Top 8 Best Archeological Sites near Mexico City

Are you planning to visit Mexico City, and want to explore the culture and history of the nation? If yes then we have compiled the 8 best places to visit near Mexico City which describes and defines the rich culture and history of the nation. The name of the nation, itself has vast influences on the culture around the place. 

Mexico, the place of “maxi” translating to “land of war God” has the best historical sites to offer. Be it cities or landmarks, the nation stands for preserving culture at its best. This place is also famous for one of the most important cultural and financial centers in the world. For travelers, there are many things to see and explore.  

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There are many colonial architectures, spicy cuisine, and iconic artwork that will give you an amazing experience. You can see rich cultural heritage buildings that offer visitors endless activities that will satisfy any tourist. The country has 35 world heritage sites which makes it a perfect destination to be explored by geeks. Here are a few you can explore while visiting the capital city of the country.


Juan Pablo M. Bastida, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

It takes 1.5 hours to reach Tepozteco from Mexico City. Situated in the south of the capital city, Tepozteco offers mountains of Morelos and ruins of Tepozteco. Even with its popularity, the place is rather welcoming. You want to visit this time then check the best available offers on Allegiant Airlines Reservations to visit this place.

It takes a bit of hiking to the mountain but the views from the ruins are worth doing all the hard work. Dedicated to the god of “Pulque” the site is worth exploring by oneself.

Monte Alban


You can travel to Monte Alban which is 9 minutes of driving from Mexico City. The ruins of Zapotec Civilization offer temples, palaces, an observatory, and a half-court. The ruin offers a spectacular view of the mountains and valleys. 

Situated in Oaxaca the ruins contain hieroglyphic inscribed tombs. Being agriculture as well as the political hub around 200 BC the ruins were abandoned due to people migrating. You can also learn more about the history of politics and how ancient politics works.


It is an underrated site that is newly added to the destinations among the tourists. Due to less popularity and being less known among people the place has less crowd which offers solidarity. But being less popular does not make the site any less in offering wonders to your soul. 

It features the five-level round pyramid is you want to see a pyramid then this really a good place for you. You can experience modern architecture with ancient buildings and pyramids here. A few people believe that it is the ancient arrangement of archaic people residing in the valley of Mexico.


The attraction of the city is the la Plaza de Tres Culturas. The site flaunts three important Mexican eras. The pre-Hispanic era is represented by the ruins of Tlatelolco, the most important trade center of Mexico. Additionally, the small museum offers to understand trade relations to villages. You should also visit the view of lovers, the bone remains of two people who died in an embrace.



Known as la Zona Arqueologica de Teotihuacan is a Meso-American city. However, the name of the place means the place where men become Gods. The site also flaunts the pyramids of the Sun and the Moon (las Pirámides del Sol y la Luna). 

Moreover the place has constructions like the Calzada de Los Muertos, el Templo de la Serpiente Emplumada, and la Ciudadela.

Tula de Allende

The ruins of Tula are located in central-eastern Mexican state Hidalgo. It is believed that the ruins are of a temple where ancient people used to worship Venus. If you like to visit remnants and you like vestiges Tula de Allende is the best place for you to visit.

You can see here more than four centuries Tula which is the center of crafts and metalworks. This Tula was famous for many mechanical works with a high share of the military-industrial complex and food manufacturing. You can enjoy and see both things in a single place this place also famous for more things but you need to explore.


This site hosts a museum for the pyramid Pueblos Mágicos of Cholula. The pyramid was also the most voluminous in the world. The stunning Virgin Delos Remedios church is another attraction of the city. 

This place famous for the largest pyramid and the world-famous largest monument ever constructed. Apart from this Cholula also famous for the huge number of pyramids in the world. You love to visit pyramids and geographical buildings then this is the best place for you so call Southwest Airlines Telefono and start your journey.

Templo Mayor

The Templo Mayor is situated in the capital city of Mexico. It inhabits the world-class museum and a few ruins of the former Aztec Stronghold. The Templo Mayor or The Greater Temple (translated from Spanish) which was dedicated to God of rain (Tlaloc) and God of war (Huitzilopochtli) was destroyed during colonial rule.

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