The 20 Best Unique Places in Europe to Visit This Autumn

The Old Continent is rich in culture, nations, and linguistic diversities. It is full of beautiful tourist places that are visited by thousands of tourists from all over the world every day. Besides the most popular and visited countries like France, Spain, Italy, and the UK, there is also a high number of hidden gems. Only those more experienced tourists know that there are plenty of unique and underrated places to visit in Europe. Such places can be a real surprise, to take your breath away and fascinate you.

Europe can be beautiful in autumn, so our advice is to choose this time of year for your trip. Before determining the place of your trip, you need to explore some of the lesser-known places. This time we did some research with travel experts instead and found some of the best unique places you should visit.

Before you start planning your trip this fall we also recommend reading about the best travel accessories and useful travel hacks.

Top 20 Unique Places in Europe to Visit This Fall

Prague, Czech


The capital of the Czech Republic belongs to one of Europe’s most fascinating destinations and fall is the perfect time to visit this medieval city of a hundred spires. Prague is less crowded these days and besides beautiful fall colors, you can also enjoy the festival of lights – Signal Festival. It’s held annually in October and you can see the lighting installations in streets and public spaces across the city, including famous historical landmarks.

If you are looking for must-see spots, head off to the Royal Route starting at the Prague Castle, which is the largest historical Castle complex in Europe. The complex includes also the St. Vitus Cathedral, one of the most richly endowed cathedrals in central Europe. Then, continue down to the Charles Bridge – the historical stone bridge decorated with 30 Baroque statues, which is another symbol of Prague.

On the other side of the river, you will find the Old Town, where you can see the Old Town Hall with the famous Astronomical Clock. Other popular sites are also the Jewish Quarter with Spanish Synagogue and Old Jewish cemetery, the dominant of the Old Town Square – the Church of our Lady before Týn (Týnský chrám), Wenceslas Square, and National Museum.

If you are a fan of historical cities, plan at least 3 days to stroll romantic cobblestone streets with Gothic and Renaissance buildings. And remember – Prague is not the only beautiful place worth visiting, there are also other amazing places to visit in the Czech Republic.

Suggested by Adriana Plotzerová, Czech the World

Vienna, Austria


Vienna is an incredible European city that’s especially beautiful during the fall. It’s an incredible place to discover history, music, and culture. Vienna was the city that inspired Mozart, Beethoven, and Sigmund Freud.

You can spend a weekend in Vienna, or a whole week. There’s so much to explore, and it really depends on how interested you are in visiting museums. Vienna offers a wealth of museums, green spaces, and dining opportunities. It’s an easily walkable city, and many residents speak English.

During Autumn in Vienna, be sure to catch the Wiener Wiesn Fest. There’s live music, local beer & tasty food. There’s also an annual Gin Festival every fall in Vienna. Not to mention, the colors on the trees change color beautifully. You can also expect cool, but relatively mild, temperatures in Vienna during Autumn. They range between 40 – 70° F.

Vienna is also a romantic city for couples. There are many beautiful palaces and gardens to explore. Most notably, the Schönbrunn Palace and the Habsburg summer residence.

You can also sample the famous Viennese Saher Torte at a cafe, or taste delicious local wines from the nearby Wachau Valley. The Wiener Schnitzel is an ethnic dish you must try.

If you have extra time in Vienna, the nearby town of Hallstatt is like a dream out of a fairy tale!

Suggested by Valentina, Valentina’s Destinations

Warsaw, Poland


Warsaw, the capital city of Poland, is one of the best destinations in Europe for visiting in autumn. The fall colors that you will find on the streets and parks due to foliage adds to the beauty of the city, making the places mystically alluring to the travelers. 

I traveled to Warsaw in November when autumn was in full swing and thoroughly enjoyed the weather. I’d recommend spending at least two days in the city, which will give you time enough to cover the highlights, if not getting in deeper. There are also plenty of day trips from Warsaw that you can take if you have a few more days or intend to explore the city breaks too.

Among the top attractions is the Royal Route, which passes through many landmarks leading to the old town square, which is the heart of the city. On the way, you can visit the Royal Palace, Nicolas Copernicus Museum, and then climb the top of St. Anne’s Church tower to get a bird view of the town. 

If you love museums, visit the Museum of Warsaw, which houses collections of the city’s history spanning over 1400 years. Also, check out the Warsaw Uprising Museum and the Museum of the History of Polish Jews, both huge buildings having extensive collections about the rebellion and the history of the Jews in Europe. Explore the Praga district, which is known for hipster streets, graffiti, and pretty cafes.

