The Best Desk Accessories for Your Office

A tidy desk is great for productivity, but the one equipped with useful items is even better. After all, they make the long hours bearable and make sure you take care of your health. And, if you don’t have most of these 20 best desk accessories for your office — it’s time for shopping.

Ergonomic chair


A sedentary position is considered to be as dangerous as smoking today, so having a good chair can be a game-changer for your health. Ergonomic chairs are specially designed to offer appropriate support to the lumbar area, neck, and legs. Of course, nothing is more efficient than taking a break from time to time to walk around the office and stretch.

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Wireless charger


One of the most annoying things on the desk is having cables all over it. So, why not have one less with a wireless charger for your smartphone or any other suitable device. Just make sure that your devices are compatible with the charger before you buy it. Also, consider getting a multi-device charging kit so you can charge several of them simultaneously and without creating a mess on your desk.

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LED desk lamp


Light at your desk is important to keep you productive, motivated, and alert for the job at hand. But it’s also good for the ideas to have the light on even on a cloudy day. LED desk lamps are the best choice since they are the closest to sunlight that has shown a positive effect on mood and attention. Look for the models with several different light settings so you can use appropriate illumination throughout the day.

Wrist support

If your job is to spend a lot of time glued to the computer, then wrist supports should always be by your side. Typing and clicking all day means you are holding your hands in the same position for long which can lead to discomfort, or worst, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. To avoid this and similar debilitating conditions always have wrist supports in place when typing on the keyboard and using a mouse. This is not an expensive investment and with some simple hand exercises, it may seem as though you weren’t working on your computer for hours.

Mobile phone stand


Sometimes, you need to have a good and clear view of your mobile phone for whatever reason. In that case, using a cell phone stand is a functional and practical option to have free hands during calls. Look for the models with a charging cable hole so your battery stays full even when you’ve been using the phone non-stop.

Noise-canceling headphones


Focus is crucial for work, but some noise is out of your reach. To make sure traffic and colleagues don’t bother you, put on noise-canceling headphones and work in quiet. This gadget can restrict the background noise, but also some models can receive phone calls. And don’t worry, they come in various colors and styles so you will have no problem finding the perfect pair.

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Wireless earbuds


Another way to cancel the noise is by playing relaxing sounds and music on wireless earbuds. It’s also a polite way not to bother others with your taste in music or add to the noise in the room. There’re various models on the market that range from affordable to expensive, depending on the brand and quality. The lack of wires dangling from your head means that you can freely move your hands around, stand up, walk around, and even go get coffee while on the call.

Cable organizer

Wires and cables around your desk are a potential hazard that can even lead to injury or damage to the equipment. A cable organizer lets you keep the desk tidy by eliminating the clutter of wiring spread all over your workstation. Look for the ones that stick to any surface so you can anchor them in one place for easy access and management. Pay attention that the holes are of the right size for all the cables you use, so you can organize the space underneath the desk as well.

Blue light blocking glass

Blue light is harmful to the eyes and often emitted by electronic displays, like the one on your computer. Installing a blue-light-blocking glass on all your devices will reduce eye strain and headaches, as well as help you sleep better. Besides this glass, make sure to rest your eyes frequently and blink to avoid dryness and irritation.

Air purifier

It’s true that you can always open a window, but that air may not be as refreshing and healthy as presumed. This is why air purifier has become a popular device in offices in recent years, especially with True HEPA filters that catch 99% of germs. With COVID-19, today it’s important more than ever to keep the offices clean and healthy for employees. Although a high-quality air purifier is pricey, it’s a good investment that can decrease the number of sick days.

Reusable water bottle


Hydrating while at the desk is probably the last thing on your mind and that’s bad. A reusable water bottle will make sure you always have a beverage by your side and don’t need to get up to get it. The only other thing you could use is an app reminding you when to take a sip. If you can opt for the self-cleaning bottle so you don’t worry yourself with washing and taking it home with you.

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Insulated mug


Cold coffee or tea is one of the most annoying things at work, but now you can say bye-bye to this nuisance. With an insulated mug, your beverages will stay hotter for longer and you don’t have to feel disappointed when you finally take a sip. A press-in lid will make sure you don’t spill even a drop on your desk or computer, as well as while walking to the conference room.

Laptop stand


If you are working on your laptop, you know that having it flat on the desk is not comfortable for the arms and posture. An adjustable laptop stand allows you to emulate a standing desk without taking up too much space. This way you can elevate your laptop at any level, regardless of if you are sitting or standing, to protect yourself from developing upper back and neck pain.

Desk mat

Those who work at the standing desk know that it matters what kind of flooring is under your feet. Anti-fatigue desk mats are an easy solution to create a comfortable surface to stand on. The softness of the mat lessens the strain on your legs and back thanks to the recovery foam technology. However, being in one position for a long time may not be pleasant on your body, so make sure to move around the office on occasion.

Desk organizer

Desk organizer is for those who are still traditional by using pens, staples, notebooks, and other stationery. With a wide range of available organizers, you will hardly have trouble finding an ideal one, even for the smallest desk. Some even come with wireless chargers, mouse mats, and full stationery, or all you need maybe just one tray for the paper.

Post-it notes


Reminder apps are great, but old fashion notes are a good way to keep you focused during the day. Use post-it notes to leave yourself messages and stick them on the corkboard, wall, computer screen, or wherever convenient. Believe it or not, this is a handy way of keeping track of your ongoing tasks without wasting time on opening other apps or using more than one device.

USB fridge

A USB fridge is not a necessary gadget, but it’s nice having a cold drink on a long day. Since you can power it with your computer, you don’t have to worry about an extra socket. It’s also good for storing small food items, like fruit yogurt, shakes, and other drinks that need cold temperatures. You can even use it to store fruits and veggies, so you keep your diet healthy and prevent the munchies for processed snacks.

Hand sanitizer


Hand sanitizer should always be part of your desk accessories, even when COVID-19 is over. The most common behavior of desk employees is that they touch their faces a lot, like 16 times in an hour. Once is enough to increase the risk of viral and bacterial infection. So using a hand sanitizer when you sit at the desk and during work may lower the risk of germs entering your body.

Desk toys


Every job has its share of stress, so finding ways to manage it can help you preserve your health. Desk toys specifically designed for stress relief are terrific ways to stay productive and focused. A stress ball to occupy your hands is cheap and will stop you from biting your nails and other bad habits. Moreover, these toys have a calming effect and are a fun break from work to clear your head or mull ideas.

Desk plant(s)


Greenery at the office is not only decorations. Looking at a plant on your desk can soothe your tired eyes and lower anxiety levels. Some plants produce more oxygen than others and even collect harmful toxins from the air produced by some devices. The good news is that there’s an ideal plant for anyone, even those lacking a green thumb or time to care for one.


You can have them all or a few, but having none of these best desk accessories for your office can affect the way you do your job. If some are above your budget, talk to your employer to fund them for the whole office. After all, a satisfied employee will give better results.

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