How to Prepare Your Vehicle for the Summer?

We are immersed in the de-escalation plan that the Government has planned to recover freedom of movement. In a four-phase program (from 0 to 3) we are heading towards new normality, which will surely be distant from what we had before this crisis.

Thus, we are presented with a different summer season than the one we are used to, it is hard to get an idea of ​​what the holidays will be like this year. However, if you are traveling by car, take some of the car accessories for your road trip.

What we do have clear is that the heat, as usual in our country, will squeeze hard. In fact, thermometer records have been going up in recent times. And this rise in temperature can cause mechanical failure and problems in the vehicle. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the elements that suffer the most at this time of year.

Braking system


Your vehicle’s brakes are key to protecting your safety while driving. Generally, this element does not present sudden failures, but progressively it can present anomalies due to car wear. It is important that you are attentive to their operation, especially in summer since they are one of the elements that suffer the most from high temperatures.

The pads, acting by friction (on the brake disc or drum), are constantly exposed to the calorific effect and the discs can be warped either by the heat generated by the pressure and friction of the pads or by the outside temperature, reaching even to affect the brake hoses.

The tires

Another element of the vehicle that suffers the most from the heat is the tires. To avoid possible breakdowns or, worse that you get thrown in the middle of the road it is important that you check the condition of the wheels of your vehicle.

Fluid levels

It is also essential to check the fluid level of the vehicle, these can be seriously affected if the car suffers a long exposure to extreme heat. It is imperative that you periodically check the level of the brake fluid, oil, steering fluid, coolant, and fluid to clean the windshield. The level check should be carried out with the engine stopped and cold and on a flat surface. It is also convenient to check the condition of the oil, air, and pollen filters.


In summer, our vehicles reach very high temperatures if they are exposed to the sun for long hours. This can cause the sheet to become very hot and the paint to lose its shine and original color. This situation worsens when dirt, such as dust, pollen, or bird droppings, accumulates on our bodywork as they can cause marks on the paint or you can use a car polishing machine to polish your car.

Air conditioning

It is also important that you check the operation of the air conditioning regularly, even if it is not hot, because if you leave it standing for a long time it may fail when you need it most.

To avoid that the heat affects the paint more than necessary, it is important that you park your vehicle in a garage or somewhere where it does not touch the sun much, or that you put a cover that covers it.

Also, it is highly recommended that you wash it at least once a month, trying not to do it during the hours of maximum sun, and, above all, when drying it, do not do it with the vehicle running because this will make more dirt adhere. But in the current situation, can we take our car to a car wash or wash it ourselves on the street?

Car insurance

Whether you use your vehicle for personal or business purposes, it is highly advisable to secure it from potential unpleasant events that may happen to you on the road. If you are not sure which insurance to choose, it is best to seek car insurance resources on the internet or to ask for expert advice. . Choose car insurance that will provide you with the best coverage for yours, your companions, and your vehicle.

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