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Well, to be honest, the answer is everything. That’s right, in order to maximize your chances of success in business you are going to have to be willing to split test from a team of qualified testers. Anything and everything regarding whatever it is you have to offer. You should never disregard any area of your business when it comes to split testing.

What is a Split test in software testing?

That being said, we will discuss here some of the more important things you should be split testing tools, that is a part of software testing services. The first thing you should split test is your web page. And whatever it is that you are offering or providing on it. If it is a product sales page in nature then play around with the order button. The design, placement, and maybe even the price. And likewise, if it is a service you are offering as opposed to a product.

Next up are your email messages. This is especially important if you have a sizeable subscriber list. Come up with as many variations (not too many though) of your message as you wish. The key thing here is to make sure they are divided evenly among the people who have opted in to receive emails from you. Just about any autoresponder service will have tools with which you can track which emails are most successful.

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Different kinds of split testing tools

Evolutionary Split Tester

The Evolutionary Split Tester has been created by an internet marketer by the name of Tim Robinson. Designed to be powerful yet simple and cheap at the same time. Most of the professional testing firms prefer using it because of various reasons. Although it can’t do some of the advanced Taguchi testings as seen in the more expensive split testers for its price it is an incredible value. It is suitable for anyone from complete computer newbies to those at about an intermediate level of internet marketing.

As can be seen in the video on the sales page and through my own personal experience the Evolutionary Splittester can be all set up. Producing more sales for you in under 30 minutes and doesn’t require you to do anything more. Which is something I love that is rarely seen, what’s the point in getting split testing software that still requires you to do most of the work. It does all the optimization itself based on tracking different variations and figuring out which variations will get the most sales.

Split Testing Pro

Split Testing Pro is another piece of Quality Split Testing Tool which I’d say. It is on a similar level of Quality to the Evolutionary Splittester but in different ways. Split testing pro doesn’t do as advanced testing as the Evolutionary Splittester (it can only do simply a/b testing which takes a lot more time for fewer results). However in terms of reporting information back to you and giving you full info on what is happening it is amazing.

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