How to Get Customer Video Testimonial?

Customers are most important for a business not just because they buy products but because they refer to other customers. Word of mouth plays an important part in every business. A recommendation by an existing customer is of more value than any marketing campaign. When an existing customer gives a positive review or video testimonial about a product, it can be used to effectively promote the brand and product to get new business.

Of the various types of testimonials, a video testimonial is the most effective. A video testimonial is where a customer speaks on a video and narrates his experiences using the product. This testimonial is a review of the product and allows the customer to share his experiences using the product. It would explain the product benefits from the customer’s point of view. This is what makes a video testimonial such a powerful promotional tool.

Best Advice for Customer Video Testimonial

If you want to use video testimonials, you need to first find customers who can provide such testimonials.

Decide from Whom to Get Feedback

The video testimonial lends credibility to the promotional strategy of a brand. Reviews on websites are usually made by people whose names are not known and photos not displayed. A video testimonial is authentic and credible as it features a real person talking with the name and other details of the person. It is very important to choose the right customer from whom you can get a testimonial.

One of the things you must never do is to get an actor to shoot the video. It can seriously damage your reputation. The person narrating her experiences in the video testimonial must be a real customer who has bought and used your products. The customer should share her personal experiences. Not doing this will affect the credibility of not just the testimonial but of your brand.

Ideally, the customer providing the testimonial should be someone who has been buying and using your products for a long time (unless you are a new company). Such a customer would be a loyal customer of your brand and is the right person to speak for you. A loyal customer can provide a detailed review explaining all the benefits that the product would provide. You should look for a customer who has had a happy experience with your product to provide the testimonial.

Ask Them to Share Their Experiences via Video Review

The best way to get a video testimonial from your customers is to ask them. A direct approach is the best way of getting this done. While you can use email and other modes of communication, the ideal way to do this is to talk to the customer in person. You can make the initial contact over the telephone and then meet the customer in person to take it forward. In case you do not have phone numbers, you can make the initial contact online.


It is important to convince the customer to agree to share their testimonials. A loyal customer would usually not have any problems agreeing to your request. In case you a new company, then you may not have loyal customers who have been with you for a long duration. In such a case, select any of the customers and request them to share their experiences. The first thing to do is to take feedback to find out if they are happy with your product and have had a good experience.

The video testimonial is not an ad but it should be positive. Negative comments in the testimonial can affect you. Once you find the customer is happy, request him to help you reach out to other customers to help them know about the product benefits. You need to make it clear that this is not an ad but a review where the customer shares his experiences in a narrative style.

Reassure Them About the Process

Some people are not comfortable speaking on video. In such a case, reassure them that this is not a film shoot but a conversation where the customer is talking just as though she would talk to a friend and share her experiences. Put the customer at ease and if required use an interview mode, where you ask specific questions and the customer replies to it. You can always edit out the questions in the final copy. You can use a professional agency to do the video shoot. Their staff would be experienced in handling the customer and putting her at ease during the shoot.

Focus on the Feedback Value

You need to talk about how valuable the customer is for you. Request the customer to share how she found your product and found it useful. Tell the customer that you value your association and want the world to know about it through the testimonial. Highlight the fact that other customers would like to know about her experiences so it would help them get information and make a decision on buying the product. This kind of request would convince the customer to agree.

Show Them Video Testimonial Examples from Another Customer

You can show existing video testimonials so they understand how it works. It will help them know what is expected of them. Let them know that the process will not be inconvenient and that you would visit them to record their experiences.

The above guidelines can be followed to get the best video testimonials from your customers.

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