All About a Virtual Sales Meeting

With more and more people choosing virtual mode over the physical mode for hosting events, sales meetings have also moved online. People have started taking the help of virtual event solution providers to host their virtual sales meetings. Taking professional helps ensure that the sales meeting runs smoothly. While virtual meetings have been here for a while now, we understand that you might not be aware of them. If you are new to the concept, this article will tell you all that you need to know about virtual sales meetings. 

What is a Virtual Sales Meeting?

A virtual sales meeting refers to a meeting that is held between the salesperson and the prospective buyer. This meeting aims at moving the sales process forward. Selling face to face helps you build trust among the customers. In addition to that, virtual sales meeting platforms can help you host virtual sales meetings. These virtual meeting platforms allow you to recreate the experience of a physical meeting. 

Benefits of Holding a Virtual Sales Meeting

There are various benefits of hosting a virtual sales meeting over physical sales meetings. Given below are some of the reasons why you should consider hosting your next sales meeting online –

More Accessible

Virtual sales meetings are much more accessible than physical meetings as they can be accessed from anywhere in the world Moreover, the attendees can attend the event using laptops or mobiles through any web browser. 

Wider Audience Reach

Virtual sales meetings can help you target customers around the globe and widen your customer base. Even the people located in the remotest locations can attend the event without traveling to faraway locations. This helps increase the event attendance and provides the host with an opportunity to reach out to a new segment of customers. 

Better Opportunities for Networking

Virtual meetings provide the attendees with better networking opportunities. It provides them with multiple options like live chat, audio/video calls to engage and interact with the hosts and other attendees. The attendees can arrange a 1:1 meeting with the vendors and understand the benefits of their products and services. 

Time and Cost Saving

Virtual events lead to a huge amount of savings in cost and time. It saves the host organization from incurring lodging, catering, venue, and travel costs. They take much less time to set up than physical events leading to time savings. 

More Inclusive

Sometimes, some people might shy away from asking their doubts in public during a physical event. Such attendees can take the help of features like live chat, audio/video calls to ask their doubts and raise their concerns. 

Virtual sales Meeting – Best Practices

Identify the Goals of the Meeting

The first step to planning any event is identifying the goals behind conducting the event. Identifying your goals and objectives will help you set the right agenda for the meeting and help you direct your efforts in the right direction. Moreover, you should also identify your target audience and try to maximize the number of transitions from a prospect to a customer. This will help you identify customer requirements and focus on providing relevant solutions. 

Set the Meeting Agenda

Having a clear meeting agenda helps attract prospective customers to attend the event. Moreover, it will help you tell the customers about the benefits of attending the meeting. The agenda should focus on solving at least one problem of the prospect. Before the start of the meeting, make sure you circulate the meeting agenda among the prospective customers. This will help increase their chances of attending the event. Make sure that the meeting agenda is tailored according to the needs of individual prospects. 

Plan Your Content

The next step is to identify all the possible objections that the customers might raise. Preparing for the possible questions or concerns beforehand will help you make the most of the meeting. Having smart answers ready for their queries and concerns will help increase your confidence level. Planning the content that you will be using to convince the prospects to turn into customers well before the meeting will help save your time and have a high success ratio. 

Check Your Tech Requirements

No virtual event is immune from technical glitches. Moreover, any technical glitch could make you lose your valuable attendees as it may take a lot of time to fix. To avoid this situation, make sure you log in to the meeting at least 30 minutes before to check if everything is working perfectly. You must ensure that all the integral applications are loaded and ready to be used. Moreover, it will also help you keep the attendee drop-off rate in check. 

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Use Q&A Sessions to Keep the Prospects Engaged

Keeping the attendees or customers engaged right from the beginning of the sales meeting is very important. Therefore, you should ask a lot of questions and provide them with an opportunity to speak and ask questions through Q&A sessions. Rather than writing down the exact words that you will use during the presentation, write down the points and use your creativity during the meeting. You can also use the Q&A sessions to address the customer’s concerns and keep them engaged. 

Understand Their Pain Points and Provide Solutions

Understanding the pain points of the customers will help you address them. Once you are aware of the pain points, you can direct your content, marketing, and communication strategy accordingly. It will help you find the right strategy to convince the attendees and convert them into customers. Moreover, it will help you add value to the attendees by providing solutions to their problems and building trust.

Establish a 2-way Communication

Establishing 2-way communication is one of the most important parts of a virtual sales meeting. It will make the attendees feel like their opinion is valued. Moreover, it will allow the customers to ask their doubts and raise their concerns making it easier for you to understand their needs and address them. It also makes the sales meeting interactive and helps keep the attendees engaged and attentive throughout the meeting. 

Final Words

The recent rise in the popularity of virtual events is a clear indication that online events are here to stay. Hope this article helped clear your doubts regarding online sales meetings and help you understand more about them.

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