Nightlife in the Philippines – The Best Places and Clubs

While planning a vacation to a foreign destination, tourists like to get a mix of everything to ensure the trip is a complete one and they leave the place with so many memories. Traveling to the Philippines doesn’t only treat you with an archipelago of islands, pristine beaches, exquisite marine life, flora, and fauna, amazing landscapes. It also offers you a bustling nightlife that gives you a marvelous experience where you enjoy your favorite drink in the most lively ambiance and shakes your legs at your favorite tunes.

If you are a party-lover, the parties that the Philippines has to offer are unforgettable and will ensure the spirit is always high for the sun-downers. However, before you get too excited don’t forget to pack the necessary travel accessories.

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Top 3 Places Where Nightlife is the Best in the Philippines

Manila Nightlife


Manila, the capital city of the Philippines. It is the first and foremost place that comes into anyone’s mind when it comes to nightlife. This bustling city not only offers a lot to visit and experience during the daytime. But, ensures all the bases are covered for people seeking an active nightlife. This jazzy city, which is densely populated, and also located on the coastline. Making it one of the hubspot for partying and there is always a lot going on here. No matter which part of the city you are in.

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There are three main provinces that concentrate on the best nightlife in Manila. They are:

  • P Burgos Street, located in Makati
  • Ermita
  • Malate

These three places keep the parties and nightlife awake all throughout the night, and sets the hearts of young people on fire. You have a variety of options to choose from, right from a basic bar, to sports bars, to exquisite resto pubs, amazing views from the rooftop bars, and what not!

Few of the best nightclubs that you can visit in Manila to have the best night of your life are:

City Of Dreams Manila

Very well known for its amazing ambiance. Located in Paranaque, Metro Manila.

Valkyrie Nightclub

The largest nightclub in Manila and can accommodate around 200 guests. Renowned for its groovy tunes. Located in Taguig, Metro Manila.


Get yourself immersed in the nostalgic good old music of the 70s and 80s, pop, and R&B, where you can keep humming throughout the night with a nice cocktail. Located in Makati.

Sky Deck View Bar

Known for its amazing rooftop view, Sky Deck View Bar is located in Makati.

The nightlife in Manila can get slightly pricier considering it is the capital city and attracts a huge number of tourists every year. But you can rest assured that you will experience the best nightlife in the city of Manila, leaving you with unforgettable memories.

Cebu – Philippines Nightlife

Photo by Mike Aunzo

Cebu is a paradise for party lovers. The well-developed Cebu city is one of the best nightlife spots in the Philippines. With several experiences and activities to do in the daytime, Cebu offers equally amazing opportunities to have a bustling nightlife.

Cebu attracts young tourists from all over the world, and that is one of the main reasons why Cebu’s nightlife is diverse and energetic.

Mango Square is the most happening place for nightlife in Cebu, and this is where you will find amazing sports bars, dance clubs, and the famous J-ave. There are a lot of atmospheric cafes on the terraces which not only is a haven for a party but also compliments it with an amazing view from the top.

Few of the best nightclubs that you can visit in Cebu to have an amazing night are:

Liv Superclub

The best place to meet diverse and open-minded people across various countries and age groups. Located in Mango Square.

Ayala Mall

The terrace nightlife offers a view worth visiting.

The Distillery

If you are a beer or wine lover, then this is the place you must visit. Very well known for its imported wine and beer. Located in Lalawigan ng Cebu.

The Buko Bar

A serene interior, decorated with teak wood furniture that gives you a rustic feel, this place offers an amazing ambiance. Highly recommended for people who are seeking a not so noisy nightlife. Located in Punta Engano Road, Cebu.

Be rest assured that you will leave Cebu with countless memories and friends you would make in your lively nightlife!

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Boracay – Philippines Nightlife


If you think Boracay resorts are just about pristine beaches with white-colored sands, embrace yourself for the amazing nightlife that Boracay has to offer. Despite being a family-friendly destination, Boracay offers plenty of options in terms of nightlife to ensure you can have one of the best nights you have ever had.

The White Sand beach is the central spot of Boracay, and around 95% of the nightlife and happening spots are in and around the White Sand beach. In further focus, the majority of the happening spots are found between Station 1 and Station 2. Station 2 is more preferred by the tourists as it is closer to the beach and also has a lot of stay options, but it is also slightly pricer than the other regions.

Like the other cities, Boracay also offers a variety of options to enjoy your nightlife, right from bars, clubs, restaurants, and many more.

Few of the best nightclubs that you can visit in Boracay to have an unforgettable night are:


The highlight of this fancy bar is that it is located at the beach, which gives you a tropical vibe as you enjoy your night. Huge dance floor, glistening with lights, peppy music, and soaking your feet in the beach. What else is the perfect place to spend your night?

Club Paraw

Diverse people and exquisite cuisines, along with happy hours make this one of the widely visited clubs in Boracay.

Coco Bar

Embrace yourself for the grooving hard rock music and the bright red-blue color which alternates every 30 minutes to keep your adrenaline flowing.

Exit Bar

Known for its diverse crowd and bustling activity throughout the night.


Since almost all of the prominent nightclubs are populated around the White Sand beach, pub-crawling is one of the most prominent happening events in the town. You not only get to visit amazing places, but you also get to make amazing friends and memories!

The amazing nightlife options that the tropical country of the Philippines has to offer are really amazing, and it really vindicates the fact that you get variety when you travel there. Meticulous planning will ensure you cover the must-visit activities in the daytime, and also spend some quality time to make the best use of nightlife that the cities have to offer. That is why it is recommended to craft your Philippines tour through travel companies like Pickyourtrail, which will ensure you get the best value out of your trip through their Philippines tour packages. What are you waiting for? Soak in the beach in the morning, and dance all the way at night!

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