6 Reasons Why Data Recovery Solution is a must

Regardless of the size of your business, data is one of the crucial resources that need to be safeguarded and maintained. In 2021, we all know that data is the most powerful weapon a business can have. Hence, you have to take precautions like comprehensive data backup and keep a data recovery solution in place. A data recovery software is not a luxury but a necessity. There have been a lot of companies that have shut shop because they were not able to get back the lost data after disasters.

The Phenom Institute’s research tells us that more than one-third of small and medium-sized businesses don’t have an incident response plan in place for responding to data breaches and cyber-attacks. This is dangerous considering the fact that 60 percent had experienced a loss or theft of sensitive data in the previous 12 months. 

Why is there a need for Data Backup and Recovery?

Data loss is inevitable and can happen when you expect the least. It is a very common challenge that is quite often faced by businesses. Just because you have been lucky so far in avoiding a huge loss of data does not mean you should not keep a contingency plan. As data loss can happen in a lot of different ways.

The primary causes of data loss are:

  • Accidental causes such as power outages, environmental disasters, etc.
  • Physical failure of the systems or storage devices
  • Human errors
  • Data breaches like cyber-attacks, phishing, etc.

Here are 6 reasons why you must have a Data Recovery Solution:

Physical Damage and Disk Corruption

Physical storage devices like hard disks, SSDs, flash drives, etc can get damaged due to natural wear and tear. Mishandling the systems and devices can also cause corruption. Sometimes damage can happen because of factors that you cannot control like software failures, voltage fluctuations, bad sectors, etc. There are data recovery solution providers like Remo who can help in retrieving your crucial data from damaged devices as well.

Whether it is as complicated as a corrupt partition, RAW partition or SD card, or flash drive corruption, Remo’s Data Recovery tool can recover your data from them.   

Virus Infection

Data storage devices or systems can make your data vulnerable if they are infected with viruses or malware. Some viruses are capable of making a computer hard drive completely disabled. In such cases, recovering the contents of the drive becomes impossible without reliable data recovery software. Only an advanced and professional data recovery tool like Remo data recovery software can aid you in getting back your crucial data if you act fast.

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Data Thefts can Lead to Data Loss Catastrophe

Unfortunately, data thefts have taken a rise in the last few years. It is one of the prevalent reasons behind data loss. According to IBM and Ponemon Institute research, we learned that the global average cost of a data breach has reached $3.86 million per breach in 2020. The time that industries generally take to react to such breaches and cover up all damage and expenses vary. Like healthcare organizations took 329 days on average to identify and contain a breach, while financial institutions only took 233 days. The IBM and Ponemon Institute’s report also showed that 52% of all data breaches were caused by cybercriminals, with a further 25% by system glitches and 23% by human error.

72 % of businesses that suffered from data loss cannot survive in the market.

Natural Disasters

Natural disasters or accidents are unpredictable and can cause serious damage to your storage devices. If you are just relying on an on-site backup system, there are chances if any catastrophe like fire or flood hits, your onsite data will perish. Thus, having a data backup and recovery plan in place is important if you want to resume the operations without taking much time after the disaster.

A data recovery solution will help your business to get back on its feet quickly. Also, it is recommended to keep your data backed up in a secure cloud-based online platform.

Increased Competitive Advantage

When you have a data recovery solution ready to go, you will have an advantage over your competitors. Thus, no matter what happens you will have access to your sensitive data like customer data and business transactions. Because losing such information can push you into jeopardy and people will lose trust in your business.

Operating System Failure and Server crashes

A system failure can happen because of a number of reasons like hardware failure, software issues, etc. It can lead to a Blue screen of Death error. And when an operating system stops functioning, a server crash takes place.

This can be a very rare scenario but you cannot let that factor go out of your contingency plan. In some scenarios, it is possible to get back the data that was there in the hard disk and maybe the operating system as well with partial data loss.

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Data Recovery Conclusion:

A data recovery solution and an online data backup system will provide you peace of mind. It will help you in retaining credibility, will amp up your reputation, and will ensure data security and integrity. Thus, Data Recovery should remain a top priority if you want to get a competitive edge by saving time and money. The only job you need to do is to choose the one that suits your requirements.

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