Best Car Travel Accessories and Gadgets

Car accessories are those, which add up the style and improves the capability and growth of the car. Automobile accessories are divided into two parts, beneficial and non-beneficial accessories. It depends on your budget which auto accessory you want to use that gives a personalized look to the vehicle. A huge number of general gadgets are available according to your budget. It includes a stereo system, a DVD system, and loudspeakers.

No matter what accessories you’re buying make sure you buy the one you need most. Always buy the best quality product. You can also buy car gadgets online, it saves your time and money as well. The best car accessories are available on Car gadgets are made to ease you’re driving especially when you travel with children or any pet. Like exterior mirrors, car child locks. These specially designed barriers help to keep your kid safe while you’re driving on the road.

Why Should We Use Car Road Trip Accessories? 

Car gadgets enhance the beauty of the car. It makes your car more stylish and prominent. Making use of some useful and upgraded gadgets can make your car look more appealing.


Best Car Smart Gadgets

TOGUARD Mirror Dash Cam 10 1080P

TOGUARD Mirror Dash Cam 10 1080PIt’s a front back up camera for assistance night vision and it’s to guard your car and ensure you’re safe. This gadget is a full touch screen and auto adjustable rear view angle. The cam contains a MicroSD card and a G sensor. TOGUARD Mirror Dash Cam is going to cover you and has got your back because it will alarm you if you are going in the wrong direction. It has a super night vision and flexible front camera lens. As well, it has a thin look and looks like a mirror. The price of this car accessory is $80.40. 

Alexa Enabled Car Charger

Alexa Enabled Car ChargerAlexa enabled car charger is an echo voice control Bluetooth device, it works according to your voice command. It will connect you to the incoming calls on your phone through Bluetooth. Also, shows your Google map, and play your favorite music from the Amazon Playlist. Tells the time and date and you can shop online through it. It has dual ports of charging. You should use and buy it for your car because it allows you for easy phone calls and connectivity. It gives you accurate address information. The price is $34.00 on Amazon.

T600 Universal Car HUD Head-Up Display

T600 Universal Car HUD Head-Up DisplayUniversal Car HUD is a smart display quality LED with size 2.2”. It’s a slim screen with a sleek design. It’s lighter and thinner in weight. If the HUD system is connected with onboard cameras and cruise control it will be one of the best car systems your car will ever have. You don’t have to worry about its compatibility, it works with all the vehicles. It shows readings, car speed limit, directions, voltage, lights, speed alarm, and much more. T600 car HUD is more concomitant and modern than traditional HUD in the market. Its costs, $39.99 USD.

Cell Phone Signal Booster

One of my favorite car accessories to bring on a road trip is a cell phone signal booster. I work as a freelance graphic designer, and the booster allows me to send and receive big files even when I’m camped out far from the city.

A signal booster is basically a 2-way antenna that can increase the power of cell signals. It works like a hearing aid for data! Not only do you get a better signal, but your phone will spend less time searching for that signal which can help improve its battery life as well.

Cell boosters are not cheap, products like the WeBoost can cost up to $500. However, with the amount of freelance work I’ve been able to do from the road, the booster has more than paid for itself. 

Suggested by Kate, Parked In Paradise

Bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth speakerWhen we rent a car on holiday we use a reputable company but we always take the smallest and cheapest car available. We just want a reliable car to take us where we want to go but this does often mean a car without all the facilities of the more expensive options.

The thing I miss most on these occasions is the convenience of connecting my phone to the car stereo for calls and Sat Nav announcements. The last thing you need on a twisty hill road as we experienced during an unforgettable road trip in Montenegro, is your hands anywhere other than the wheel and your eye off the road! This is where our handy battery-powered speaker with mic is invaluable. It clips onto the sun visor and connects to my phone via Bluetooth, so whatever country I’m in, for less than £30 I can be hands-free, for even the cheapest rental has sun visors!

