What are the Best Websites to Convert Files for free?


In today’s world, a lot of people need to use a file converter to convert files for the sake of their own easiness and comfort but the terms and conditions of many websites on the internet make the user exhausted. User tries to find a solution to these issues especially when we all try to find a converter with all of our desired formats and the one which provides its services for free is the most desired website for everyone. So now you don’t have to shuffle so many tabs to find the right converter to convert your desired files for free because in this article I have decided to share some of the best file converter websites with you. So, I am going to discuss some of the popular websites with you and you can choose any of them as per your requirement.


It is quite a simple website to work on for file conversion. It started working almost 10 years ago by Mike and Chris. It provides more than 1300 formats for file conversion and it can convert all of your videos, images, audios, and documents from one format to any of your desired formats quickly without making changes in your files. However, its free version only allows you to convert 50 MB and to 2 file conversions within a 24 hour period.


 Online Converter

The online converter as compared to the other described websites is a bit more complex to use but it surely provides you with the best services. It enables you to not only convert your file from one format to the other but also to edit the file and make all possible changes required in it whether formatting or any other changes. It contains the best formatting options and you can also read some helpful articles on converting your files like a pro.



FileConverter.Digital is a fast-growing website that is very popular along with its competitors in the file conversion market. It allows its user to convert digital files including your videos, images, and audios from one format to another. It provides all of its services absolutely free and there is not even a size restriction for any file format. On this amazing website, you can make as many conversions as you want whenever you want.

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 Uni PDF

Uni PDF is another great website that provides us with the service of online file converting. it ensures the quality of your files and makes 0% changes in your file while converting it including formatting etc. PDF is the main file format used by most of us for documents. The only drawback of this website is that it only converts PDFs as its name indicates but it can also convert the PDF files to other formats like word, PNG or JPG, etc.


 Free File Converter

While working on a free file converter you can make your work a bit easy for you as it allows you to convert up to 5 files at a time while keeping the limit of 300 MBs. It can convert files from one format to the other especially the PDF format and conversions of these PDF to image format is also supported in it.


 Small PDF

The most used and powerful tool on the internet for documents is a PDF file format. Many people try to find ways to convert their PDF so here is the way to do so as you like. This website is quite user-friendly, easy, and fast. It can not only provide you the service of file conversion from one format to the other but it can also merge, split and compress the files to the other formats.

So, these are some of the best websites which are offering free file converting services. After choosing your desired converter out of these you don’t have to be worried anymore. These all websites provide their services for free. It also benefits us due to its user-friendly and loyal privacy and security policies that increase the revisit intention of the users. The main point of all these websites is that it helps us to convert any kind of file in a single website.

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