In the evenings, stroll through Skaryszewski Park to admire the autumn colors. Also, take a boat trip on the Vistula river, which passes through vibrant neighborhoods and admire the views of the skyline of the city. 

Suggested by Reshma Narasing, The Solo Globetrotter

Budapest, Hungary


Traveling to Budapest is a great idea all year long, however, if you want to experience the city in a more special way you should visit the Hungarian capital in the autumn. While the summer is usually hot and every place is overcrowded with tourists, the autumn is much more enjoyable with thinner crowds and cooler temperatures. Not to mention that the colorful leaves give a really unique vibe to the city!

You can cover all the must-see spots in just a weekend in Budapest but if you have more time you can easily spend weeks in the city without getting bored. If you’re looking for the best views in Budapest, you should visit the Fisherman’s Bastion, a fairytale looking fortification on the Buda Side. Since this is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city it’s better to go there for sunrise to have the place all to yourself. The Citadel on top of the Gellért Hill is another great viewpoint where you can get a panoramic view of the city.

Budapest is famous for its thermal baths and it’s a really unique experience to relax in the hot spring waters while the weather is already cold outside. The Széchenyi Thermal Bath is the most popular choice amongst tourists but the Gellért Thermal Bath and the Rudas Thermal Bath are also worth visiting. 

The traditional Hungarian dishes are quite heavy but there is nothing better to sit inside a cozy restaurant and have a hearty meal like a gulash soup or a stuffed cabbage. Don’t forget to try the famous Hungarian alcoholic drink, pálinka! The alcoholic content is between 37-86% so it will definitely warm you up in the cooler autumn weather.

Suggested by Kriszti, She Wanders Abroad

Bruges, Belgium


Bruges in the autumn is magical. The large tourist groups have disappeared, and the falling leaves and empty streets let you discover this medieval UNESCO heritage city to the fullest.

Bruges might as well be one of the most popular cities in Belgium. With the little streets, amazing chocolate stores, and lace shops you are transported back into the middle ages.  Take a little boat ride to glide through the Bruges canals or drink a beer at Bourgogne de Flandres if you want to enjoy the views on an empty terrace next to the water.

Those who are a fan of museums can head to the Groeninge Museum or even visit the Madonna with Child by Michelangelo (yes – THE Michelangelo) which can be found in the Church of our Lady.

If you are a fan of panorama’s you should climb the Bruges Belfort – or you can visit the many chocolate shops if you’d rather eat calories than burn them.

True – Bruges can be incredibly busy. Busloads of people on a 2 week trip through Europe stop off in Bruges for a 2-hour tour. But autumn is overall very calm and prices can significantly drop. I would recommend – however, that you don’t spend the night in Bruges. You can see the whole of Bruges in a day after which it is smart to travel through to Antwerp or Ghent as hotel prices are lower, food and drink are cheaper and they are both cities that are incredibly beautiful (and massively underrated!).

Suggested by Lieze Neven

Istanbul, Turkey


Istanbul is one of the world’s greatest cities. Like all great cities, it represents a cultural melange that comes only from generations and generations of people mixing – here, from across Europe, Asia, and the Middle East and with more recent additions from all the rest of the world. IT has everything travelers could want from a city break: exceptional food, limitless layers of history, easily navigable by foot or public transportation, and excellent connections to the rest of the world.

Start with a day in Sultanahmet, the neighborhood of epic architectural and religious achievement. The Sultanahmet Mosque (colloquially known to tourists as the ‘Blue Mosque’) and Hagia Sophia stand directly across a small park from one another – two of Eurasia’s great religious spaces side by side. Duck underground into the Basilica Cistern, a Byzantine reservoir decorated with columns that disappear into the cavernous darkness. Browse the Grand Bazaar, an Ottoman-era covered market that spans over 30,000 square meters.

Continue on your second day to Taksim Square – the modern heart of the city – walking down the busy Istiklal pedestrian street alongside major shopping outlets and historic churches and embassies to reach the Galata neighborhood. Climb the Italian-era Galata Tower for views over the city, or continue down to the waterfront and across the Galata Bridge for fresh grilled-fish sandwiches from the floating restaurants at Eminonu on the far shore.

Spend a third day in the city on a boat trip to the Princes’ Islands – car-free getaways just in beyond the mouth of the Bosphorus – or ferry across to the Asian side of Istanbul for the markets and hip cafes of the Moda neighborhood, along with water-level views of the monuments of Sultanahmet.