Suggested by Clotilde

Wireless Earbuds

Wireless earbuds are one of my favorite items to take on every road trip. They connect to an audio source like a mobile phone or your car stereo system using Bluetooth. They are great when you are on a road trip with others so you can each listen to your own music, audiobook, or podcast. The wireless factor is fantastic as you can sit and move as you please. It also means you don’t get tangled in the cord, or accidentally unplug it and blast your music to the entire car.

Wireless earbuds start at $50 AUD and cost up to $500 AUD for the top of the range. Generally, the more you spend, the better the features, including active noise canceling vs transparent hearing options, sound quality, comfort and fit, battery life, and splash resistance for use in all weather conditions. Remember to pack your wireless earbuds for your next road trip.

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Suggested by Clara, Petite Capsule


Best Car Travel Accessories

Wagan 12v cooler /Warmer – 24L Capacity

Wagan 12v cooler /Warmer - 24L CapacityOne of the most important traveling gears is Wagan 12v Cooler /Warmer. You can also use it as a freezer, to keep your drinks cool and freeze. You just have to plug it in the car, and start it. If you want to keep the things warm press the warmer button and if you want to keep the things cooler, press the cooler button. Its power consumption is 40 watts. It also has a built-in fan and a 10A fused plug. The amount of this Wegan cooler warmer is $90.

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AUX Cable

Any road trip would not be complete without the most carefully curated playlist. The legendary playlist that cures any boredom, brings friends together and turns any ordinary road trip into a carpool karaoke. Yes, that playlist.

However, even the perfect playlist needs an instrument to broadcast its tunes. While most cars have a Bluetooth system that connects to your phone, some do not. Some are so counter-intuitive even Elon Musk won’t be able to figure them out. That is why you should always bring the old and reliable AUX cable. The AUX cable connects directly to most common phones and plays the audio from it. It is an essential item for any road trip!

Suggested by Sean, LivingOutLau

Roof Racks


Roof racks are a set of rails for the roof of your car used to carry large bulky items or things that don’t fit inside your car. Basic roof rack sets cost depending on the type required and brand between $150 – $400. Then there is a world of car accessories and additions you can also buy for your roof racks such as a pull out awning, rooftop tent, ski holders, baskets, pods, kayak lifters, and so on. These additions vary greatly in price from $100 to well over $1500 again depending on what you want and the brand.

There are some important considerations to make when setting up your roof racks. These are buying the roof racks suitable for your vehicle, that any accessories or additions are also suitable and that you have the correct straps or knowledge for tying items down correctly. It is also necessary to be aware of is how much additional weight you will be carrying and the impact of drag on your car’s performance. If you are unsure there are specialist that can help you. We bought our roof racks transport our kayak which we bought after kayaking for the first time in Boat Harbour Tasmania and loved it. 

Suggested by Emma.

Car-to-Wall Plugin Power Converter

Car-to-Wall Plugin Power ConverterTraveling through the United States, car camping full time among National Parks, National Forests, and other outdoor paradises. I rely heavily on a portable power station and local coffee shops to power my laptop, digital cameras, and drones. But when I’m driving to and from campsites and parks, the most valuable car accessory in my arsenal is by far my compact car-to-wall plugin power converter.

It plugs directly into my car’s cigarette lighter and converts it from a 12-volt AC car plugin to a portable 110-volt three-prong wall plugin equipped with two USB outlets, so I can charge my laptop, phone and camera batteries at the same time. The best part is that the 150-watt power converter I use is only $15!

It allows me to plug in everything while I’m driving 45 minutes from one of the many free campsites to the nearest National Park, saving me valuable charging time when I get to my destination. Plus, I figure, while my car’s running, I may as well get the full use out of it. I’m still not sure why cars aren’t equipped with wall outlets, but this handy, dandy power converter does the trick just fine.

Suggested by Jarrod.

Satellite Phone

Living in a really isolated community, with an 11-hour drive to the nearest town on deserted roads, means a satellite phone could be a life-saving piece of gear for us.

