you can be self-sufficient with cold drinks and cold meats, cheeses, and butter when you want to pull over for a picnic.

Prices are around GBP60 and as a family of four, we feel it pays for itself as we don’t have to buy our food from service stations en route.

They also come with a regular plug adaptor, so when you reach your accommodation that day, you can plug the cold box into a socket in your room. Cold beer anyone?

Suggested by Jenny | Peak District Kids

Dry Bag – Waterproof Phone Pouch

One of the most overlook travel items is the dry bag. It is one of those travel accessories that you often forget but is a life changer when you have it. For those unaware of the existence of such a great invention, a dry bag is a big oversized bag that you can use to carry your things (phones, cameras, wallets, etc) when you are participating in water sports! No more putting your precious electronic equipment in unreliable Ziploc bags. I wasn’t always a believer in the dry bag at first, but it all changed when I was kayaking in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. Without my friend’s dry bag, my camera would’ve not survived the treacherous journey! This portable product is affordable and will change the way you travel!

Suggested by Sean Lau

Packing Cubes for Smart Travel Packing Hacks

Packing Cubes for Smart Travel Packing HacksPacking cubes changed my life! Maybe that’s a bit much but whilst packing is still a pain. Using packing cubes has made us much more efficient and organized. These are light, strong, zip-up cubes in various dimensions into which you pack your travel clothes and supplies, then fill your suitcase with Tetris style.

Good quality packing cubes starting just from around £10. Will be strong enough to gently compress your clothes allowing you to pack more whilst maintaining organization. As you journey through your trip you can then reorganize your cubes to segregate dirty and clean clothes.

Packing cubes are invaluable when traveling together or with a family. Allowing you to pack for multiple people in one suitcase without creating confusion. Particularly useful when the supply of clean toddler clothes is needed in a hurry! Sharing suitcases between you will also reduce the quantity you haul around with you and everyone welcomes that!

Suggested by Clotilde | A princess travelling with twins


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