Understanding the Benefits of Automated Conveyor Systems

You are considering investing in an automated conveyor system but the prospect of spending so much money on one piece of equipment seems daunting.

Before you commit, you need to find out more about and better understand the benefits of an automated conveyor system. You’re in the right spot. We can help you get a better grasp on all the conveyor system benefits.

What is an automated conveyor system?

Before we can talk about its benefits, we need to know what an automated conveyor system is and where it’s used.

To put it simply, an automated conveyor system helps automatically transport different materials and loads from one location to another, within the area. It’s used in many different industries as a staple piece of mechanical equipment that handles all kinds of goods – from raw materials to heavy goods.

The fact that it can transport different types of materials quickly and efficiently is what makes automated conveyor systems so handy in every industry – from food to automotive industries.

Types of conveyor systems

You have probably already seen at least one conveyor system in your life. The conveyor system at airports that transports luggage, an escalator, or ski lift are all good examples of conveyor systems seen in everyday life.

But those are not the only types of systems used, we have different kinds of conveyor belt rollers, conveyor belts, slats, or chains. We have vertical or horizontal conveyor systems, magnetic, pneumatic, vibrating, and others that serve a specific purpose.

Automated conveyor systems are many and they have many benefits that make them almost indispensable for many companies and industries. Let’s try to understand all the benefits of automated conveyor systems.

Benefits of automated conveyor systems

1.      Fewer human errors and workplace injuries

In almost every industry, human error is the number one reason for safety issues. With that said, robots aren’t perfect either, but at least they can’t get tired, lose focus or cause injury to themselves as human workers can.

Due to fatigue, lack of concentration, and distraction, workers can cause not only costly mistakes but they can cause serious safety issues both for themselves and other workers.

Automated conveyor systems can be programmed accordingly so that they are less likely to drop goods and materials, miss fill orders, and make other similar costly mistakes. With systems such as this, serious workplace injuries, thousand-dollar mistakes, and other mishaps are significantly reduced which makes a lot of difference in the business world.

2.      Increased operational efficiency and productivity

Every business aims to increase efficiency and productivity and when you have to manually and physically transport goods from one side of the warehouse to another, achieving those goals is quite challenging.

Not only is this an incredible waste of time and effort, but it can also lead to a lack of operational productivity. So, the best way to reach your goals and increase operational efficiency and productivity is by investing in an automated conveyor system.

As mentioned, a conveyor system can help you quickly and efficiently transport any sort of goods and materials to where they need to be. And this also means achieving your business goals faster!

3.      More flexibility in material transport

Different businesses have different requirements when it comes to conveyor systems. Some companies will need unidirectional conveyor systems while others will require a slat conveyor that is designed for moving heavy materials. There will be companies that need a conveyor system with turns and a higher degree of curvature, greater rotor capabilities, or belt dimensions.

That’s why investing in automated conveyor systems is a good idea. They are flexible and can make your operations much easier on you. The best thing about conveyor systems is that they can be customized to accommodate your business’s needs.

4.      Better product quality

Product quality also depends greatly on how the materials and goods were handled previously. If you rely too much on manual labor, mistakes are bound to happen, mistakes that can significantly affect the quality of the end product.

With an automated conveyor system, product quality shouldn’t be compromised because they offer consistency. Conveyor systems are designed and programmed to perform the same tasks every time they are used. This way products will be in perfect condition and all the quality standards will be met.

5.      Reduced manual labor costs

Installing a conveyor system is expensive, but manual labor cost is even more so. Investing in such expensive equipment is daunting, but considering most businesses spend a lot more on labor expenses every year puts things into perspective.

The conveyor system will pay off much faster than you think. It’s a machine that doesn’t need rest, sleep, holidays, or overtime pay. You can do more work without hiring more staff. You can see how investing in an automated conveyor system can significantly reduce manual labor costs.

6.      More space in warehouses

Warehouses are well-known as crowded spaces and they become even more crowded when you have to manually transport and check every material and product. What you may not be aware of, is that conveyor systems can help you save space.

It may not seem so, but an automated conveyor system doesn’t require that much space. This means that in addition to getting this great piece of equipment, you’ll also get more free space in your warehouse.

What’s more, conveyor systems often don’t even need to take up any floor space, they can easily be suspended in the air from the ceiling. This in turn allows you to have more floor space for whatever you need.

7.      Automated cleaning and maintenance

Yet another conveyor system benefit that is often disregarded has to do with cleaning and maintenance. Getting an automated conveyor system can significantly cut down the cleaning and maintenance time. Most conveyor systems come with built-in CIP (clean in place) systems that allow easy cleaning and maintenance without disassembling.

Moreover, automated systems of this kind can predict problems before they occur. This means that there’s no risk of production downtime due to issues with conveyor systems.


In today’s business world mistakes can be costly – they can not only cost you money but clients as well. As you can see, automated conveyor systems have many benefits. They can save you money, time, and a lot of headaches.

You will pay quite a bit upfront for an automated conveyor system, there’s no doubt about it, but it will pay off in no time.


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