Top 5 Best Relaxing Games for Android and iOS

In this fast-paced world, you can relax by playing relaxing games on your phone to get some time off from the stress of daily running and work.

But which iPhone or Android games are best for relaxing? Don’t worry about it because we have found some of the best relaxing games for you. And you can play them on your Android or iOS device.

In this games list, we choose some best free and paid relaxing games for mobile.

Coin Master

Coin Master is a wonderful game. You will also feel a lot of relaxation while playing this game and collecting Daily Coin Master Free Spin.

This game I have been playing for the last 2 years and every time I enjoy this game. So let’s look at some of the future of this game.

Game Features

Coin Master is an online slots machine game. You can link this game to your Facebook and enjoy this game with your friends. You can install this game for free on your Android or any other device.

  • Spin the slot machine with spins and get an attack, raid, and coins.
  • Attack and raid on other villages and steal his coins.
  • Play new events every day, such as Ride Madness, Attack Madness, Viking Quest, and many more.
  • Use pets for more coins and also get other help.
  • Complete card sets and gets new prizes and spins.
  • Upgrade your village building with the help of collected coins and enter a new level.

We are sure you will like the future of this Coin Master Game. So let’s see the next game and its future.

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Hay Day

This Hay Day game is a very popular game. There will be many people who will be playing this game. And will be enjoying the future.

And let’s talk a little bit about this game. This is a farming game. Absolutely relaxing game. You will have a lot of fun playing this game. In addition, the game has been given a 5-star rating by more than 5 million people on the Google Play Store.

Game Features

HeyDay Game is a free game. You can play this game on your Android or iOS devices. And inside these games, you have to buy new machines and build your farm. And you can also buy a Motley Gold Pass to move the farm faster.

  • Go to your farm and buy different machines for production as well as decorate that farm. And also buy new land for the farm.
  • Trade crops and fresh produce with your Facebook friends or others through your roadside shop on the farm.
  • You can complete orders by truck and also by steamboat to get more Star & Coins.
  • Repair your dock and catch the fish from it, and get the diamond by completing the task of catching the new fish outlined in the Fish Book.
  • Build your own town and serve the people in it and meet their needs and also get coins, stars, and prizes from them.

Tell us exactly how you like this game and install the game on your device so that you can relax by playing this game.


Alto’s Odyssey

This game is a wonderful adventure game and my second favorite game. I am 100% sure that this game will help you to relax. To install this relaxing game on your Android phone without wasting any time.

You can also download Alto’s Adventure, another app version of Alto’s Odyssey, into your Android device. This also gives a very good future as well as the joy of a different adventure.

Game Features

This is a very simple skateboard sledding game. New players can play this game easily and for master players, this game is also a bit tricky.

  • Slide the skateboard forward and complete the goals. And set new goals. Turn on game music for relaxation and enjoy Zen Mode.
  • You can play this game through One Touch. That means you can control the game by sliding your limbs up, down, forward and backward on the screen of the mobile.
  • Unlock a unique character, and achieve new goals from the unlocked character’s traits and abilities.

Explore this game more and more, from hills to valleys, explore a rich and varied landscape, hot-air balloons, rotating grind rails, and much more.


LEO’S Fortune

This Leo Fortune game is an adventure award-winning paid game. Inside this game, you have to hunt for thieves who steal gold. The levels of this game are beautifully designed so that people can feel relaxed while playing these levels of Leo’s Fortune.

Game Features

You can buy this game from Google Play Store and install it on your Android device. And you can also invite your friends to play this game.

  • There is a story in this game and in this story you can experience the adventures of different seasons of forests, dry queens, whistles, and Snow Mountains.
  • Solve Total 24 Levels with Trap and Physical Base Puzzle.
  • Unlock the hardcore mode of Leo’s Fortune and complete all levels of the game in this mode without even a single death

The beautiful look of this game will attract you to the game and will also relax your mind while playing. So don’t forget to install this best relaxing game.



Do as much as you can appreciate for this game. Because the game has won more than 100 awards. And this game is a masterpiece. This is a disturbing adventure that you can play and feel a little more relaxed.

Game Features

This game is also paid and you can install this game on your Android device from Google Play Store. And the game has received more than 4.5 star ratings on the Play Store.

  • Baking White, gloomy, yet beautiful graphics and a world of adventure
  • Solve the puzzle with your sharp mind. And enjoy the immersive sound

I urge you to install this Limbo game on your Android or iOS device and experience the adventure of this game.

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We are sure you will like this list of the best relaxing games for Android and iOS. And we hope that you will definitely play one of the games mentioned here. If you are an addicted mobile gamer, we suggest you check our list of best Android games. Also, please share your thoughts and leave us a comment.

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