Istanbul has so much to explore that you’ll always leave with something unexplored, whether from a first visit or a fortieth and like all the world’s greatest cities you’ll want a little more.

Suggested by Stephen,

Krakow, Poland


Krakow in southeastern Poland is one of Poland’s largest cities.  It is increasingly becoming a popular destination and more so in the autumn when the weather is perfect and school resumes, allowing or shoulder season tourists to enjoy everything the city has to offer. Krakow itself is a gem.  The city center has Europe’s largest square and within it, a cloth hall called Sukiennice.  Sukiennice is now a place where tourists can see dozens of shops set up selling traditional Polish souvenirs, amber jewelry, clothing, and many artisan items.  Around the square, there are hundreds of restaurants and cafes that offer spectacular Polish food.  There is a great castle called Wawel Royal Castle which also contains a chamber where there are tombs of former kings of Poland.  It is best to get a tour to fully understand the significance of the castle.  Nearby, the dragon’s cave awaits as visitors climb down steep steps to walk through the mystical cave of a legendary dragon.

Not far from Krakow are some well-known places to visit. This includes Wieliczka Salt Mine and Auschwitz-Birkenau, the most famous concentration camp in Poland.  Both are easily accessible from Krakow and many tour companies take visitors there for low prices.  Auschwitz should be a full day, as there are two camps, though the majority of tours tend to occur in one camp.  The sobering tour is historically significant and an experience that one should have in order to fully understand the role that Poland and its people had during the war.

Wieliczka Salt Mine is deep underground and can only be accessed with tor as well.  Going deep into the Earth is a different experience and well worth the day trip if visiting Krakow.

Suggested by Diana,



Think of the best places to visit in autumn in Europe, and not naming Zurich would be almost a sin. 2 days in Zurich is enough to enjoy a vacation in Zurich in autumn. It is the season when most of the trees are full of beautiful changing leaves and bursting in harvest colors. But if you want to see the best fall colors in Zurich look at the Swiss mountains which have their own autumn splendor with bright red blueberry bushes. 

Generally, the fall colors are the best in the middle of October, but it can vary as early snow can block some areas to access. Apart from enjoying the fall colors, there are plenty of things to do in Zurich in autumn. 

Stroll along the Lake Zurich promenade, one of the most romantic places in Zurich. You can also take a cruise on the lake and get a chance to view the National Museum, the old town, the Zurichhorn, and other historical sites.

The beech trees are very colorful in October. Go for a walk in a local forest and enjoy the scenery and nature around you. 

Take a bath in the thermal Swiss spa in Zurich. Enjoy the stunning view of the city from the rooftop while indulging in a thermal spa.

Don’t miss the chance to taste the traditional Swiss food Fondue and hot chocolate in a cozy cafe or restaurant.

Suggested by Trijit Mallick, Budgettravelbuff

Plitvice, Croatia


One of the most colorful and scenic places to visit in Europe for fall time is Plitvice National Park in Croatia. Not only is this park spectacular to visit with all its autumn splendor, but most of the tourist crowds are gone so you get two bonuses for visiting the park at this time frame.

You’ll definitely have to time it well since the colors around the fall timeframe changes depending on the change in weather patterns. But it is a fantastic time to visit with fewer crowds fighting to get rides on the trollies. Walking through the boardwalks through the waterfall trails from top to bottom in the park.

The best way to explore is definitely taking the trolley system up to the top of the park. Walking down the boardwalks through the waterfall areas and then boarding a ferry to enjoy the lake and fall landscapes through this magnificent scenery. You’ll also enjoy hiking to the top for a panoramic view of the entire park area at the end of the boat launch. Staying at the park is also easier with many lodge options that are more available during the fall season which does accommodate the fall visitors in the park. check out my post on visiting Plitvice National park in fall here for more inspiration for planning a visit to the area.

Suggested by Noel Morata.

Valletta, Malta


The capital of Malta is certainly a spectacular destination to visit year-round. But right after summer, when the temperatures cool down and the tourist masses abandon the island you can enjoy Valletta even more.

Valletta is one of the smallest capital cities in the world which means you don’t really need a lot of time there. You could see everything on an intense day trip from anywhere else in the country. But you could also spend several days here and never get enough. After all, the city as a whole is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. In order to give yourself enough time to not rush through things, you should stay at least two days.

