7 Proven Techniques to Increase Your Website SEO Traffic

Not knowing how to get traffic means you couldn’t survive in 2020. Website traffic is basically those visitors that visit your website and get engage with you. The conversion rates get higher with an increase in traffic, but the main question is how to increase the SEO traffic of your Site? Let’s take on the top techniques you can apply in order to increase the SEO traffic of your site.

The website is the only medium through which you can get connected to your targeted audience in the digital world. Building a responsive site and taking web hosting to make it online requires only a few investments. But as you grow your business high traffic becomes the need of your website. No traffic is the sign that shows your SEO isn’t done properly.

Tips on how to increase your website SEO traffic:

1.   Online Advertising

This is a fundamental strategy followed by many top brands to attract the targeted audience to visit and browse their site. Investing in paid advertising in the right way can definitely help you to increase the SEO traffic of your website. You need to use every online medium and effective advertising strategy to obtain the desired results.  

Since paid advertising is extensive, let’s look at the most popular techniques used by experts.

  • Paid Search: This is also referred to as pay-per-click advertising known to be the best technique to list your site ads throughout the search engines. You can specifically show your site ad at the top against the targeted keywords. You can use Google Ads and other PPC platforms that can help you drive 89% incremental traffic.
  • Social Media Ads: You can show your ads on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to get your desired results.
  • Display Ads: This is another way to drive traffic to your site by showing banners, images, text, audio, or video, or other ad formats on various web applications and sites.

2.   Use of Keywords

Keywords play an essential role in increasing the SEO traffic of your website. You need to carefully choose the keywords that are directly relevant to what your targeted customers are looking for online. Remember the density of keywords also matters and stuffing your keywords won’t give you good results.

3.   On-Page/Off-Page SEO

To increase the SEO traffic of your site, placements of keywords matter a lot. You need to place your keywords on meta descriptions, page titles, URL structures, inbounds links, linking root domain, Alt tags, headers and etc. A Local SEO Company can help you to improve your website ranking on search engines.

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4.   Involving with Q/A Sites

Q/A format websites are widely getting organic traffic in this era. One of the well-known websites is Quora which receives more than 200 million traffic every month. You need to get involved in order to increase the SEO traffic of your site. Remember to use backlinks effectively by giving 3-4 line answers to the relevant questions. 

5.   Email Marketing

Email marketing is still the best way to increase traffic to your website. You can retarget your old traffic by sending interesting content. Even side-wide recommendations also work well. A personalized newsletter recommending products that the customer might be interested in based on browsing and purchasing behavior could also work well.

6.   Use Content Explorer Hack

Content explorer hack is an ideal technique to increase the traffic of your website. Content Explorer is basically a searchable database of over a billion web pages used to find out the low-hanging content ideas. You can simply apply referring domains and organic traffic filter to get a list of relevant pages that receives a lot of organic traffic.

7.   Write Guest Posts

Guest post is a helping hand to increase the SEO traffic of your site. From writing a guest post, you can get three significant benefits. One is more referral traffic, the second is increased brand awareness and the last is the more backlinks. You can simply use Google search operators to find guest sites with “write for us” or contributor pages.

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