Best 5 Ways To Improve Your Website Design To Boost Sales

The Ecommerce industry around the world is going from strength to strength and expanding exponentially. That doesn’t, however, mean that if you are assured of success just because you have an eCommerce business. The industry that you are active in, is on a continuous upward trajectory. New Ecommerce websites are coming up on the scene every passing day. Some of them are spirited startups riding high on their never-say-die entrepreneurial ambitions. Backed by multi-million dollar fundings from angel investors.

How to Improve Your Website Design and Boost Sales?

That it’s never been a better time to join the eCommerce bandwagon may be true. But it is also equally true that more eCommerce businesses fail than they succeed. The competition in the industry around the world is ruthlessly competitive. To survive and compete in this environment all Ecommerce business owners must be their smartest at all times. Not all things that you need to do to survive need the infusion of a lot of funds from your end. Sometimes being more appealing to the visitors is as simple as making some changes to your website design. Hence, this piece has been put together to list the best 5 ways to improve your website design to improve sales.

Use Social Share and Follow Buttons

Including social share and follow buttons on your website can help in increasing sales, by increasing the traffic to your website. You are missing out on a lot of social media traffic if you don’t have them on your website already along with a lot of potential leads and sales. The icons of social media websites can be facilitated at select places on your website. This allows the visitors to share your page on the different social media platforms of their choice.

You should make it a point to include icons of some of the most popular social media websites known to mankind today. As some of them have active users in hundreds of millions (Twitter) and well over billions (Facebook and Instagram). It’s very easy and effective to increase the shareability of the content on your web page. More often than not it delivers results for online businesses who have such buttons on their web pages.

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Include Calls-To-Action

Expecting a website to sell more when you don’t have CTA’s on your website to psychologically compel your visitors in doing the same, is pointless. The entire point of having a website is to sell and unless you provide some sort of direction to your visitors. They aren’t likely to put effort into their own. CTA’s fulfill the business owner’s purpose of converting more visitors. Along with making the entire experience very easy and seamless for the visitors. “Add to cart”, “Add to wishlist”, “Buy Now” are some of the most effective CTA’s for eCommerce websites. It’s a very effective tool used by nearly all eCommerce websites that work like magic and succeeds in compelling the visitors to the step that they have been prompted to take.

Cut the Clutter

Keep simplicity at the core of your operations and sooner or later you will be rewarded for the same through higher conversion rates. Some web designers go overboard when you try to make the website visually appealing and as a result. Simplicity goes for a toss. Making life needlessly complex for your visitors. There should only be necessary elements on your page. Unless you want to get on the wrong side of the studies which state that an increase in the number of elements from 400 to 600 on the page, is likely to drop your conversions by 95%.

Try to be aesthetically pleasing without going overboard as the majority is likely to leave your websites and go towards simpler and greener pastures if they yours to be too overwhelming for comfort. Cutting down on the number of web pages. Getting rid of unnecessary features and using more negative space are some of the easiest ways of decluttering your website.

Optimize The Images

Keeping the design simple but still making it visually appealing is v possible when you use high-quality images of your website. These pictures must be sourced professionally and need to be of the highest grade. Since they are going to serve as the visual representation of the products that sell on your platform. Pictures taken from different angles of a product will only increase the confidence of the visitors in the product. As they are more likely to find the product to be a lot more credible.

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Using high-quality images makes you stand out more and visitors have an exalted view of you. Which is going to compel them further in converting sooner than later. In times of the overwhelming options that online shoppers have today. Coupled with their rapidly declining attention spans. It is only imperative for you to have the best visual representations (high-quality photos) accompanied by succinct and catch product descriptions (copy). Customers expect videos and photos to tell them a story rather than having to read lengthy and boring product descriptions.


This has been said before and cannot be said more. That’s why it has been included in our list of the best ways that you can improve your sales. Your website must be mobile-responsive since more people are using their smartphones to shop online than through other devices. Mainly because smartphones are portable and the Internet can be accessed using them – on the Go.

More than 66% of the world’s population has a smartphone. With the numbers rapidly increasing, it hasn’t ever been more imperative for eCommerce companies to optimize their websites to mobile devices. Mobile phones are a lot more manageable and since people are more pressed for time. Most of them don’t prefer getting in front of a computer to make a few searches.

You should make sure that your website is mobile-responsive. Offer the same experience on compact mobile screens that it does on large mobile screens. Simplicity should be at the core of your operations. And your website should be able to load as quickly on a mobile phone as it does on a desktop.

Wrapping Up

Effective website design is integral to increasing sales. Not all changes that you need to make to your web design is going to set you back by an exorbitant amount. Sometimes you just need to be smarter with your time and with the resources at your disposal. Thus, with the help of some very simple and economical aforementioned steps. You should be able to turn your business around and pave the way forward for greater success.

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