8 Best Mobile Security Apps To Protect Your Device

Best security apps to protect your devices, such as iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac. Security application is very much essential to protect your device. These apps are made to perform various important tasks, such as giving privacy to apps, call blockers, antivirus, VPN modes,  and anti-theft protection. These features are very much essential for your device.

Hence, if you need the best security apps for your device, then you are correct. On the Google Play Store, there are thousands of security apps available. But you will be confused while selecting the application that which one is best to secure your device. But you don’t have to worry about all these things because I have made the list of the few best security apps for your device. 

Below the paragraph, 8 best security apps have mentioned that will protect your device. You can easily select any one app from this list while seeing the features.

Kaspersky Mobile antivirus

Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus is one of the most incredible Android security apps. However, this application is available free of cost, and you can easily download and use it. Kaspersky Mobile antivirus is a very secure and safe security application. This application is straightforward to use, and you can also perform various security processes.


  • Working as the biggest antivirus apps which will secure your device 
  • Include unlock and auto-lock system
  • This app is also including anti-theft technology 
  • Filter the systems and files from trash
  • Include anti-phishing technology which will secure your financial data

AVG Antivirus To Protect Your Device

AVG Antivirus is one of the best malware protection which will maintain your device. This application is available free of cost and also providing numbers of premium functions. However, AVG Antivirus is all in one security app, giving full protection from cyber threats. The system interface of AVG Antivirus is gorgeous, which will blow your mind. 


  • Include speed meter, VPN features, and data checking for your comfort
  • Offering AppLock functionality and personal protection for maximum privacy 
  • Free up your devices from malware and viruses
  • Offering WiFi network security 
  • Include file cleaning functionality and device boost for steady and smooth performance 
  • Provide anti-theft alarm integration and call blocker functionality 
  • Include device location pinpointing via Google maps

Clean Master 

If you need all in one security application, then Clean Master is a perfect option for you. It is also providing a cutting edge technology to make your device more secure from unwanted problems and faster. The system UI of Clean Master is very much beautiful.


  • Offering smart scanning
  • Cleaning viruses from the device with full protection 
  • Includes junk file cleaner or Junk cleaner for faster system 
  • Includes functional battery saving for smooth and lengthy use 
  • Providing one-click boosting
  • Also, include AppLock functionality and smart charging option 
  • Merged with game boosting functionality for tremendous performance when you play games

Security Master 

Security Master is one of the best security and Antivirus applications for a smart device. However, Security Master is the perfect application for android devices for maintenances. Because every Android smartphone is not coming up with built-in security software.


  • It has junk management, file cleaning, and battery-saving facilities 
  • Providing more features than just antivirus
  • Protecting your device from overuse 
  • Providing anti-theft alarm and creative diagnosis to protect your smartphone
  • Merged with real-time WiFi network security and VPN functionality
  • It also includes AppLock and files lock 
  • Message protection with password manager for maximum privacy

Avast Antivirus 

Avast Antivirus is one of the best and most trusted security application. This application is using to get informed when adware and mobileware will attack you. Lots of essential features are also available in Avast Antivirus that is mentioned below. 


  • Providing VPN mode which will keep your browsing private
  • Also, protect your smartphone from infected email, apps, and SMS, etc.
  • Working tremendously because of power saver and speed booster 
  • Providing Anti-theft, call blockers, and photo vault
  • This app is also working as a virus cleaner, ram booster,  and internet security


AppLock is one of the most popular and useful security apps. However, AppLock is mostly using to protect the other apps which you can use in your Android smartphone. You can also use fingerprints, passwords, and patterns to protect your apps.

With the help of AppLock, you can quickly secure your WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram accounts. However, there are other features of AppLock mentioned below. 


  • Use pattern, password, and fingerprint for protection of every app 
  • Also, hide videos, pictures, and songs 
  • Providing auto-lock, unlock and hidden camera tools 
  • Includes various amazing themes 
  • Block incoming calls and also has a quick-lock system
  • Option to use random keyboard tools

Norton Security and Antivirus 

Norton Security and Antivirus are one of the most popular security apps. It is using by most Android users, and it can also work on Windows. However, Norton Security and Antivirus have lots of useful features, and it is also safe. It also has a premium version that will charge you a few amounts of money.

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  • Protect your device from various types of viruses, malware, and spyware 
  • Quickly detect and scan the files and apps that contain junks and viruses 
  • Include tracking location that will assist you in finding out your lost smartphone 
  • Providing an option for secure search engine and browsing 
  • Include a data saver and battery-saving modes 
  • Providing apps protectors and call blocker

CM Locker 

CM Locker is a personalized lock screen with good privacy and security features. It is also providing high definition themes and wallpapers to make your Lock screen look interesting. However, CM Locker is a very much rear application with the best anti-theft functionality and privacy settings.


  • Providing tremendous Lockscreen with pattern and pin lock support
  • Include beautiful wallpaper and themes 
  • Providing intruder selfies and anti-theft alarm functions which will notify you who attempted to unlock your device 
  • Includes completely customizable Lock screen styles and themes
  • Providing complete control over various apps
  • This app is Also providing weather information 
  • It is offering quick access to various apps and interactive messages like camera, messaging, caller ID, and photos

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