Top 5 Online Image Cropping Tools

If you are a regular internet user, you must have come across websites with unique but low-standard images. Have you ever wondered why these images do not have the finesse? One of the key reasons is the use of low-standard editing tools. It is necessary to use quality tools for cropping, color resolution adjustment, shape resizing, and all other activities. A lot depends on how well the tool completes the task. Choosing an image cropper is not an exception. It is a fact that people face immense confusion while making the selection. The reason being that several results are generated by search engines against the query. Even if you talk about the first one or two pages of results, it is not possible for users to check all the links.

5 Best Online Image Cropping and Optimizer Tools

For the year 2023, the following are the 5 online image cropping tools that deliver exceptional results.

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Prepostseo Image Cropper

Some image formats (e.g. PNG) are heavy so substandard cropping tools go into a non-responsive mode. These online applications do not have a robust technical architecture to fall back on. As a result, users have to face issues. This image cropping tool has a sturdy software architecture so heavy files do not impact the performance in any way.

Link: Prepostseo Image Cropper

Designing knowledge is not a need

The interface of this cropping tool is not complex like a conventional image designing software. Users do not have to spend time understanding a complete palette and then choose the cropping tool. If you are a freelance writer or a student who needs to crop an image for a corporate presentation, it can be done using this tool. It is hard for non-designers to adjust to complex tools. As they do not have awareness about the options, they are unable to use them comfortably. In this way, they end up wasting time unnecessarily. This online cropper is meant for all categories of users.

Image cropping is not a delayed process

With sub-standard tools, users have to wait for the cropping process to get completed. Bloggers have to crop several images at a time if a post requires them to do so. They cannot afford to go for a slow-paced tool which takes time for cropping the image. This is a quick-paced cropper and things do not get delayed even if the process is repeated for several images. Hence, if you are running out of time, opt for this cropping tool to modify images.

Use the tool for free without hidden charges

Some tools have free access as one of the features but at times, users are not aware of the terms involved. This image cropping tool does not have any hidden terms and free usage is unlimited. As a result, you can crop as many images as you wish to. Professional designers working on website layout designs have to crop several images. Hence, they need a free tool that has top-notch editing options. With this cropping application, you can be sure about not paying any hidden costs. It is free without the implementation of any limitations.

Cropper by Fotor

This tool offers an easy set of controls as well as free usage. No prior designing skill set is used to edit images.

Users have to go through the following steps for cropping the image.

  • Start by uploading the image. There is an “upload” button that should be clicked to locate the image. All commonly used image formats including JPEG and GIF are supported.
  • The second step is the selection of boundaries. Finalize the area which has to be cropped. In most cases, users want to reduce the border size or eliminate some part of it. Hence, adjust the cropping area by dragging in the desired direction. Execute the cropping process once the required area has been selected.
  • It can be quite irritating to install applications and then run them. In some cases, the overall process is lengthy. This cropping tool is 100% online so you can be up and running without downloads/installations.

Link: Fotor

Picresize Image Cropper

If you want a cropping tool that does not depend on technical expertise, this is one option that would be considered seriously. It is a free tool with very simple usage features.

  • Once the tool interface is loaded, you have to drag/upload the image. After that, select the image section you wish to retain and crop the rest. The adjustment boundaries would appear around the image as soon as the uploading process is completed.
  • There is absolutely no need to be a designing expert for using this tool. It is meant for all user types which acts as a major plus point. The overall performance is quite impressive and image quality is not hampered.

Link: Picresize Image Cropper


To use this application, you have to start by selecting the image output format. For instance, if the source image is in JPEG but you want the output to be in PNG, select the PNG format from the options. Selecting the image is the next step. Users have to go through the conventional simple process of browsing and uploading the image. The size adjustment has to be done by moving the boundaries. When you are done with this step, the finalized image can be downloaded. It is a free tool so you would not be required to enter the credit card number at any stage.  It is suitable for all types of users including designers, blog writers, and article writers.

Link: Convertimage

Pizap Image Tool

This is another online cropping tool that the users can glance at. Users can upload images in PNG, JPEG, GIF, and other key formats. The usage is online so whether you have a tablet or smartphone, you can access it easily. There is a trial version during which access is free. However, after that, you will need to upgrade this tool.

Link: Pizap Image Tool

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