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Are you aware lots of people are moving to the Netherlands in pursuit of their careers? For this reason, one has to be ready to have that Dutch feeling. The citizens are lovers of orange color, and this has been seen on their National flag. Migrating to Holland is good, but the cost of living over there could be high based on the standard of living. They have two larger cities where there are lots of commercial activities, and these two cities are Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

This could be a small country but their impact on the European Union is massive. They are among the countries in which people are traveling to start a new career. They are known for their numerous benefits such as liberal social policies, communication technology, big multiculturalism, etc.

The Dutch are among the first five countries in the world with high job opportunities for her citizens. Before moving to the Netherlands in pursuit of your career, there are things to know.

Things to Know Before Relocate to the Netherlands for New Job

The following things are what one needs to know:


There are two or more parties in this country. As a result of this, it has been called “the land of compromise”. In 2012, a majority coalition was developed during the election period. They were able to strengthen their stance by combining with other European Parties.

Multicultural Society

This country has different multicultural diversity among its citizens. The total population in the Netherlands is approximately 16.9 million people, and then over three million citizens have a foreign background. This multicultural diversity can be retraced back several hundred years ago in the history of the Netherlands.

Amsterdam, the Capital City


Whether you are just a tourist or planning to move to the Netherlands for work we recommend that you visit Amsterdam. It’s not only one of the most popular cities in the Netherlands but in the whole of Europe. The city is known as “Venice of the North”, but also famous for its beautiful houses, ‘coffee’ shops and Red Light District. You can take the Amsterdam guide tour by boat or rent a bike and explore the city and get to know their spirit them. Some of the most popular places to visit are Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, Anne Frank House, Amsterdam’s West Church, Begijnhof, ADAM Tower, Vondelpark, and Begijnhof. Amsterdam is also one of the most popular gay travel destinations in Europe.

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Are you curious about the food in the Netherlands? Traditional Dutch food is deliciously based on fish, cheese, grains, and vegetables. Be sure to try the following tasty Dutch specialties: bitterballen, frites or patat, erwtensoep, herring, and Dutch cheese. If you have a sweet tooth, you’re sure to enjoy poffertjes, oliebollen, stroopwafels, and pannenkoek.


Royal Family

Apart from politics, they also have their royalties. The Netherlands both have King and Queen’s day, and it comes in the form of birthday celebrations or nationwide parties for these two royal people. The two dates are April 27 and 30 where people dress in all orange attire.

Advantages of Moving to Holland for Work

Quality Education

Their educational system is suitable for citizens, and even for foreigners. Several citizens in this country have obtained good grades from their University, and also from postgraduate studies. Therefore, moving to the Netherlands in pursuit of your academic career will be a good idea.

English Language Fluency

If you are from Anglophone countries, moving to the Netherlands in pursuit of your career is a good thing. Some of the individuals do speak conversationalist English. This implies there is someone available to assist you in easy communication.

Cycling Culture

Cycling in the Netherlands is a daily culture over there. The season has nothing to do with her cycling culture. Even on rainy or sunny days, people are still seen cycling to their various destinations. The country has specific lanes for cycling and this is more reason most foreign nationals prefer to obtain Netherlands permanent residence compared to other European countries.

Disadvantages of Moving to Holland due to Career Move

The following are the disadvantages:

High Tax Rate

The country charges taxes on virtually everything. The kind of tax they charge in income is higher compared to any other country in Europe. Therefore, one needs to have a good income so that after the tax has been deducted they can still have something left for them.

High Cost of Living and Accommodation

Renting an apartment in the Netherlands is too expensive, because of taxes that are placed on them. Many students, who have been offered provisional admission, have to defer admission to the subsequent year due to lack of accommodation.

High Cost of Buying Cars

The cars in this country come at higher rates for anyone who wants to buy it. Other factors such as repairing the car, fueling the car, and also ensuring the car by buying car insurance from a reputable insurance firm are challenging. All these make car maintenance too difficult.

Emphasize that despite the high cost of living, we could still do some activities under $10 in Amsterdam?


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