Best Free and Paid VPN for Android in 2020

If to speak about the biggest gadget platforms, Android is the one that occupies 82% of the world`s market. It should be noted that the range of free services is becoming wider, and they are becoming more functional. But what kind of service to choose from the entire range provided? If you want high security, good speed, adequate technical support, and all kinds of functionality, we suggest you choose a free Android VPN from the list provided below.

Best Free VPN for Android

Free VPN – Best Free VPN with No Restrictions

From the name itself, it becomes clear that this is a free VPN for Android, which allows you to access any site in the world, regardless of restrictions. The important thing is that it is not just free, but also does not contain advertising. The only thing you will need to do is connect by pressing the appropriate key. It has a simple and intuitive interface, at this time it takes only a few megabytes, which makes it relevant for any gadget. The limitation is that you cannot choose the country of connection, but usually, this is quite enough for most purposes, for example, bypassing the lock and going to Facebook.

Among the key features of Free VPN are:

  • Completely free service and no ads.
  • It works stably and quickly – no restrictions.
  • You cannot select the country of the connection server.

Hola VPN – Best Peer-to-Peer VPN for Android

Hola VPN is a great Android VPN app that provides access to a virtual private network. With the help of Hola VPN, you have the opportunity to bypass any blockages and protect your own data from prying eyes. The application includes traffic tunneling through many countries of the world, there is no advertising, it works great and does not slow down the Internet. Buying a premium account is only at the request of the client himself, you will not get any restrictions without it.

Among the key features of Hola VPN are:

  • Fast application work.
  • Tunneling traffic is provided.
  • Free service without any restrictions.

TOR VPN Android – Best VPN for Torrenting

TOR is a mobile version of the application for the Android OS, which is a complex of virtual tunnels that allows users to safely be online. In the application settings, you have the opportunity to choose the program with which you want to work through this service, so everything works in such a way that you are completely protected on the Internet from any external threats. Works perfectly with Mozilla Firefox, guaranteeing complete anonymity. It will become the best tool for those users who are interested in maintaining their anonymity on the network.

Among the key features of TOR VPN Android are:

  • The complex of tunnels guarantees perfect protection.
  • You can select the program with which you want to work through TOR.
  • Completely free program without ads.

Betternet – Free VPN with Hackers Protections

This service is one of the three programs for safe surfing on the Internet. A distinctive feature is that the service works using end-to-end encryption technology, due to which you will be protected from hackers. The developers made the application free with no traffic limits but be prepared for annoying ads.

Among the key Betternet features are:

  • The application includes advertising from sponsors.
  • It is one of the TOP apps in the Google Play store.
  • It provides end-to-end encryption for strong protection against hackers.

Best Paid VPN for Android

NordVPN – Overall Best, Secure, and Unlimited VPN for Android

This is a modern VPN service for Android, which has a lot of advantages compared to its opponents. It has a dual VPN system that will pass all your data through two separate servers, which will provide double protection. It does not maintain user activity logs, so the provider will not be able to monitor your activity on the network. Despite such a high efficiency of the application, they managed to maintain a stable and secure interface. It features high performance and there are no restrictions.

Among the key features of NordVPN are:

  • Free trial only.
  • Double protection of your data.
  • Simple and intuitive interface.

As you can see, the developers offered their users a fairly wide range of services for safe surfing on the Internet. But what kind of VPN to choose for Android is your own business? You need to consider your own goals and preferences. But remember that you need to give preference only to the best, otherwise there is a high risk of losing valuable information. Earlier, we already considered with you why you need to trust only paid VPN services.

TunnelBear -Virtual Private Network & WiFi Proxy

This is one of the most popular VPN services designed for the Android operating system. It has a stylish design, an intuitive interface, and guarantees high speed. Although this is the best VPN for Android, you won’t be able to use it for free for a long time – traffic is limited to 500 MB per month. If you spend much more, then you will need to buy a premium version or choose some other of the services provided by us.

Among the key features of TunnelBear are:

  • Servers are represented in 20 countries.
  • High speed.
  • 256-bit encryption.

Windscribe – Best VPN for Netflix

Unlike the previous version, the Windscribe service offers the user up to 10 GB of traffic per month with free use. The built-in ad blocker allows the user not to be distracted by annoying ads or pop-ups. We attributed this service to the best VPN applications for Android for the reason that it can connect to Netflix, but the speed may not be enough for a comfortable video viewing. 

Among the key features of Windscribe are:

  • Free 10 GB of traffic per month.
  • High-level data encryption.
  • Installed built-in browser.

Once you spend free traffic, instead of Netflix you can use Kodi to watch movies online and the best Kodi alternatives.

    ProtonVPN – Best Secure VPN

    A well-known application that has recently appeared on the domestic market. It was released by the creators of the ProtonMail service, so there is no doubt about the reliability and quality of the application. It should be noted right away that this VPN for Android has limited speed in the free version. This does in order to encourage users to buy a paid subscription. In general, even with limited service, it is enough to solve standard tasks.

    Among the key features of ProtonVPN are:

    • It can work with servers of three countries.
    • Traffic is absolutely unlimited.
    • Logs are not saved, which makes them safe.

    FinchVPN – Free and Premium VPN

    Already in the free version of this VPN for Android, PPTP and OpenVPN protocols are provided, so the service can reliably encrypt your traffic, due to which network operators will be as safe as possible. At the same time, free subscribers can rely solely on limited traffic – 3 gigabytes per month and access will only be to free servers. For a standard user, 3 GB of traffic is enough for standard purposes. But if you want to watch videos online, then you better choose a different service or buy a paid subscription.

    Among the key features of FinchVPN are:

    • Reliable OpenVPN protocol that guarantees maximum security.
    • Provides 3 GB of traffic for free.
    • Pretty high connection speed

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