Guide on How to Get More Views on Vimeo Videos?

Vimeo lately has become one of the most preferred video hosting platforms. Many professionals use them for uploading their creative content. It’s a completely clean, organized, and most appealing platform mostly similar to YouTube but not ad-driven. Vimeo stands as one of the fiercest competitors of YouTube and boasts a broad audience.

The 6 Most Important Steps to get More Vimeo Views

So coming to tips that can boost hits or views on Vimeo video:

Concrete on Video Concept

The first and foremost thing I would like to focus on is shareable content. No matter how great a project is, it won’t do good online if it’s not shareable. To give a good push to the project online, make sure your content and concept are web-friendly, original, and unique. Well goes the saying, “Concept is the king“, so an exciting and well-framed idea is the cornerstone of success. 

Have More Vimeo Views with Eye-Catching Thumbnails

While selecting thumbnails, make sure that it is informative and eye-catching. This will first come to the sight of the visitor. So, it has to be very much attractive such that they can stop themselves from visiting the video and might even go for a like/comment.

The thumbnail can either have a strong visual with the title or can be text depending on the content. It should depict the necessary information and should not be overcrowded with irrelevant things. 

Create Impressive Description of Vimeo Videos

Once a thumbnail is decided, next comes the attention to the sales pitch to be delivered to the viewers. The opening sentence has to cherry-pick the gems from the overall concept and raise the interest of the viewers.

It is also advisable to insert links to blogs, Facebook pages, which can create interest in people about the project.

Finding Relevant Groups

Unlike YouTube, Vimeo has a “playlist-like” feature that can help promote the content to selected or targeted audiences. Vimeo groups are like channels centered around a particular niche.

Once the video is ready, just with a click, populate it to all the relevant groups/collections you have chosen to grab the immediate attention of viewers. Social media promotion can play a significant role in driving the audience to the video page. Share the video offline through this tool or on every social media platform to draw the attention of regular visitors and ensure they land on the video page with excellent captions.

Encourage the viewers or influencers to embed the video on their sites and invite more audiences to the page. One of the best-tried methods of marketing lies in the hands of influencers. They can get the video more exposure to their social media coverage. One can reach out to similar sites and blogs that may show interest in sharing the video.

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Earn a Vimeo Staff Pick

Vimeo provides an extremely cool feature called Staff pick, which enjoys many benefits. The staff picks up the best video, and they are telecast in custom channels. These videos get a special badge to grab more attention from viewers.

These are further nominated in the best of the month, the best of the year, and the best of the decade feature. Professionals got to put the nose to the grindstone to earn the Vimeo staff pick. The designated team for the staff picks judges every element very minutely.

The sound and music play the utmost role in selection. High-quality video is a must, along with script, graphics, and concept.

Vimeo Marketing Tools

Vimeo has few paid plans which have several advantageous features for users. There are four different types of programs available to professionals. They can either go for :

  • Plus plan – $7/month and provides the ability to add privacy controls, customize the video player, and allows automatic distribution of content to social media channels by linking them directly. It will enable you to embed playlists as well. The plus plan provides unlimited player bandwidth and ad-free videos. Also, it helps in designing custom end screens and gives a cool feature to protect the video with a password and share it with a private link. 
  • Pro plan – $20/month. Gives all features of plus projects with more storage limits and team member access. It provides detailed analytics with engagement rates. Pro plan also provides a platform to sell videos. It gives access to video version histories and mini portfolio sites.
  • Business plan – $50/month and lifts the bar on weekly uploads. It allows us to link google analytics to the account and allows ten team members access. The business plan will enable marketing software integrations by providing access to Vimeo API.
  • Premium plan – $75/month. It gives all the above features with live streaming facilities extra. 

There are some extremely cool features that can make your video go viral. Thus, increase your traffic to a great extent if Vimeo marketing tools are used efficiently. 

Marketing is an essential tool to keep the business growing. There’sThere’s Appsally, which helps you outrank your competitors. They have expertise in increasing your rank on Vimeo, which increases views, likes, comments, shares, and reflects even a more substantial online presence.

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