Things You Need to Know Before Relocating Your Business

No one likes moving: it is always hard work in the physical sense, in addition, they disrupt the usual pace of life for several days and create moral stress. Sometimes you forget about something for a long time and remember only when it needs to be assembled or disassembled, packaged, moved, unloaded, and installed in a new place.

Relocating a company is much worse than moving at home: it requires organization of all departments, coordination of actions, and maximum efficiency. The move should take place without losing customers.

How to carry out the relocation with minimal negative consequences?

Tell your clients about the company relocation in advance

Even if the business is in a virtual environment, people need to be aware that the location of the company is changing. Moving can be a great excuse to remind clients of yourself. SMS notification will be good for both regular and one-time customers. They may well become interested in the company’s services again after such a reminder.

Alternatively, you can use social media to post photos in real-time. Clients will be involved in the process, and maybe they will immediately help to solve some problems and suggest optimal solutions for placement in a new location.

Change data in social media and on your website

During the relocating, you need to change the official contact information on the company’s website, you can create a special page that will announce the progress of the relocating. It is important to change coordinates on virtual maps, update social media accounts.

In emails, you can sign the new address by highlighting it.

Try out work opportunities in a new location in advance

It is irresponsible to hope that everything that worked well in the old place will function in the new environment. Until a new lease is signed, you need to make sure that all the company’s needs are met. An elementary shortage of sockets can interfere with work. Poor communication in the office rooms will also not contribute to normal functioning. It is important to make sure in advance that the new location can withstand the old workloads of the company, and even better if it will provide opportunities for the growth of the company.

Use the weekend to move

Nobody wants to work on the day off, but you need to get employees to do it. Then you will have to give the participants of the “special operation” time off or throw a party for everyone, but you have to make sacrifices in order to retain the maximum number of clients. Don’t make your customers wait, cause a lot of them can be impatient and won’t understand that you have a good reason for not working or for delays. 

Do not save on moving

If you are planning to save money by moving entirely on your own, the price you pay can be much higher than hiring a moving company. Specialists will do everything much faster than your employees, they know how to properly transport fragile equipment, they have special packaging material, but most importantly, they know how to calculate how many people are needed to relocating a company from point A to point B.  Also, make sure to find a proven freight company that will help you out. 

Therefore, if you hire specialists right away, you don’t have to deal with employees loitering around, complaining about hard work, and demanding time off.

Pay an increased amount of additional duties of employees related to the move

When moving, many employees of the company have more work – to collect and pack things, arrange furniture, disconnect, and re-configure computer equipment. To avoid disrupting normal work processes, relocation is often postponed until after work or over the weekend. In the meantime, extra pay is due for work outside working hours. Work officially performed in excess of the established work schedule is paid at an increased rate. The company has the right to establish higher remuneration for overtime work. The specific payment procedure is fixed in the collective or labor agreement. At the request of a specialist, for processing, they can be provided with additional rest time instead of an increased payment. Moreover, if a person has worked overtime, say, four hours, then he has the right to rest in this regard for at least four hours.

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As you already know, relocating a company is not an easy task. And you should make sure not to complicate it additionally. Make sure not to lose any customers or employees during the process. Use these guidelines, and we are sure that you will manage to do everything in no time and with little or no struggles at all. Make a plan and follow it, don’t rush, and respect all the people that are included in the process. Good luck! 


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