Tips for Staying Safe While Travelling in Australia

Has your dream always been visiting the Land Down Under? This country is undeniably unique and can show you landscapes you will not find anywhere else. Australia is also an outstandingly safe country with low crime rates and friendly locals, making it an opportune travel destination. While tourism may not be an option at the moment, it’s a good idea to get informed about all the safety precautions you need to know so that when the borders finally open, you are ready to take on your adventure. Here are some important considerations.

8 Best Travel Safety Tips for Australia

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Buy insurance

It should go without saying that whenever you travel abroad, purchasing travel insurance is crucial. Travel insurance covers problems ranging from minor inconveniences such as lost baggage all the way to medical emergencies, so it’s the only way to travel with peace of mind. Think about the kind of activities you plan on doing during your trip and pick a policy accordingly. Some basic policies might not cover injuries sustained while engaging in dangerous activities such as water sports or even hiking.

Don’t lower your guard

Just because Australia is safe, it does not mean you should lower your guard. Avoid looking like a tourist when visiting crowded places. Keep your valuables in safe pockets and don’t leave your luggage unattended. Always have your papers at hand and note down the contact number of the local embassy. Don’t overshare your location and whether you are traveling alone. Remember the emergency number of 000.

Mind weather conditions

When you think of Australia, one of your first associations is probably sunny weather and never-ending summer. While some parts of Australia are hotter than others, the majority of the areas loved by tourists indeed enjoy hot weather during most of the year. That said, you need to be mindful of the weather when traveling to this continent. Stay hydrated, take breaks from the outdoor heat, be aware of the signs of heat exhaustion and other heat-related illnesses. The Australian sun is extremely strong so putting on sunscreen whenever you go out is a must. Dress appropriately and wear a hat, too.

Research national parks


Australia has beautiful nature and a good number of national parks. Visiting these amazing places and going on hiking tours is one of the most popular things to do in the Land Down Under. However, you have to do your homework for everything to go according to plan. Before you set off, make sure you do detailed research on the national park in question. Some parts of it may be closed temporarily due to unsafe circumstances. Only take on trails you know you can handle and make sure someone knows where you’re headed. Plan ahead and take the right gear, including plenty of food and water.

Practice beach safety

Australia is famous for its amazing beaches perfect for snorkeling, swimming, surfing, and other water activities. However, you mustn’t compromise your safety while indulging in these activities. Learn the basics of ocean safety. Swimming in the ocean is different from swimming in a pool, so make sure you never swim alone. Only swim on patrolled beaches and be mindful of where it’s allowed to surf. Read the signs to avoid jellyfish-infested waters.

Be aware of spiders

There are certain dangers in this country that you need to worry about more than walking down the street alone. Australia has amazing, diverse wildlife but you might not want to experience that first-hand. There are about 2000 spider species and while most of them are not dangerous, there are a couple you certainly don’t want to get bitten by. Practice general spider bite prevention measures: check your shoes before putting them on, inspect your bed before lying down, don’t leave things lying around on the floor. It’s also a good idea to learn the basics of spider bite first aid. If you experience problems, you might want to seek out a dermatologist in Sydney.

Avoid sharks


As already mentioned, keeping a respectful distance from wild animals when you visit this country is highly recommended. If you’re visiting the seaside, staying safe necessarily involves following the rules in place. While sharks are not the bad guys most people believe them to be, you shouldn’t test your luck. When you go swimming, always swim in patrolled areas to avoid sharks. Don’t swim too far from the shore, and always stay in groups. Avoid waters where fishing baits or whale carcasses could attract sharks.

Stick to mindful eating

When you’re traveling, it’s easy for days to get hectic. You might forget to eat regularly or you grab some unhealthy fast food. However, to steer clear of sickness, be mindful of your eating habits. It’s always a good idea to practice a certain level of caution when eating in a foreign country, too. As already mentioned, make sure you carry food when you go out on hikes. Be especially mindful of food safety in the blazing heat. If you tend to experience stomach problems, learn what to do after eating oily foods to mitigate discomfort. 

Preparing well and always following the rules will make your trip safe and smooth when the time comes. Don’t compromise on your safety but do your homework religiously! 

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