Mass Effect Andromeda 6 Top Weapons

If you’re looking for a guide that lists, discusses and reviews top rated weapons in Mass effect: Andromeda then you’ve landed on the right article.

First, let’s get into some details about the game. Mass Effect: Andromeda is where you fight intergalactic enemies to further your objective.

In the pursuit of progress, you will face countless enemies and this is why knowing the correct and best weapons in every field is important. Do you need shotguns? Sniper rifles? Assault rifles? Deadly grenade launchers?

Well, the answer to that is simple. As the situation demands, you will have to respond accordingly. If the enemies are normal ones you may use simple weapons or possibly depend on rifles but what if they’re hiding behind cover? Or what if a bunch of enemies stack together to defeat you?

This is exactly why understanding the weapons and having information and relevant knowledge beforehand about them is extremely important. You will need to read this article till the end for that.

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Mass Effect Andromeda Top Weapons

Do you think knowing about one type of weapon will do it for you? It certainly doesn’t.

Having a blend of different weapons allows players to juggle back and forth between them to use according to the situation that is on the grounds. If you follow this approach then whether you’re standing against a heavy boss or a puny enemy soldier, the game will be interesting to you.

 Let’s standby for now to begin the review on best Mass Effect Weapons.


Isharay Sniper Rifle

 The Isharay is said to have the best features in the entire game, talking about sniper rifles. It is often referred to as the best sniper rifle in the game and we’ll get to how this weapon is a beast in combat.  Starting with them, you can expect this weapon to hit hard. Its bullets are enough to make enemies quiver from a distance.

Although the gun takes some time to fire and reload, you can make sure that the attacks fired from this weapon hit the target. In that, you need to show tremendous amounts of skill to prevent wastage of valuable bullets and time.

If you’re ever out of bullets or the weapon is taking too much time to load, you should probably switch over to a different gun or if you’re not an accurate shooter, you’ll be spending most of your time in reloading weapons while the enemy fires intensely back at you.


Reegar Carbine Shotgun

 The Reegar is super effective in many situations and while it is a good cover-up, you can knock down enemy shields with this weapon. The electric blasts that generate from the Reegar are enough to disarm them from their defenses.

Additionally, you can inflict extra damage onto enemies if you’re using Reegar. Since every shot that you fire towards the enemy will create some trouble for them.


Dhan Shotgun

 One of the best Shotguns in the game, Dhan is equal to nothing else. To put it simply, this weapon tanks high damage, along with being friendlier in close-ranged interactions.

The Dhan can fire several heavy projectiles that stay close and upon impact, they create a ruckus. This is also effective for long-range shots.

Is it strongly advised to save some cash in the game to utilize it on good, research-based weapons that go a long way.


Equalizer SMG

 Although you can use the Equalizer for a number of reasons, its main purpose is to knock down enemy shields and reduce their defenses so they can be attacked head-on.

This is a remnant weapon and you don’t have to worry about running low on ammo since it’s enough on its own but one word of caution, make sure you stay in the appropriate range to offer the best services of the Equalizer.


Ruzad Shotgun

 The Ruzad is famous for being strong and brutal, in hitting enemies head to head. However, the Ruzad has a slow fire-rate and low capacity to offer, it is considered to be a deadly weapon since it has a stagger placed at the front of the weapon to grab some extra damage from enemies while you still can.


Scorpion Pistol

 Don’t take this “pistol” as a joke. Since it’s called a pistol, people take it lightly but the Scorpion pistol is a force to be reckoned with.

This weapon can dish out a huge number of kills since it isn’t your normal bullet shooter gun. It can successfully fire mini grenades that stick onto walls or people and explode, causing massive damage everywhere.


 Which one do you like the most out of our top rates weapons?

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