Perhaps the most well-known thing to see in Valletta is St. John’s Co-Cathedral, an absolutely breathtaking church with one of the most striking baroque interiors. But the Basilica of Our Lady of Mount Carmel is an equally spectacular church to visit.

What will make you fall in love with Malta most is almost certainly going to be its architecture? Valletta is one of the best places to see the gorgeous windows, doors, and balconies that are so characteristic of Maltese architecture. Just a stroll through the quaint alleys of Malta’s capital will have you marvel at dozens of different brightly colored details. Plus, the pretty and unique door knockers.

To learn about Valletta’s impressive history go and see the Malta Experience and make sure to get a ticket that includes entry to the infirmary. This was at one time the most modern hospital in all of Europe.

Don’t miss out on the magical atmosphere at both the Lower and Upper Barrakka Gardens. They provide a fantastic view of the Mediterranean Sea and make for great photo ops as well.

Suggested by Nina, Lemons and Luggage

Antwerp, Belgium


Ah, Antwerp. One of the most underrated cities in Belgium! It’s honestly quite hard choosing a city in Belgium to travel to in autumn. There are so many beautiful gems: Bruges, Brussels, Ghent, Liege, Antwerp… all in such a small country.

But being from Antwerp myself, I would always recommend my hometown? Why? Because Antwerp offers something for everyone.

In autumn you will often still have fine weather in Antwerp (the region is slightly warmer than the rest of Belgium) while there won’t be many tourists muddling about.

Antwerp is the perfect city for people who love food, history, fashion, shopping, day drinking… (yeah no – it is actually socially acceptable to drink a beer after 11 am in Belgium) of just want to have a nice relaxed weekend in a lush and beautiful city.

I would recommend visiting the Cathedral to see the works of Rubens and later on head to the Rubens House to see how this world-famous painter lived. Afterward, you can sit down and relax at one of the many little cafes and pubs where you can order a coffee or a local craft beer.

Another great museum is the Plantijn Moretus Museum – my personal favorite. It is an old printing house where some of the world’s most famous thinkers and scientists of the 16th and 17th centuries would gather.

Shopping in the Fashion City of Antwerp

If you like shopping you can shop till you drop in the world-renowned fashion district. You can find anything from the smallest little fashion student (there is a famous fashion academy in Antwerp) to Louis Vuitton, Paul Smith, Longchamps, Dolce&Gabana, and other luxury shops. If you are more into Vintage you can head to the Kloosterstraat where you will find loads of small vintage and antique shops.

All in all, Antwerp offers something for everyone and I would not be surprised if you would fall in love with this magnificent historical city.

Suggested by Lieze Neven, Hotels in Paris

Tbilisi, Georgia


If you’re searching for the perfect European autumn destination, then you really can’t go wrong with Tbilisi, Georgia. The ideal city to visit if you want to save money while avoiding large amounts of tourists common in other European destinations.

As the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi has a lot to offer visitors including many interesting things to do. There are countless historical sites, an eclectic Old Town, a gorgeous and expansive botanical garden, and a sprawling open-air flea market where you can browse for antiques and Soviet relics. There are also numerous interesting neighborhoods to stay in Tbilisi that will surely give you a good flavor for the city.

Autumn in Georgia’s capital is a particularly good time to visit as the weather tends to be very mild and pleasant, with the capital holding onto summer’s warmth well into October. Autumn is also the season for grape harvest in Georgia with Tbilisi and many other nearby towns celebrating the 8,000-year-old tradition of winemaking in Georgia. 

All in all, if you’re looking for the perfect Autumn destination in Europe, Tbilisi is a good bet.

Suggested by Maggie Turansky, The World Was Here First

Switzerland’s Jungfrau Region


When the snow melts and the temperatures start to rise in autumn, one of the best destinations to visit is the Jungfrau Region in Switzerland.  This mountainous region offers a host of things to do for both the thrill-seeker and those who prefer a more relaxed style of vacation.

The region’s main town is Interlaken, which is ideally located between two lakes and at the foot of the Bernese Alps.  Known as the adventure capital of Europe, Interlaken is a great destination if you are interested in adrenaline-pumping activities. Paragliding, skydiving, and bungy jumping are just a few of the adventure sports available.

Most folks, however, visit the Jungfrau Region to enjoy its natural beauty and a day trip to one of the towering mountain peaks is the ideal way to appreciate the scenery.

Excursions to Jungfraujoch Top of Europe and Schilthorn Piz Gloria are two of the most popular mountain peaks to visit and both can be reached year-round, making them ideal for autumn visitors.

