10 Most Important Things You Need to Know About Living in Atlanta

Atlanta is the capital of the U.S. state of Georgia. The city is known as a world-class airport or as the site of the 1996 Summer Olympics. If you’re thinking about moving here, there’s a lot to see and do in Atlanta.

There are around 258,000 new residents in metro Atlanta alone in 2018, according to the US Census Bureau. Most of these newcomers are transplants from the suburbs. Although each neighborhood has a distinct character, its inhabitants are extremely proud of their own neighborhood as well.

The mild winters and beautiful springs of Atlanta will surely make you see red, regardless of the horrendous traffic you will encounter. See what it’s like to live there.

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The cost of living in Atlanta is lower than the national average

Depending on the neighborhood, Atlanta apartments on the market are ranging from $1,643 to $2,376, depending on DumpsterWire.

Gas prices are lower than the national average. Groceries can be obtained from a broad range of stores at affordable prices. Across the city lies many grocery stores and small markets, as well as many farmers’ markets. Sales tax in the city is 8.9 percent. In a restaurant, the average price per meal is about $50, while a beer at a pub is probably around $7 or $8.

There is a real debate between an ITP and an OTP

How could you get a home within the neighborhood’s perimeter? In addition to the areas within ITP (within the perimeter), metro Atlanta consists of everything outside the perimeter.

There are tree-lined neighborhoods in Kirkwood, East Chastain Park, and Inman Park, where you can find quiet neighborhoods. Walkways, restaurants, and playgrounds are in close proximity. The Atlanta BeltLine, the Atlanta Zoo, and other major attractions are only a short bus ride away.


A more pedestrian-friendly environment and more nightlife can be found in the Old Fourth Ward, Castleberry Hill, and Midtown neighborhoods. The monthly rental rates for one-bedroom apartments in these three neighborhoods are typically between $1,700 and $3,000 per month. You’ll have easy access to everything around you thanks to nearby bars, clubs, and convenient bike and foot commutes.

You might consider Buckhead for the purpose of finding a $1,966 luxury apartment if you need to be close to the city’s business district. Apartment complexes in the area have all the necessities, including gyms, spas, and swimming pools.

It is impossible not to be in so much awe when viewing the fall colors of Atlanta


No matter what the weather brings, Atlanta is always mild, and you can enjoy the snow and warm weather.

The city of Atlanta has earned the nickname “Hotlanta” because of its brutally hot summers. Fans and air conditioners on porches help alleviate this problem, but they are not the only solution. In the Chattahoochee River and other nearby lakes, you can go river tubing and get a little relief from the heat.

The fall season in Atlanta is unique because the 70-degree temperatures and the vibrant orange and red hues of its leaves make it a great place to be. This time of year also marks the beginning of the festival season, including the Chomp ‘n Stomp Chili Cookoff in Cabbagetown. Many people also take advantage of this time to go hiking or to schedule picnics in the Atlanta BeltLine and nearby trails.

If you like autumn colors our recommendation is to consider a trip to Italy in the fall.

Many universities in Atlanta have a prestigious reputation

Some of the most creative minds in engineering have graduated from Atlanta’s Georgia Institute of Technology.

Besides Emory University, which is one of the country’s best hospitals and history universities, there are other universities located in Atlanta.

The three DeKalb, Fulton, and Cobb Counties offer two choice options for families who want to attend private or charter schools.

A lot of jobs are out there for Atlantians


Four of the 16 Fortune 500 companies are located in Atlanta, and all four of these companies have a top 100 ranking, including Delta Air Lines, The Home Depot, United Parcel Service, and Coca-Cola Co. With hundreds of startups in Buckhead, Atlanta Tech Village is also a major hub for new technology in the U.S.

The Atlanta Economic Development Authority, Invest Atlanta, is currently attracted to new businesses every day. Our industries include finance, logistics, entertainment, and logistics. More than a decade ago, big blockbuster movies began filming in Georgia. As of 2019, $2.9 billion was generated in economic activity by 399 productions in the state. Studios like Tyler Perry Studios were established on the east coast.

Is Atlanta a safe place to live?

Keep vigilant in the late hours of the night as you would in any other large city. Atlanta is generally safe except for certain pockets of crime. A number of the city’s new neighborhoods have experienced an increase in crime, but this has been partially reversed with community efforts. The damage caused by valuables left in cars and some other petty crimes has become commonplace. On the other hand, there are some neighborhoods along the east side and near the city center where you are much safer to walk around. Keep a sharp eye on things, and you should be fine.

A foodie’s paradise, Atlanta

James Beard Awards, listicles, and chefs from around the world have lauded the Atlanta restaurant scene. Some of the great restaurants in the area include Staplehouse, a fine dining establishment with a gourmet tasting menu. Gun Show brings in dynamic young chefs who leave a lasting impression. And 8ARM offers Mexican fare with a local twist.

Pop-up restaurants have their own menu, which can only be found in the pop-up restaurant. Many restaurants in Candler Park have incubational programs that are aimed at better serving their customers. Both Jarrett Steiber and Parnass Savang, semi-finalists for the James Beard Award, including their own full-scale restaurants, now call Summerhill home.

Despite the diversity of the population, Buford Highway remains home to an active international community. The highway between Chamblee and Atlanta is home to countless restaurants that offer a variety of food — from Asian to Mexican to Vietnamese to Malaysian and Colombian. Atlanta is filled with wonderful food, but you have to spend time trying it all.

There are thriving industries for entertainment in this country


In Atlanta, Mercedes-Benz Stadium is home to the Atlanta United soccer team and the Atlanta Falcons, football team. The Atlanta Hawks play in the State Farm Arena next door. Since the stadium opened five years ago, its fandom has grown.

There are numerous concerts and music events that take place in the city. There’s a cool place down the street called The Tabernacle that supports indies and smaller bands. Plays and concerts are staged here in Midtown, in a building inspired by Moorish architecture.

A sound festival like Shaky Knees Festival and Music Midtown will bring groups from all around the world to the city during the summer. Many celebrities are living in Atlanta and there have been numerous intimate performances of the city’s famous people in many bars and small venues throughout the city.

There are plenty of outdoor activities around Atlanta


The Atlanta metropolitan area has a network of parks. Within 30 minutes of the city are Sweetwater Creek State Park, Morningside Nature Preserve, Stone Mountain Park, Arabia Mountain, and the Tower Community Park. Blue Ridge and Ellijay in the Appalachians are just 90 minutes away.

You can also boat at Lake Lanier or float down the Chattahoochee River if hiking doesn’t do it for you. You’ll find a huge pool and a dog park in Piedmont Park in downtown Atlanta, as well as craft breweries nearby.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of traffic in Atlanta


Traffic in Atlanta is difficult to ignore if you’re approaching the city on the interstate. Traffic here has consistently been mentioned in listicle after listicle, regardless of where you’re traveling on the interstate.

You can get around the city easily and quickly using the MARTA rail and bus system. By taking the Atlanta Streetcar and walking to a MARTA station you can make your way home if you work and live in Atlanta.

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