Smart Bathroom Gears for the Tech-Loving Homeowner

Smart bathrooms were a matter of luxury before. However, nowadays you can afford many useful and smart gadgets for your home. This article has gathered 8 super useful gears for tech-loving homeowners. Make sure you read it all and find out what’s the best way to improve your bathroom.

Smart shower 

Smart showers can save water usage, which is a great benefit. There are many benefits of a smart shower and it is not just for show. The benefits include:


l  Temperature control

l  Water pressure control

l  Water saving mode

l  Shower timer

l  Showerhead with adjustable pressure, temperature, and position

l  Showerhead with integrated speaker for music streaming and voice commands

l  Integrated water flow sensor to detect leaks in the shower area

l  Integrated power outlet to charge mobile devices while bathing 


Floor heating for bathrooms 


If you want your feet to be warm the whole year, floor heating is the best option to achieve that. Thermal radiation generates heat. The temperature will be more controllable and moderate as well. 

The benefits of installing heated floors in your bathroom: 

l   Warmth and comfort for your feet and lower legs

l   No more cold tiles or tiles that feel wet all the time

l  No need to worry about slipping on icy surfaces in winter

l   Fun for kids to run around and explore on

l  A more hygienic

l  More comfortable for your pets 


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Smart faucets for your bathroom 

Smart faucets are becoming more and more popular in the world of home improvement. As we become more and more tech-savvy, we want to make our homes smarter, even the smallest parts.

These faucets can be controlled with your voice or a tap on your smartphone screen. They also help you save water and energy by turning off automatically when you’re not using them, which is very important for those living in drought-stricken areas or countries with high water usage.

Furthermore, smart faucets are ecologically friendly since they prevent the overuse of water by controlling the amount of water that flows along with the temperature. 

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Smart toilet 

Smart toilets are a new technology that has been introduced in the last few years. They provide more than just a toilet, they also offer features such as smart bidet toilet seats, heated seats, air dryers, and even smart soap dispensers.

These smart toilets are equipped with sensors that can tell when you’re done with your business and flush accordingly. Some of them even have cameras to make sure you don’t miss any spots. Many benefits come with using a smart toilet instead of a traditional one. Some include:

l   It can help you save water by not flushing the toilet when you’re done.

l  You won’t have to put your hand over the seat or use paper towels.

l  It saves time by only flushing when needed.

The downside of this technology is that it can be costly to get new toilets. However, make sure you find a reliable seller who can offer you the best price. Rest assured that the investment pays off eventually.


Smart tub

An expensive addition to any smart bathroom is a smart tub.

To create the ideal bath, they integrate precise temperature and bath volume control. Using an app, you can also access special features including fog, steam, and light control for a more immersive experience.

In addition, you have complete control over everything, including lighting and music as well as water temperature. Therefore, you can adjust the parameters to make a bath that is genuinely relaxing.


Smart mirror

A touchscreen and LCD are features of a smart mirror. This enables you to show media such as apps, notifications, and other content over the mirror.

Aside from these capabilities, smart mirrors may also include LED lights, Bluetooth speakers, and voice assistants. You can download apps, watch videos, get updates about the weather, and other notifications.

Isn’t it a terrific alternative to use their two-way speakers to play your favorite tunes while you get ready?

Motion tracking and facial recognition are the icings on the cake. In this way, you may check your form in the mirror while working out and even obtain cosmetic advice while getting dressed.


Bluetooth body fat scale 

A Bluetooth body fat scale is a scale that uses Bluetooth to transmit data to an app on a smartphone or tablet.

By using Bluetooth to link to the phone app, these smart scales will provide you with detailed analysis that goes well beyond simple body weight readings, enabling you to monitor your progress and establish objectives.

With a smart scale, you can measure the following:

l  Body mass

l  BMI

l  Abdominal fat

l  BMR

l  Bone density, etc


Automatic toilet plunger

Automatic toilet plungers are among the greatest and smartest methods to clean your bathroom. It ensures that your bathroom remains spotless and quickly fixes blocked toilets.

It blasts the obstruction with a tiny bit of compressed carbon dioxide, unclogging your toilet unlike any other plunger on the market.

It doesn’t use any harmful chemicals or other substances and is safe for the environment.


To sum it up, smart bathroom gear is meant to make your life easier. If you see some of these gadgets useful, don’t hesitate to contact the right company and get one for yourself. Furthermore, you can check the best smart home gadgets for home improvement. Make sure you get the right quality for the price and adjust it to your home. 

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