A Gamers Advice: Must-Have Mobile Gaming Devices and Accessories

Back in the day, we can only play our family multiplayer or single-player games through consoles and desktop computers. When the technology decides to step up its reach, almost everyone can now afford a mobile phone/smartphone. Following this is the development of our favorite games into this handheld device.

You name it: Pokemon Go, PUGB Lite, Call of Duty Warzone, Minecraft, MOBA (a mobile version of the famous League of Legends and DOTA 2), 2k NBA, EA games, PES, Clash of clans, etc. Here you can read more about the best Android games.

These are enjoyable games to play for hours and hours. However, our smartphones are not as comfortable to use compared to consoles and desktop computers. The reason being is because it lacks something, and it is the necessary accessories to make gaming more comfortable.

When talking about consoles, it comes with its handheld controller and a surmountable amount of memory size for maximum (up to 4K HD) gaming experience. Not to mention that you can view it on flat-screen TV plus the great quality soundbars.

While you are playing your favorite games through your monster CPU for gaming, a keyboard, mouse, and headphone set covered with LED lights and a gaming chair with unlimited power supply from direct power output.

There is nothing to worry about because our favorite tech companies will not let the smartphones left behind with the trend in modern gaming. Thus, they made the mobile accessories available in the market for us to experience the best.

Mobile devices and accessories that you need to enhanced your gaming experience

High Specs at an affordable price mobile phones

Of course, the first on the list is the device itself. Though there are several cheap phones in the market, not everything could cope with the gaming experience due to a lack of storage and memory. This is when the pioneering uprising mobile brands come into the light. They made buying high specs mobile devices at an affordable price—almost half of the price of the top brands. Namely:

  • Xiaomi RedMi series
  • Samsung Galaxy A series
  • Asus ROG (this could be considered as the most expensive mobile gaming device)
  • REALME series
  • POCO series
  • Vivo

Most of these are Chinese brands, but we can guarantee that they are the best in the market when it comes to gaming performance, quality, durability, and long battery life.

Mobile headset/earphone/earpiece


While most brand new mobile devices come with its headset, nothing beats a brand that specializes in creating the best sound headsets, earphones, and earpieces in the market. As a gamer, you do not want to miss the crisp sound coming of the game—from the sound of rapid firing and sound effects.

That is why we recommend that you start getting a better headset. We recommend the Betron earphones for the best quality sound gaming experience. The brand can match with high-end brands such as Beats, AKG, JBL, and Bose when it comes to producing a crisp realistic sound.

Moreover, you can also look for other options such as wireless headsets and earpieces if you are willing to pay a premium price.

Wireless joystick controller


Buying a wireless controller may be an option if you are playing games such as Minecraft and other simulation games because they have a simple control system.

You could spend some on a wireless controller if you are playing the best mobile games in the market, such as the Call of Duty Warzone, Mobile Legends Bang Bang, and PUBG Lite. We know that these games have a complex control system. Thus, a wireless controller will help your gaming experience more convenient and realistic too. Most importantly, you will be able to maximize the screen of your mobile device.

Finger sleeve

If you want to scratch out the wireless controller of the list, that is totally fine. You may have a finger sleeve instead. This accessory is designed with anti-sweat fabric to bring you a longer gaming experience. Aside from that, it prevents finger calluses as you have to wear them in both thumb fingers. This is a budget-wise choice than a joystick controller.

Modular joystick

Just like the finger sleeve, this is another budget-friendly choice. It plays the same role as the finger sleeve, but the difference is that you do not have to wear it. You have to stick it through the virtual joystick on the mobile screen, and then it will give you the same experience with a joystick controller.

Wireless power source/power bank


Unlike consoles or desktop computers, mobile devices have a limited battery supply. That is why you need to get your wireless power bank to extend your gaming time. The wireless power bank will give you a comfortable gaming experience compared to wired ones. With its wireless feature, you can move freely in any position that you want comfortably.

Read more: Best power banks for mobile phones

Honorable mentions


VR Headset – buying a VR headset is quite costly, so we prefer this as an optional feature too. At the same time, we can guarantee that it brings your gaming experience to another level.

It is time to bring your gaming experience to another level with these mobile gaming accessories. For more in-depth advice, I recommend that you already read product review articles or the comments coming from the buyers alike.

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