Stand up to Cyber Attacks with Cloud Backups

Ransomware, as you all well know, has spread like wildfire. It has become so common that nowadays there is no shock when you see another company hit by a ransomware attack. What, however, is shocking, is the fact that still there are some companies that do not have any ransomware protection for their data whatsoever. DR Backup plan is essential for smooth business continuity.

Tips to Prevent Cyber Attacks and Ransomware on Cloud Backups

A ransomware attack and cyber attacks are waiting to happen. It is only a matter of time. They might be able to escape some days or weeks but cannot runaways entirely from it. The only way to fully ‘escape’ from these threats is through leveraging a proper DR Backup plan.

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Why DR Backup Plan is necessary?

Imagine you wake up one morning, have a really fun traffic-less drive to work. Wearing your favorite white shirt that you just got the other day with your hot cup of coffee in your hand. What could go wrong right? You log in to your computer only to find a note that all your files are encrypted and an X amount is needed as payment to unlock your files. Gutted right? Nothing kills the mood other than a ransom message, trust me.

All this could have been avoided if you had a proper Cloud backup and disaster recovery solution in place. Many companies neglect the idea of opting for one as they think they would never get hit by a cyber-attack or why would anyone hit them. Well, attackers point at vulnerabilities and in case of an attack. Without having a cloud backup, there is no way to recover your data without paying the ransom. That alone is also not reliable after spending a huge amount of money on paying the ransom. There is no such guarantee that you will get your data back as there is no tracing of these attackers.

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Leveraging a Cloud Backup and DR Solution

In an event of a ransomware attack, users are usually locked out of their systems and cannot access their data. Thus, forced to halt operations till the issue is resolved. Cloud backups enable users to access their data and recover it from the cloud as it is located in an offsite location and is usually encrypted. This way even if the systems are not accessible they can easily recover their data through any system and promote business continuity to the highest level.

Cloud backup can be done to any cloud to the user’s preference. There are many services that offer efficient cloud backup options. Such as Veeam backup to Azure, used to set up backup Veeam appliance in Azure cloud. There is a lot of ease to users to set up cloud backups in a cloud if their liking.


Ransomware is no joke and should be taken seriously. With a rapid increase in the attacks, the business should invest in a cloud backup solution rather than wasting money in ransom.

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