Guide on How to Setup VPS Server for Your Small Business

In the modern world, there are more opportunities for businesses to grow as compared to jobholders. With a bit of investment when you get started with your startup, you find how it works to own your business. And with the right strategies, you always keep progressing. In the beginning, at some stage, you may think to set up a server for your small business. If it’s right now, then congratulations as your business gets large enough that you need your first server. But setting up the server isn’t a cup of tea. With a lot of servers out there, selecting the right server is not an easy job.

However, denying the need for the server isn’t the option to stay away from the complications. The server makes it easy for your employees to collaborate, and share data. It also helps you to store data safely, including important files, images, and other forms. To set up an effective server for your small business you must need to continue reading this blog.

VPS Server Basics

To set up a server for your small business, it is important to understand the basics of the server. A server is just similar to a high-end desktop PC that is designed for a different task. While setting up a server, you will also need a reliable host to make your site online and manage your site effectively. You can take services like VPS hosting, web hosting, dedicated server hosting, as per your server selection. But what you can do with a server? Is it only for maintaining the files, storing the documents, and making your site online?

No, basically a server is designed to run a multiuser application such as email, messaging, and also shared calendar programs, databases, and customer relationship management. It also helps you to boost your website speed, which can further help you in lead generation. A server is designed to be reliable, secure, fault-tolerant, redundant storage options, and storing a backup of all your system. But the question is always which type of server do I need to setup?

A simple answer could be the one that is scalable and can grow with you. Although for a much detailed answer you need to select the one that completely fits your current needs, and future wants as well.

Choosing The Right VPS Server Brand

Choosing the right server isn’t impossible for anyone who knows about the needs and wants of its small business. First, you will need to determine the basic needs and near-future needs of your business to set up the right server. Then, relying on the big names in the market is the best strategy to keep yourself away from the hurdles.

The big names in the market include IBM, Fujitsu, Dell, Oracle, and Lenovo. However, the right measures of the applications you intended to run on the server are crucial to choosing the right server brand. A windows home server machine could be suitable if all you need is file sharing, light-duty remote access, and automated client backup.

The Cheapest VPS Alternative

A virtual private server is one of the cheapest alternatives for a small business that is progressing more rapidly. This is because it takes less cost than a dedicated server, works virtually, and gives all the solutions including operating multiple virtual machines on one server. All you need is to select the right hosting provider, choose the VPS hosting, and the current package to set up a server for your small business. This is expandable and can be expanded as per the need.

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VPS Server price

There is a wide range of prices for VPS servers, it depends on server specification and quality. You can find a low-cost solution for just $4.59 USD/month, but if you would great and stable VPS you will need a higher budget.

Cheap VPS servers

SupplierPlanLocation(s)RAM (Mb)Disk (Gb)Transfer (Gb)$/mo
CopahostSSD CLOUD 0Germany, Portugal102410unlimited4,59
ContaboVPS 300Germany4096300unlimited4,59
Yourserver.seVPS 512MB (SSD)Sweden51210unlimited4,60
1&1Cloud XL SSDGermany, Spain, US4096120unlimited4,90
SolVPSMicro VPSUK, US1285unlimited4,98
A2 HostingDynamic VPSNetherlands, Singapore, US5122020005,00
HOST1PLUSBronze planBrazil, Germany, Lithuania, South Africa, UK, US10246010005,20
Evolution HostStarter PackageCanada, France, US5125010005,75
InterserverKVM – 1GBUS10242510006,00


Medium priced VPS solutions

SupplierPlanLocation(s)RAM (Mb)Disk (Gb)Transfer (Gb)$/mo
Go Clouded512MBSweden5122525010,47
VPS2dayVPS BASICGermany, Netherlands, Switzerland, UK, US204850unlimited11,50
Evolution HostDeveloper PackageCanada, France, US1024100200011,50
Atlantic.NetG2.1GB (Win)Canada, UK, US102440300014,00
IO ZoomKVM 4GB SSDUS409640400015,00
DreamHostDream 1GB SSDUS102430unlimited15,00
HOST1PLUSGold planBrazil, Germany, Lithuania, South Africa, UK, US4096200300016,00
Cloud Layer 8S3Cyprus204830400017,25
InterserverKVM – 3GBUS307275300018,00


Premium VPS plans

SupplierPlanLocation(s)RAM (Mb)Disk (Gb)Transfer (Gb)$/mo
A2 HostingManaged VPS+Netherlands, Singapore, US400075200032,99
HOST1PLUSPlatinum planBrazil, Germany, Lithuania, South Africa, UK, US8192500700035,20
Evolution HostBusiness PackageCanada, France, US4096300600046,00
VPS2dayVPS ENTERPRISEGermany, Netherlands, Switzerland, UK, US8192250unlimited46,00
InterserverKVM – 8GBUS8192200800048,00
Liquid Web1GB RAM SSDUS102450500050,00
Atlantic.NetG2.4GB (Win)Canada, UK, US4096100500054,00

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