Recently though, I’ve even been keeping it in the car on holidays in the city and shorter road trips. When you’re exploring new places, the last thing you want is to be caught out in an area with no phone service. Having a satellite phone in the car is great for peace of mind and it’s nice to know that if you break down or get lost you’ll always be able to call for help, no matter how far away it is.

It’s also great for when you get out of the car to explore a bit. Whether you’re exploring waterfalls and swimming holes or hiking a mountain, they’re easy to throw in your bag so you know you’ll be covered in an emergency.

Suggested by Sophie Marie,

USB Charger for the Car

One of the most inexpensive yet useful car accessories you shouldn’t leave home without is a USB car charger. 

A USB car charger is an adaptor that plugs into your vehicle’s power source to give you the ability to charge devices via USB. You can find these adaptors online, in tech stores, department stores, and even at rest-stops, for just a few dollars. Higher-end ones come with aux cables to fit Micro USB ports and can run from $10 – $30.

Keeping our cell phones charged at all times, thanks to this adaptor, means we are always able to quickly pull up GPS directions, hotels, rest stops, or places to eat without draining the battery. I also love keeping my device charged to playbooks or music during long stretches of road.

As a mom of two, I also consider a USB charger essential during family road trips. Keeping my kids’ tablets charged during our recent trip to San Antonio made the six-hour drive with toddlers a breeze!

Whether you’re traveling solo or hauling the entire family, this accessory will certainly improve your next road trip.

Suggested by Tori.

Phone Mount

One item that I cannot live without when on a road trip, or any time I’m driving, is a phone mount/holder. Since most states are now hands-free when it comes to driving, for obvious safety reasons, a phone mount is a literal life-saver. This inexpensive device, ranging from $10-$50, comes in a variety of formats, including dashboard, windshield, or vent mounts depending on your preference.

For those of us who are directionally challenged, a successful road trip depends heavily on good directions. This is where my phone mount comes in, so I can see my phone GPS while driving without breaking any laws or being unsafe. All I do is set my destination into the GPS, snap my phone into the holder, and start driving. A phone mount/holder is a must-have car travel accessory for the perfect road trip.

Suggested by Jordan, The Solo Life

Inflatable Car Bed

Inflatable Car BedIf you want a cozy and relaxing journey, in which you can take rest for a while or if you have a family with you they can also sleep well and have a cozy traveling. For that an Inflatable Car Bed is necessary for your traveling. Inflatable Car beds are usually light weighted and portable. You can keep them at the back of your car. It’s washable and extremely comfortable. It has extra protection for kids and pets. Lower in the cost. And waterproof as well.


Best Car Accessories for Kids

Inflatable leg pillow

Long car rides can be either easy or difficult for families.  Some children are naturally good car travelers, while others struggle to sit in their car seat for hours at a time.  One of the best products to bring along on a car ride with children is an inflatable leg pillow. There is a variety of them including the Maxchange inflatable travel pillow which you can put right under their dangling legs in the car.  It is super easy to inflate with no air pump needed, and usually around $30, though it has seen several sales on Amazon recently.  Plus, you can take these pillows with you on planes and trains, making it a multi-use product!

Suggested by Diana, Travels in Poland

Car Back Seat Organizer

Car Back Seat OrganizerEvery car owner knows how important it is to keep the vehicle neat and tidy. The car’s interior is the second most important thing to keep it in mind. To organize the things properly you have to keep and the back seat organizer must. You can put all the handy devices and gadgets in that organizer. This organizer is also one of the best car accessories when you travel with kids, you can put there all the little belongings and travel snacks for toddlers. It’s very useful for busy people, who caries files, pens, paper with them in their cars.


Best Car Safety Accessories 

First Aid Kit

First Aid KitSwiss safe first aid kit is a mini first aid kit for the car. The amount of this little kit is $23.99. When you’re traveling you have to prepare for every situation even for any emergency too. For that, you need a first aid box. Swiss safe first aid box contains medium bandages, alcoholic pads, Cpr mask, safety pins, and much more. You can keep this accessory for camping, the workplace, and hiking. It’s excellently organized with all the urgent first aid items. 

