Social Media Aggregators & Everything You Need To Know About It

We all understand how important social media has become for all of us, we browse it many times during the day even so much so that we look at it as soon as we wake up.

Social media has become an essential part of billions of people globally and where there are people, there needs to be brands & marketers. Furthermore, social media marketing has been of primary importance for marketers but now it is time to take it beyond the platforms.

Social media is a hub of growth opportunities and therefore, restricting it just platforms will restrict the growth. So, we present you with a solution that will help leverage the power of social media across all marketing channels.

It is a social media aggregator. We have explained here what they are, how they benefit you, how you can use them, etc.

What is Social Media Aggregator?

A social media aggregator tool lets you aggregate content from various social media platforms into a social media feed and displays the feed across different marketing channels. You can collect social media content, curate it, customize the feed, moderate the content, analyze the performance, and much more with social media aggregators.

Depending on the social media aggregators, most of these allow you to curate content from various social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. The social media feed is also known as the social walls or social media wall or social media ticker or social feeds or social media hashtag feed, etc.

Benefits of Social Media Aggregators For Your Brand

Here are some of the reasons why social media aggregators can help you achieve your objectives.

Aggregate Fresh & Diverse Content

Content is the most important component of marketing campaigns these days as the content is what consumers like to explore & browse before making their decisions. Creating content in-house as a brand can be a quite challenging and rigorous task that requires constant efforts into resources, money, time, and labor that causes the budget to increase manifolds.

But with social media aggregators, you have the power to curate the most relevant, unique, engaging, fresh, and original content from a diverse array of platforms. This helps you build your own hub of content that you can leverage in marketing and it will be cost-effective as it won’t need investments into content creation.

Display User-Generated Content For Social Proof

Now, brand trust and credibility are massive factors that influence the purchase decisions of most consumers, and brands face immense challenges in building trust & credibility. Here social media helps you build your brand trust & credibility by curating user-generated content from social media platforms and showcase it as your brand marketing message.

It is known that user-generated content is the most trustworthy, reliable, and authentic form of content about a brand. For example – the customer reviews shared by customers about your products. So, showcasing this will uplift your brand image, advocacy, positive word of mouth, and driving conversions.

Increase Marketing Campaign Engagement

Social media marketing engagement is not much of a concern but the challenge comes when marketing over other channels like websites, outdoor advertising, events, etc. The benefit of social media aggregators is that you can bring engaging social media content to other marketing channels and increase their audience engagement rate. When social media marketing is mentioned everyone thinks of popular networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. But there are also Pinterest, YouTube, Vimeo, LinkedIn, TikTok, and more.

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As the content shared on social media is highly diverse, interesting perspectives, visually appealing, informative, valuable, and entertaining so display it attracts the attention of users towards your campaign leading to better engagement & results.

Boost Conversion Rate & Acquisition

As we discussed, social media aggregators are helping you build trust, increase engagement, spread positive word of mouth, gather valuable marketing content, etc. So, all these elements will help to deliver necessary information about your brand & its products or services to potential customers and guide them to make favorable purchasing decisions.

Besides, as you will be marketing across multiple channels with powerful content, it will help you expand your reach, exposure, and awareness to new realms leading to more traffic & opportunities for the brand.

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Social Media Aggregator For Different Marketing Channels

Explore which channels can you target and distribute your campaigns on to garner these benefits and much more.


You can create a feed of content for your website and embed it on your website to display customer reviews on product pages, showcase UGC galleries, display hashtag campaigns, etc. to increase traffic, engagement, and conversions.

Events – Virtual & Offline

You can integrate social media walls into your event be it a virtual event or an offline live event. This will help you in integrating social media audiences with your event. Besides, it will also help in driving real-time interactions, Q&A sessions, panel discussions, etc. using social media walls along with your virtual event stream or through digital screens at live events to boost audience engagement & deliver delightful experiences.

Digital Signages

Signages are a trending strategy for outdoor advertising in public spaces as it is a perfect integration of digital technologies with offline marketing efforts. Showcasing social media walls through signages will help in attracting, engaging, and converting consumers into customers by displaying engaging & valuable social media content or UGC.


You can use this tool to create exciting and engaging email campaigns as well where along with your promotions, you can integrate a social wall of customer experiences or reviews to generate high CTR as you will have the best content to choose from.

More Channels

Not just these but there are many more channels that you can integrate with social media aggregators like social ads, print media, outdoor advertising, etc. This will help you improve your conversion rate, reach out to maximum people, and create fruitful revenue opportunities.


Social media aggregators are an all-in-one simple & easy solution for content-driven and interactive marketing campaigns across multiple channels and are the best option among all. Some of the best social media aggregators even offer features like managing user-generated content rights or insightful campaign analytics or sponsorship opportunities as well.

So, identify the opportunities & possibilities that a social media aggregator might have to offer you for your brand growth & success.


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