Why Customer Reviews are so Important for eCommerce?

E-commerce refers to the transfer of money and products online using the Internet. Any commercial transaction that happens through the Internet comes in E-commerce.

The buying and selling of products and other services on the Internet are pretty standard these days. This online buying and selling started in the early 1990s, and the first online sale was of a CD. Roughly more than 100,000 companies are working online and generating revenue of more than 4 Trillion dollars.

We can go on and on about the ease of business and ease of purchasing through the Internet and also about the benefits of E-commerce SEO, but there are a lot of downsides to it too.

Importance of Customer Reviews for E-commerce


There are several reasons that 90% of all the new companies flop in a few months.

  • You need to develop trust.
  • If someone has built a store, invested in it, and you can go and visit it, trust is already there, but for the online business, it is not that simple.
  • Online business is not as credible as others.
  • A lot of competition.
  • Delivery problems and time is taken by the product to come into the hands of the customer.
  • Shipment costs.
  • Above all, customers are often not sure because they can only see the product and can’t touch it.

So, there must be something that can help with these setbacks. Customer reviews are the thing!!!

The first thing you need to build for E-commerce is trust. The customer reviews do this job. Research shows that 95% of online customers review the previous comments before buying something. The good and bad comments are seen by maximum customers to analyze the credibility of the seller. It doesn’t matter what the seller writes about his product. People will not buy until they see the testimonials of other customers.

These are the Benefits That You Get From Customer Reviews

Urges the customer to buy

When you see a lot of good comments and reviews about a product, an urge develops automatically to buy it, meaning a higher conversion rate. Even if you don’t need the product, you are stimulated to buy it.

Builds trust with positive customer reviews

When going through a product online, customers cannot just trust the seller’s word. He needs to listen to good things about the product from other people. If he sees that a lot of people have given the product a good rating and passed positive compliments, trust gets built automatically.

Repeat customers

Many sellers lose their customers because the customers cannot connect with the seller in a way that could satisfy them. Reviews give the customers a place where they can publically say about the product and trust me, people like that. Once you develop such relation with the regular customer, he often becomes a repeat customer.

Make you appear more on the Search Engines

The more published words you have regarding something, the more chances are there that you will get traffic. Reviews answer many problems, so they produce more opportunities for you to get more customers. Search Engine considers these relevant words from your customers and helps optimize your website’s SERPs.

Let you know about the product with customer feedback

Sometimes the product is not that good as you were expecting it to be. You need to act quickly so that you may not lose customers. The credibility is not just made with one product, so you have to be sure about all of them. Customer feedback in the form of a bad review helps you look at the product from their perspective which helps you to not only refine the product for newer buyers but lets you showcase the changes to your current customers.

Let you take customers in confidence

Repeat customers are significant for online businesses. Customers become regular repeat customers only if they have some sort of connection with you. You have to make them feel special if you want to earn from them. Customer reviews are a good option for taking them in confidence, and you may reply to them regarding some problems and ultimately earn more.

These are only a few things that show the importance of customer reviews for E-commerce. If you don’t want to fail in this field, trust me, you want customer reviews for your products.

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