GPS Tracker for Vehicles

GPS Tracker for VehiclesGPS Tracker is a gadget, which is used for tracking and monitoring. It’s only for your safety & security. It notifies you about Maintenance, low battery alert, trip performance, mileage alert, harsh driving alert, fuel level history, fault errors. You can stay connected to your car anytime, anywhere. With using your desktop web or smartwatch app. It’s totally free. Other tracking gadgets are costly. You have to pay yearly fees just once. It also qualifies for, speed test and brake performance. It’s a multifarious instrument to acknowledge about your car’s condition. It costs, $39.99.

Roadside Assistance Emergency Kit

Roadside Assistance Emergency KitWhen you’re traveling on a long route you never what hurdle can come in your way? You have to keep all the emergency tools with you. Assistance Emergency Kit is specially designed for long routes, it’s a multipurpose emergency pack it includes safety hammer, seat belt cutter, cotton swab raincoat, and much more. The wires of all the tools are made up of high-quality copper material which promptly connects two cars together. You can also gift it to your loved ones for their traveling pleasure.

Uniden R3 Extreme Long Range Radar Laser

Uniden R3 Extreme Long Range Radar LaserR3 long radar laser is used for voice notifications and other useful information about your vehicle. It’s the number one windshield mounted detector in the market. This radar laser costs, $299 USD, and it has GPS technology, red lights, and speed camera alerts. Also, it has an option of a cigarette charger with a mute key and a USB port. Furthermore, radar warns about the max speed system. You can call it the brain of your car. It gives you voice alerts to keep your direction straight and saves you from any mishap.


Best Car Wash Accessories

Car Vacuum Cleaner

Car Vacuum CleanerIf you have to keep your car clean then you should definitely use Thisworx. It is a portable car vacuum cleaner that cleans each and every mess from bumper to bumper. Furthermore, it cleans each and every dust particle, liquid spots, pet hair, and even tiny ashes. Also it doesn’t have any battery inside, you just have to plug it in the car connector and start vacuuming. It has a 16ft cord which cleans front back all the bumpers easily. It’s one of the best seller vacuum cleaners.

Rubber Floor Mats for Car

Rubber Floor Mats for CarRubber mats for your car are more economical and usable for your vehicle, they’re easy to wash and maintain for the long term. As well as rubber mats do not slip as they’re safe and stiff. Rubber floor mats keep your car clean and keep dirt and grime out of your car. Therefore it’s up to you what quality of Matt you’re choosing for your car. They are beneficial in wet weather, and they can be dried easily. If u spills something dirty on the mat it can be easily clean just with water.

Autoglym The Collection –Perfect Interiors

Autoglym The Collection –Perfect InteriorsAutoglym The Collection, is a car cleaning kit. The interior of your car is so sensitive and critical. You cannot use every cleaning tool to use on it. Autoglym the collection, is specially designed for the neatness and cleanliness of your car. It has its own special washing shampoo which is odorless. Which cleans your seats, dashboards, and plastics. There are leather brushes also given which are smooth and light to use. It has a unique and high-quality fragrance air freshener for your car. Also very reasonable to buy. The amount is just, $20.


Best Car Accessories for Dogs

Dog Car Seat Hammock


A dog car seat hammock (waterproof type is best) made to protect your car’s backseat and interior from wear and tear. As things your dog can bring into your car like dirt, sand, and water, it is a very practical thing. A hammock with its four high sides, held in place easily using straps works by keeping everything contained within the hammock itself and it easily cleaned by sweeping it out or taking it out and giving it a shake. Being on the road full-time, we travel and work around Australia and the hammock we have for our dog has undoubtedly been one of our best under $15 buys (online).  

Suggested by Emma.

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