Difference Between Solar Panels & Solar Roof Tiles

To live in exciting times is an old Chinese saying, but it does not have to be negative. Modern technological breakthroughs are everything but boring, and each day unveils a new marvel. Solar is steadily becoming plain tech compared to something from a sci-fi movie. People who are early adopters of solar roofing tech can harness the power of the Australian Sun. Australia has plenty of sunny and warm days, where homeowners stand to benefit the most. Since solar tech is readily available, the question remains between solar panels and solar roof tiles. To help you choose, here are some pros and cons!

1. Efficiency comparison

So, what gets you the most bang for your buck? Price and the RoI of your investment is always sensitive matter, which can make or break any decision. There are plenty of home tech solutions that are incredible money savers, and there are those that will only drill a hole in your budget. Solar panels and solar roof tiles both operate on the same principle. When there is Sun, ample heat, clear weather and temperature, they will produce electricity.

But solar panels have been around for longer than solar roof tiles. As such, the tech behind solar panels is familiar, tried&tested and reliable, offering better conversion rates for less space taken. A single solar panel is spacier than a solar roof tile, but when you factor in equal roof tiles to compensate, the solar panel still comes out on top. There is no doubt in our minds that in the future solar roof plates will be made and improved, but as it stands now, solar panels take the win in this sector.

2. Cost of installation

If you are still struggling and trying to find the best fit for your home, the installation and maintenance costs are key factors to consider. After all, you need experienced and professional slate roofing from Sydney companies to put your desired choice on your home, secure it, and make it last as long as possible. Again, since solar panels have been around for a longer time, every step behind them is standard. From manufacture to tech and installation, solar panels are something contractors are familiar with. Solar roof plates, on the other hand, are newer tech, are much smaller and require far more fiddling when installing. As such, they drive up the installation costs, which further diminishes their efficiency, because they will need a prolonged period to pay for their initial high investment.

3. Durability and appeal

We can argue that appeal is a matter of personal taste. That aside, solar roof plates are designed to come in various shapes and sizes, mimicking traditional roof plates, asphalt roofs, shingles etc. We’ve mentioned that solar roof plates are newer tech, and with that comes all previous knowledge of the field. Incorporating the existing solar tech allows designers to focus on the look and appeal of solar roof plates. They will never look like your traditional roof, but they will come a close second, preventing rental property depreciation and giving your home that modern and futuristic look.

Solar panels offer less variety and colours. They come in established black and blue designs. That design can stand out from your home’s exterior design. So, curb appeal and design choices go in favour of solar roof plates. But what will last longer? To pay for the investment both options need to produce electricity greater than their worthwhile driving the costs of maintenance and repairs down. Solar panels are easier to clean and maintain because of their size, but should any damage occur, replacing a single solar panel is costly compared to solar roof plates. In the end, if you live in a hail-free zone, solar panels are a better choice because both options require maintenance, and it’s easier to maintain solar panels.


Once all is said and done, you have a choice. To sum it up, solar panels are tried&tested solar solutions, with lower upfront costs, and lower maintenance and installation fees that will produce more electricity per space used. Solar roof plates are the new and hip tech available, which offer greater choice in design, appeal and lower repair bills, should it come to that. It is up to you to choose the one which fits your needs the most!

Both solar panels and solar roof tiles offer a way to generate clean, renewable energy from the sun. The choice between the two depends on factors such as aesthetics, efficiency, and cost, as well as the specific needs of the building or project.

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