From late Autumn, Interlaken’s own mountain Harder Kulm can be visited by funicular. It’s just a 10-minute ride to the summit from where there are stunning views over Lake Thun and Lake Brienz.

In Interlaken itself, there are plenty of things to keep you occupied, too.  From a casino to wellness centers, a chocolate shop that offers chocolate-making workshops, and shopping galore, there really is something for everyone in Interlaken and the Jungfrau Region.

You could easily spend a week in the region as there’s so much to do but if you don’t have that long, I recommend you allow at least two full days to give you a good taste of the area.

Suggested by Carolyn, Holidays to Switzerland



Although next autumn is still far away – and the mobility that we will enjoy in Europe at that point is uncertain, in a normal world one of the best destinations for this season would be Montenegro, on the Balkan peninsula.

Its location in southern Europe and bathed by the Adriatic Sea makes its temperatures at this time very pleasant. On the other hand, the largest tourist hordes are mostly concentrated in summer – due, among other things, to the many festivals and party spots it has by the sea such as Budva – so touring this country in the fall is a great idea for everyone looking to enjoy the country without the crowds.

One of the best ways to do so, thanks to its fairly small size, is to take a week or 10-day Montenegro road trip. The gorgeous Bay of Kotor and its unique villages, and some of the jewels of the Adriatic such as Sveti Stefan, Bar, Ulcinj, and Petrovac should not be missed. Neither should Skadar lake and Durmitor, two of the incredible natural parks that the country has in store for landscape lovers. Enjoy! Montenegro has a lot to offer the visitor.

Suggested by Inma Gregorio, A World to Travel

Gdansk, Poland


Gdańsk is one of the cheapest European city destinations, as well as one of the most pretty and colorful. While many people haven’t heard of this Polish city, it should definitely be on your radar for food, architecture, and history.

Things to do include wander Dlugi Targ, translating as Long Market. Here you can see many colorful houses with carved gargoyles and other details. You can also go shopping for affordable amber on Mariacka Street where almost every shop sells affordable amber jewelry. Finally, don’t forget to visit St Mary’s Church where you can climb the tower and soak up a panoramic view of Gdansk on a clear day.

Gdańsk has historical importance as it’s where the Germans first attacked in WWII, something you can learn about at the Old Post Office. You can also head to the European Solidarity Centre to learn about the fall from communism.

To balance out the serious history, you can let your hair down at one of the many bars including Josef K, compete with quirky interiors, and £1 beers. If you need yet more reasons to visit Gdańsk, the hearty cuisine deserves a mention. Try pierogi dumplings and other potato dishes at Pyra Bar.

Suggested by Rose Munday, Where goes Rose

The Albanian Alps


In the North of Albania, you will find a stunning mountain range known as the Albanian Alps. While this mountain range is undoubtedly beautiful at any time of the year. The most magical time of the year to visit this region must be autumn when the forestation change color from dark green to a deep orange, yellow, and red.

The views over the mountain range are absolutely incredible during this time of the year and while the nights are cold sunny days make for perfect hiking conditions even as late in the year as Mid-October. One of the main reasons many people come to this area is to hike the Valbona to Theth hike. The Valbona to Theth hike offers some of the most scenic views through fairytale-like forests, along small ice-cold rivers and all the way up to the Valbona pass where hikers will be greeted with a stunning view over both the Valbona as well as the Theth valley. 

While this hike is one of the most beautiful hikes in the Albanian Alps avid hikers might want to add an extra couple of days in the mountains to visit the Blue Eye, a stunning natural phenomenon on the Theth side of the mountains, or consider taking the Komani Lake Ferry, Albania’s most beautiful ferry ride, back to Shkoder on the Valbona side of the valley. No matter if you plan to visit the Albanian Alps for a day or three or a full week, it will undoubtedly be an unforgettable experience.

Suggested by Odette Haye

Sighnaghi, Georgia


Sighnaghi is another small city of the Kakheti region to visit in autumn. Located 1:30hrs drive from Tbilisi, the city is frequented by many tourists as a day trip from Tbilisi. Featuring colorful houses with wooden-carved balconies, and narrow cobblestone streets, it surely is a charming city to visit. 

Nestled on the steep hill, Sighnaghi is one of the oldest towns of Georgia which used to be a fortified city surrounded by a 4km long wall. The name “sighnaghi” derives from Turkish and means “shelter”. 

