How to Fix PC Keyboard is not Working?

Why is my PC keyboard not showing up? If your computer keyboard is not working, here is what you should know and how to remedy it. Bad hardware drivers: This will need to be updated or reinstalled. Dust and dirt: If your keyboard is plugged in, cleaning up the keyboard will help.

Fix PC Keyboard Software Issues

Many times, your computer might not be equipped with the right software, or it might have a bad connection. In either case, a good way to help your keyboard function again is to install a new driver. This will upgrade your current software on your computer, as well as help pc keyboard communicate better with your other hardware. Installing a new driver will allow your computer to communicate with your hardware.

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Computer Keyboard is not Working due to Hardware Issues

Sometimes, you might have a hardware issue such as a dead computer pin or a fried motherboard. A dead pin can sometimes be fixed by simply pulling it out and plugging it into a new socket. If your PC keyboard is also not working, you should check for a fried motherboard.

With a fried motherboard, you will need to replace the motherboard. Using your standard motherboard driver, you will need to install the new PC keyboard driver, as well as update your local settings for keyboard settings.

Settings Issues

Sometimes, you might also need to update your language settings. The regional settings that control language settings for your Windows keyboard are accessed through:

Control Panel > System and Security > Add-Remove Programs

This will allow you to remove programs that might be causing problems. For example, if a keyboard is not working in Spanish, you would install a program called Mundane Languages to enable the language settings to reflect your desired language. Once you have done this, restart your computer and try typing in both languages.

Depth Diagnosis of Machine

If all else fails, or if the problem is too complicated for you to fix, you should contact a technician for a more in-depth diagnosis. Technicians usually have specialized training and can pinpoint the specific cause of your keyboard not working.

To ensure the efficiency of your PC and laptop keyboard, it is important to maintain it in good working condition. Regularly look for dust, dirt, and hair. Clean it using a damp cloth or an old toothbrush and wipe it down to avoid bacteria and germs from entering the keyboard.

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