Instagram For Business: 15 Leading Practices Must Follow In 2021

There are many to grasp from social media networks, and it stands as an essential part if you need your business or brand to stay consistent. Gaining the practices of social media platforms like Instagram sets your social media presence very high, and also it helps to grow your business in a short period. These words are all about Instagram’s perfect practices for business.

Instagram Engagement

Instagram stands as an advertising hub of social media. According to the research, user engagement on Instagram depends on shares, comments, and likes are about 4.15%, which is 12 times higher than Facebook, 86 times higher than Twitter, and 57 times higher than Pinterest.

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In this quickly developing social media generation, complex challenges are rising even with exciting stats that affect the marketing potential on Instagram. It’s primarily because of decreased rates in user engagement. But still, active advertisers on Instagram are getting ways to boost user engagement.

Being active on social media like Instagram is better than posting your brand or business images and video content. Planning and executing the tremendous practices for Instagram is vital to gaining more users.

A keen understanding of your business and audience are the primary keys to advertise, engage, and promote on Instagram. Before strategize, you must answer the few questions which follow:

  • Who is the audience we are trying hard to reach?
  • What do users like more in our business?
  • How are our niche competitors achieving on Instagram?
  • What strategies of advertising succeeded in the past?

Here are the glorious ways to assure your advertising campaigns progress to victory.

15 Best Tips on How to Use Instagram for Businesses

Always Be Consistent

Businesses and brands want to be active on Instagram to attract more followers and hike engagement rates. 

Many Instagram experts advise us to upload 1-3 posts every day. It makes your feed original and captures more attention from targeted viewers. The exact time to upload on Instagram is also a critical part of the algorithmic timeline on Instagram.

Most successful users on the platform choose around 8 AM – 10 AM or 3 PM – 5 PM for the first post, and the second will be even at 5 AM. This inconsistency leads to considerable confusion for the content planners. 

Instead Of Educating, Tell Interesting Stories

You must grab the audience’s attention via texts, images, and video content. Be an exciting storyteller that includes videos, captions, Instagram profiles, and stories to boost user engagement rates. 

Keep The Strong Value On Brand

Consistency, clarity, and creativity are the three main pillars to develop your business on Instagram. The wrong approach doesn’t work well. 

Interaction with the viewers and followers is the central part of developing brand value. By perfect planning and approach, you can bring up your brand to your target audience on Instagram.

Upload Visually Appealing Feeds On Instagram

If you post visually appealing content, you can get more viewers as Instagram is about perfect visualization. 

Use filters for your images and post candid shots. Please stick to the two or three editing styles and be consistent in them.

Use Trending And Relevant Hashtags

Instagram TV (IGTV), a new Instagram feature, is a great way for promoting budding businesses.  After uploading your stunning content to IGTV, you could get instant IGTV views to boost your content reach and increase your social presence in a short time. It leads to more engagement with your IGTV content. Be sure to add relevant trending hashtags while posting on IGTV.  Avoid using generic hashtags to your IGTV posts such as #Holi, #Summer because your post has to compete with many others. 

Upload UGC(User Generated Content)

UGC is the primary key to every business’s success on Instagram. If the UGC is visually appealing, then user involvement automatically increases. 

Be Active On Instagram Updates And Changes

Instagram is a consistently evolving platform, and you must know when new features, trends, or any updates are releasing. Instagram has added many features such as stories and IGTV in the last couple of years and updated its interface.

Be Data-Driven


Getting yourself where your competitors surround you adds an extra benefit. With the use of many Instagram online tools, you can:

  • Track performance of the post
  • Analyze the trends on Instagram
  • Track hashtag performance and comments
  • Pick the correct influencers
  • Analyze the audience engagement

Typically, you can develop your database to measure and track performance.

Pull Instagram Traffic to Your Website

Instagram traffic helps in boosting your page visits. Increase the traffic with various offers that make the audience click through.

Interact With Micro-Influencers To Make Credible Branding

Nowadays, influencer marketing on Instagram becomes more popular, making businesses and brands work with key influencers to develop their traffic counts and reach a wider audience.

Make Contests On Instagram

The contest is one of the tremendous mechanisms on Instagram. As per reports, contests provide four times more thumbs up and 65 times additional comments than any regular posts.

Use Stories On Instagram Regularly

Instagram stories are the best feature, with 700 million active users every day. And also, there is a high chance of replacing feeds with stories as the main feature. 

Make Use Of Emojis

The Emojis power pulls out the images, especially on Instagram. A report says that 94% of the online audience used emojis more effectively.

Expand your Instagram page on other social networks like Facebook, Telegram, etc. Make sure that you have a clickable link in your respective social networks to your Instagram page.

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Attach CTAs(Call To Action) Wherever Necessary

Followers on Instagram love Instagram ads but make sure that you have converted them into business or brand growth through using a perfect CTA on Instagram.

Summing Up

There are many ways to fail and succeed on Instagram, but a few good Instagram practices help to make your users addicted and happy.

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