Established in the 13-14th century by King Erekle II, the town overlooks Alazani Valley with magnificent Caucasus mountains on its background. Get lost in the narrow streets of Sighnaghi, walk on the small part of the city wall for fantastic views of the surrounding landscape and visit the museum to see some of the finest artworks of famous Georgian artists of the 20th century – Niko Pirosmani. 

When you get hungry head to Pheasant’s Tears restaurant to have delicious, seasonal, and healthy Georgian cuisine. The venue is owned by the natural wine company of the same name, so make sure to pair one of their flavorful and rich qvevri (clay jars Georgian traditional wine is made in) wine to your meal. Don’t worry if you don’t know what to order, highly trained staff is here to help you. 

Suggested by Baia Dzagnidze



One of my favorite places to visit in autumn in Iceland. You can find the same great waterfalls, black sand beaches, and quirky museums, but sans crowds. In September is still the beginning of the shoulder season so there are still some crowds, but Iceland in October is not too cold yet the tourist numbers are way down. 

You’ll definitely want to start in Reykjavik, Iceland’s hip capital. I’d suggest basing yourself here since many areas of the country are closed by October. If you base yourself in the city, you can take day trips out to places like Vik without risking traveling in hazardous weather. If you rent a car, just make sure you’re aware of road conditions on the Ring Road.

In Reykjavik, make sure to see Hallgrimskircha, Harpa Concert Hall, and shopping on Laugavegur, Reykjavik’s hottest shopping street. Some other highlights outside the city you shouldn’t miss are the Golden Circle tour, Skogafoss waterfall, and the beaches of Reynisfjara. 

Of course, you’ll probably want to see Iceland’s famous horses as well! 

I would suggest spending at least a week in Iceland to really get to enjoy both Reykjavik and the best of the region, but if you have less time you can still see a lot in four or five days. 

Suggested by Stephanie Craig, Travel Writer & Podcaster

Tallinn, Estonia


Tallinn in Estonia offers a perfect combination of Scandinavian cool, medieval charm, and Eastern European hospitality. It is a great destination for an eco-conscious traveler and is especially a lovely destination in the Fall. 

Fall offers a pleasant balance of warm weather, longer daylight hours, and a beautiful landscape. Plus, the trees take on an explosion of color.

If it is your first time in Tallinn don’t miss wandering around the Old Town. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is extremely well preserved and oozes medieval charm. Visit Old Town Square, Masters Courtyard, and the Patkuli Viewing Platform along the Old Town Wall. 

For a taste of local life or for a great meal head to Baltic Station Market. The vendors sell everything from home goods and produce to antiques. Plus there are a plethora of food trucks and food vendors dishing out delicious Estonian and International fare. 

Art enthusiasts will love visiting Telliskivi Creative City, a creative neighborhood and former industrial complex with unique shops and eateries. It’s a favorite hangout spot for hipsters.

We would recommend you spend no less than 2-3 days in the city. However, if you want to explore a little further and visit nearby attractions like Lahemaa National Park or Pirita Beach, peg on a couple of extra days or weeks! You won’t regret it. 

Suggested by sustainable travel bloggers Oksana & Max,m Drink Tea & Travel.

Telavi, Georgia


Telavi is the central city of Georgia’s eastern region of Kakheti, which used to be the chair of Kakhetian Kings. With a few things to do in Telavi, it is an ideal option for a day trip from Tbilisi. 

Explore Batonis Tsikhe, or the Castle of the King, and pay a visit to a tiny museum to learn about King Erekle II, who united the kingdoms of Kakheti and Kartli and signed the treaty of Georgievsk to obtain protection from Russian Empire.  

See one of the oldest giant pine trees right in front of the King Erekle II statue, and wander through Nadikvari park to have a glimpse at local’s everyday life. Afterward, head to Tsinandali Estate, located 9km from Telavi. This beautiful mansion of Prince Alexander Chavchavadze boasts with a stunning garden and his house-museum. He was the first person to bring European wine-making traditions in Georgia and started producing the beverage with a different method. Even today, the tradition continues and along with the entrance ticket, you can buy a wine tasting session.

Generally speaking, Kakheti is known as the main region for wine-making, thus it is the perfect place to explore in autumn. From mid-September till mid-October, winemakers start to harvest the grapes and begin the wine-making process. Therefore, if you are a wine enthusiast or want to know more about ancient and unique traditions of Georgian wine, make sure to plan a trip to the wineries near Telavi. 

Suggested by Baia Dzagnidze

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