Top 10 Beautiful Places To Visit In Switzerland

Switzerland is more than cheese, wine, chocolates, watches, and skiing! This rich and developed country has a lot to offer, which you can desire for. Switzerland is a landlocked country surrounded by Austria, France, Italy, Liechtenstein, and Germany. Once here, you have all the provision of exploring the country’s beauty and delicious cuisine. Keep reading the top ten beautiful places that you can explore in Switzerland, the world’s most traveled destination. 



It is the most serene locale, situated at the foothills of the beautiful Alps. This place is Switzerland’s one of the most traveled locations. Nature’s beauty and world-acclaimed Montreux jazz festival will never let you down. You can plan your trip during summers, to enjoy both nature and some soothing jazz! You ought to fall in love with Montreux.

Take a walk down the Lake Promenade and admire its picturesque beauty. Enjoy a train ride amidst the lush green wilds towards the castle island of Château de Chillon. It is one of the most visited Switzerland’s historical monuments. 



Lucerne stands as one of the most sound cities in Switzerland. The Benedictine monastery-turned-parish church is well-known as the Church of St. Ledogar. Plan to take a stroll alongside the Reuss River, which is flowing beneath Kapellbrücke. In the latter half of the day, do visit the Lion of Lucerne. Call it a day by relaxing at one of the city’s pubs and tasting some in-house Swiss cheese with sparkling wine! 



Gruyères is one of the quaint towns, situated in the upper valley region of river Saane. The entire village is famous for its cobble-stoned pavements. Once here, you cannot miss the outstanding view of the whole Alpine mountain range. While walking at any side of the streets, and you can witness the magnificent beauty.

Opt for some guided city tour to witness the Gruyères Castle along with some medieval architecture. Spend some moments gazing at the high Moléson mountain, later during the day. At night, try out their delicious local cuisine with some famous Gruyère cheese. 



Geneva, Switzerland’s most famous city, is much liked by the ski-lovers. The Alpine ranges look stunning during the winters. The entire range gets snow-covered with the onset of winters. You can plan for a trip during this time to have a lifetime skiing experience. You will be able to decipher a marked difference between the modern-day design of the, and the oldest.

Take a break and stir your adventurous soul by driving up to Salève. It is the renowned city mountain of Geneva, having the beauty of its own. Stack your camping gears in your car’s universal roof rack to spend a couple of nights under the star-lit sky amidst the wilds! It is an experience of its own. 



Ticino, Switzerland’s Swiss-Italian border town, is well-known for speaking Italian, its official language. The entire village is well-designed with beautiful architecture and culture, much like Italy. You will have excellent access to the well-known glacial Lake Lugano and its rocky terrains. Ticino will never disappoint you but will keep you at awe! 



Interlaken, situated between Lake Thun and Lake Brienz, caters to the giant Alps’ outstanding views. You can take a walk along the edges of the lake or go for kayaking. Visit some of the adjacent Swiss villages to taste the Swiss cheddar cheese and wine. Book a trip to the stunning Jungfrau-Aletsch-Bietschhorn. It is a few minutes’ drives from the central city and UNESCO’s first World Heritage Site of the Alps. 

St. Moritz


St. Moritz is an Alpine resort town and is well-known for its world-famous bob-sled run, the age-old Alpine skiing, and snowboarding. This place caters for close-up views of some of the most impressive magnificent mountain ranges. The city has the capability of balancing both age-old charisma and perfect grace, vacationers for decades. 



A funny yet exciting fact is that Zermatt village is free from all cars. It aids in keeping the environment peaceful.  You can thus feel the exquisite scenic beauty around you. The charming city is a paradise for all ski lovers.  And, they have well-equipped ski resorts, rock-climbing excursions, and hiking or camping trails. Skiing and snowboarding all around Zermatt stand the most favored winter activity.

This place is famous for its iconic views of the Matterhorn, the vast mountain range. It caters to off unmatched views of certain portions of the Swiss peaks, like the Gornergrat along with Rothorn.



Lauterbrunnen, located in the foothills of the Alpines, caters to some of the most epic-looking scenery. The entire town overlooks the three most well-known mountain ranges, the Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau. It solidifies this area with its eye-catching Swiss Alps. Lauterbrunnen valley stands as a complete package for all nature lovers. You can enjoy paragliding, skiing, and the train rides bound for high-altitude glaciers.



Bern comes under the UNESCO World Heritage capital city, located on the river banks of the Aare river. The best view of this city is the clock-tower, Zytglogge. The same looks beautiful with classical architectural designs. It is Switzerland’s tallest cathedral, known as the ‘Bern master.’ Enjoy the city’s awe-inspiring beauty with a glass of wine, some goat cheese, and juicy steak in one local eatery.

Switzerland final thought

Are you one of them who wants desires in reaching the topmost point of the snow-clad mountain ranges?  All these ten beautiful places that you can visit.  With panoramic beauty, multi-ethnic cities, and beautiful traditional know-how Switzerland is backpackers’ delight! So, wait no more and make your dream come true! Plan well for your trip to Switzerland, and enjoy it to the fullest.

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